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Bunny's Top Books for 2023

Bunny's Top Books for 2023 

2023 is coming to a close, and I wanted to end it on a high note. I've read many books, joined multiple book tours, and discovered many new authors. It's been a great year! Despite some of the negativity, I've enjoyed most of it, and, unfortunately, overloaded myself a few times. LOL! I'm not hitting my Goodreads goal this year, but we'll see what the new year holds. Hopefully lots of fun books, and more new discoveries! 

Now! I'm going to share with you some of my top favorites of this year. You're going to see a couple of authors on here twice. Yes, twice! Why? Because they've written some seriously good books! Also, those books may or may not be part of an ongoing series. LOL! 

Before we get into the list...these are not in any particular order!!! So, don't get mad at me (authors who are featured. LOL). Seriously! I love you all. LOL! 

#1 Curse of the Fallen

H.C. Newell's Fallen Light series was a series I discovered this year through Escapist Book Tours. OMG! This book (and series) is ridiculously good! Looking for a page-turner that will keep you coming back for more? Then grab this book. Side note, if you haven't grabbed a copy yet, this book (book 1) is still available for $0.99!! It's a steal! Though I will warn you of one's ending? It's going to have you raging. Good news for you? Books two and three are readily available! LOL! 

Wondering if books 2 and 3 make my list of faves? You bet! 

#2 The Forbidden Realms

Nerana's story continues in H.C. Newell's second book in the series, The Forbidden Realms. Book two picks up where book one left off and keeps you page-turning to find out what Nerana is going to be up against as she finds herself deep in the wastelands. 
Newell paints such vivid pictures in this book that you can almost picture yourself there with the characters alongside them. Nerana must fight for every inch of ground she claims with her feet, and try to stay ahead of those who hunt her. This addition to the series is riveting. Make sure you clear your schedule, grab snacks, and hide from your responsibilities and family to get through this book. LOL! 

#3 Shadows of Nyn'Dira

Shadows of Nyn'Dira is the "fourth" book in the series and H.C. Newell's latest release in the series. This cover is honestly my favorite out of the entire series. I mean, look at it! It's gorgeous! Newell's epic storytelling and world-building continue in this book and it is phenomenal. The world-building is absolutely captivating and the author introduces some new characters that are truly going to engage you even more. 

Want to check out the series for yourself? Click on the link and get started! 

#4 Sea of Souls

Sea of Souls is another gem that I discovered through Escapist Book Tours. Author N.C. Scrimgeour promises readers selkies, drama, danger, open ocean, and secrets, and boy does this author deliver! As a reader, I was swept away. The author beautifully mixes together Scottish folklore with dark fantasy and a touch of magic. Don't go into this book expecting magic everywhere because you'll be disappointed, so make a note of that. Understand? LOL
This author writes an engaging story that will keep you gripped as the main character navigates what she must do. But does she seek the truth? Or honor the promise that she made to her brother? Minor spoiler alert...prepare to have your mind...BLOWN! 
Love a good fantasy novel? Love pirates, high seas, and mythical creatures? Grab this book! 

Available now on Amazon

#5 Gothic 

Let's shift gears here for a minute and move to horror. If you know me, you know I loooooooooooovvvee horror. LOL! The gorier, creepier, the more twisted the better. If it has elements of the supernatural consider me sold and your new best friend. LOL! 
Gothic is Philip Fracassi's contribution to the horror community and OMG! This book is stupid good! Gothic was the first book that I have read by Fracassi and I couldn't put it down. I wasn't even halfway through the book before I was like "okay, what else has he written because I want it all!" LOL! 
Love a book about cursed items? Twisted elements that keep you coming back for more? Then Gothic is going to be the book for you! 

Gothic is available now on Amazon

#6 Starlight Jewel
E.L. Lyons has created a true gem with their book, Starlight Jewel. If the cover doesn't pique your interest I encourage you to read the blurb for this book - assassins, half-human hybrids, a brewing war, secrets, and a slow-burn romance. This book is chef's kiss. Gripping, tantalizing, and a real page-turner. 
You'll meet Axly, a hybrid assassin with one goal in mind - do whatever it takes to protect her human half-brother. She has escaped her old way of life, but if returning to it means her brother is safe it's what she'll do. 
This is the first book that I have read by E.L. Lyons and let me tell you...I DE-VOURED this book. When it was done? I was literally begging the author for more. Yes, this book is going to be part of a series. Rejoice people! There will be more to come! When? Uh...yeah, I don't know, but hopefully next year! We'll just have to wait and see because creativity takes time and I'm willing to wait. 
This book is absolutely worth checking out and easily earns its place in my list of top faves. 

Grab a copy on Amazon

#7 Heros of the Empire: The Cavalier
Heroes of the Empire: The Cavalier is the first book in author Israh Azizi's new series, and this book is jaw-droppingly good. I discovered this book through a tour with R&R Book Tours where I was able to read and review this book. If you want, you can find my review and read it for yourself on my blog. 
Author Azizi creates a truly fantastic epic fantasy world where the world is crumbling as war rampages across the landscape. It's wildly good. 
You're going to meet an array of characters, but the story will primarily focus on two - Velamir and Natassa. Both characters are on opposite ends of the spectrum but they work together to bring an engaging story to life that will keep you coming back for more. The downside? The cliffhanger ending! Granted, I read this book earlier this year, so I've been sitting on pins and needles for book two. 
Good news though! Book two was published last month!!! I just learned this so onto my wishlist book two goes! Hopefully, I'll be able to grab it for my birthday! 
Readers who enjoy a page-turning epic fantasy novel should absolutely grab this book! 

Grab a copy today on Amazon

#8 The Return of the Knights 
Another gem that was discovered through Escapist Book Tours, The Return of the Knights by Gregory Kontaxis is another epic fantasy readers dream come true. This book gives you fantastic world-building along with a TON of drama that will keep you glued to the pages. 
The book starts off in one direction before quickly shifting to war (yes, another one) marching across the land. A usurper is on the march to claim a crown that is not his to have. He's destroying everything in his path. No one and nothing is safe. Either you are with him and you live (if you survive the fights) or you're against him and you will die. 
This book is "Game of Thrones meets Greek mythology." When they say this they are not lying. Prepare for jaw-dropping moments, and a strong desire to isolate yourself from the world until you have reached the final page of this book. Yes, it is that good. While I wait, patiently impatient, I will be taking the time to reread this book so that when book two comes...I'm primed and ready to devour. LOL! 
You're getting a lot with this book - drama, secrets, war, magic, chaos, and...yes, a cliffhanger. But it's worth it!! So...grab a copy!! 

Available on Amazon 

#9 Golden
Golden by Shannon Mayer is the start of a new series that takes The Little Mermaid throws it in a shaker and throws in Loki and gives it a good shake. Because that's how we like our books...shaken...not stirred. LOL! This book is a fantastic start to the series and had me screaming for more. Which is why book 2 comes screaming into the next slot on the list! 

#10 Glitter
If you thought that being turned into a golden retriever was bad, wait until you dive into book 2! Things are getting even more chaotic! Cin, the main character, has a ton of shit on her plate and it's epic. Everyone, and I mean practically EVERYONE is out to get her. Why? Well, I can't tell you that! That'd be like opening up a dam of information because once we get going...we ain't stopping! LOL! Just know, this book gives you tons to enjoy while giving you some of the old Viking gods. Brace yourself for utter chaos and tons of shenanigans that author Shannon Mayer is absolutely notorious for when it comes to her books. 

Grab yours today on Amazon

#11 A Breaking of Realms
Breaking of Realms is the first book in the Realm Breaker series and this book is an epic fantasy novel that readers are not going to want to miss out on. Do you love dragons? Grab this book. Do you love a good fantasy novel? Grab this book! Do you love chonky books? Grab. This. Book! Okay, grab book two as well, because the author has written something truly fantastic with this series. Don't worry book three is scheduled to drop late next year. Cue excited screaming because you know I'm doing it. LOL! 
This book has dragons, elves, war, drama, chaos and so much more. You're getting fantastic characters, amazing world-building, and fantastical dragons and other creatures. This book is ridiculously good and one that is highly recommended by this reader. 
Author Jasmine Young has really hit her stride with this series (you'll see once you start reading) and truly shines combining dragons with Vikings, and an epic world that is truly breathtaking. 

Books 1 & 2 are currently available on Amazon

#12 When Monsters Lie
Clocking in on the list is Debbie Cassidy's When Monsters Lie. OMG! This book took me by surprise and kept me coming back for more!! FYI, book four JUST released! So don't hesitate to dive into this series! 
When Monsters Lie is a mix of post-apocalypse meets paranormal and with fantastic results. Monsters roam the world now, and nothing is the same. Humans are scraping by simply trying to survive. Death is an ever-present threat. But there's hope. The celestials. They promise a brighter future and times, to offer some semblance of hope. But to also collect "chosen" humans to come back with them to their citadel...on Earth. 
Everything goes to pot all across the world when a certain shake-up takes place. Cue utter chaos and me glued to this book like it's going to breathe life into me. LOL! Author Cassidy doesn't just give you the characters, a few close calls, and call it a story. No! She gives you full-blown glimpses of the horrific creatures that roam Earth. It's crazy good but prepare for some serious twists that will have your jaw on the floor and raging for books two, three, and four. 

Check out the series now on Amazon

#13 Oracle's Vision
Here to clock in next is Alan Bayles's Oracle's Vision. This book is a tsunami of drama that will keep you page-turning to the end. The ending isn't as chilling as book one, but you'll be eagerly anticipating what comes next. 
Oracle's Vision is author Bayles's latest addition to his sci-fi series Mirror Wars. Imagine that your reflection was watching you. Plotting against you. Now, imagine that there is an AI intent on conquering the world as you know it and making you their unwilling slave. Sound like a good read? Then this is the book for you! This author explores the theory of the multiverse and doppelgangers. Two worlds under threat, and an all-knowing/seeing being who is looking to help tip the balance in favor of humanity. 
Oracle's Vision packs a punch and certain scenes will absolutely have your jaw on the floor and one in particular will bring tears to your eyes. This author is one you don't want to miss when it comes to epic sci-fi novels. 

This book is not available yet, but it is up for pre-order now on Amazon

#14 The Cat Lady Special
This book's cover may not look like something that will make you stop in your tracks, but the storyline is one that will grab you. Author D.C. Gomez really brings her A-game with this book. It starts out a little dark and may raise some concerns for some readers, but I promise gets better. 
The main character, Angela, is "down on her luck" the world is not on her side right now, but then things take a turn. Her original plans are derailed and she's shown that she still has a purpose on this Earth. 
Prepare for drama, humor (tons of humor), and for this book to put the peddle to the metal and keep you entertained. 
This book is just the first in a series, and I know that I'm eager for to find out what happens next with Angela and her crew. This book is one of those surprise treats that comes out of nowhere and keeps you coming back for more. 

Grab a copy today on Amazon

#15 Plague Unleashed
Yes, another D.C. Gomez book. But trust me, this book deserves its place. Why? Because it's hilarious! Yes, it's book two in a series, but it can be read as a standalone! I promise. I've read book 1, but it's been a good while, so when I dove into book two, it took a minute before I remembered everything. LOL! 
The gang is back! Isis, Bart, Bob, and my favorite, Constantine (the talking cat) are back and ready to rumble! LOL! Okay, maybe not so ready to rumble, because when zombies start popping up... it's chaos. LOL! 
Zombies, disgruntled ex-employees, magic, chaos, and absolute hilarity ensue in this book. The hilarity is center stage with this book as Isis must deal with a running spirit, zombies, another Horseman, and...her dating life...or lack thereof. 
Look, this book and series is absolutely hilarious. Death's Interns are going to have one hell of a time in this book, and you're going to be cracking up the entire way through. This book is an absolute must-read and one of my favorites for 2023. 

Check it out on Amazon 

#16 Bridge to Magic
The Bridge to Magic is Alex Thornbury's debut novel and it is fantastic. A coming of age novel packed with suspense, horror, thrills, and magic. 
Man has gotten rid of magic. But then why is there destruction marching on a relentless path to wipe out everything before it? People seek a place of escape, but with the Blight before them and a tattered bridge behind them...what choices do they have? Stay? Or attempt the bridge and cross to the other the unknown...
This book is a fascinating story that will keep you page-turning to find out what happens next. Book two is recently available so once you devour book one, you can easily move forward to book two and find out what happens next. 
This is yet another book that I couldn't get enough and was fortunate to discover via R&R Book Tours, where I read and reviewed this book this year. It's definitely an engaging character with an interesting character who is just trying to survive, but holds a secret deep inside herself. 

Grab a copy today on Amazon

Well! That wraps things up for me! 2023 has been an epic year packed with tons of great books and I'm already gearing up for 2024! Hopefully, I'll use some sense and allow myself some time to read more books and create a fun schedule, but we'll have to wait and see what shakes out. LOL! 
Thank you for checking out my list, and supporting my blog. I hope that you drop in in the New Year and continue to help support my blog. I never thought I'd stick with it this long, we are. LOL! 
So, thank you for all of your support and for visiting! Hope you and yours have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2024!!

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The Jellybean Dilemma Release Blitz Spotlight


The Jellybean Dilemma by Maren Jenner is now available! Read on for more details and grab a copy today!

                                           The Jellybean Dilemma (Sweet Nothings Series)

Publication Date: December 26th, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Billionaire Romance

Rhonda Elgin is turning over a new leaf, especially if it means rekindling an old flame.

Newly single, Rhonda Elgin has secretly wanted her chauffeur and long-time friend, Greg Peterson, for several years. But after her attempt to land him went awry, she’s had to watch him from a distance.

Now that Greg has returned as her chauffeur, Rhonda wants a second chance. When Greg asks her to be his last-minute date for his sister’s wedding on New Year’s Eve, she leaps at the chance. She can’t pass up the opportunity to spend the holiday away from the pressure of her old life. Nor can she pass up the chance at getting Greg to notice her. Even if it is in cold, snowy Northern Michigan.

An incoming blizzard strands the maid of honor, creating the perfect opportunity to prove to everyone that Rhonda is more than a spoiled, billionaire heiress. And just maybe she can fan the sparks between her and Greg into a flame along the way.

Available on Amazon and at B&N!

About the Author

Maren Jenner lives in Michigan with her supportive husband and spunky daughter. She loves writing, and, when she’s not working on her next book, she’s got her nose in a different one. Her summers are spent on any lake she can visit, but the beaches of Lake Michigan are her favorite.
The Cupcake Standard is her debut novel, though she’s been writing for as long as she can remember. It’s always been a dream to become a full-time author. Her dreams wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of her family and friends.

Maren Jenner

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Conall the Strong Book Blitz Spotlight


Another tale in the Legends of Everclearing Series is coming out this week! Be sure to get Conall the Strong by Wendy L. Anderson on December 22nd!

                                    Conall the Strong (The Legends of Everclearing Series)

Publication Date: December 22, 2023

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

 When courage is not enough…Conall the Strong is a gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and resilience, where two indomitable souls journey through darkness and adversity in search of the light that will forever free them.

In the shadowed depths of a brutal and unforgiving world, a tale of unyielding love and harrowing escape unfolds. Conall the Strong, whose physical strength knows no bounds, is held captive by ruthless slavers. Though he possesses the power to shatter his bonds at any moment, his heart is chained by a cruel twist of fate – the slavers have also imprisoned his twin sister and the woman he loves. Their lives are shackled to his failure, entwined within the merciless walls of a gold mine, where they toil endlessly.

Yearning for escape, Conall’s heart pulses with a relentless determination to right his past wrongs. Undertaking a heroic rebellion, they flee into the treacherous land of the Dark Waters, but evading their relentless pursuers proves to be a journey fraught with danger, where not all may emerge unscathed.

Kala, Conall’s twin sister, possesses a hidden power as a Dream Walker, wielding magic to transcend her enslaved existence. Unbeknownst to her, the man of her dreams is not a mere phantom but a flesh-and-blood reality waiting for her beyond the confines of captivity. To secure the freedom she craves and to find love, Kala must summon the strength to break free from the chains that bind her and survive the search to find him.

Amidst the challenges of their perilous journey is the mystical allure of the Ny-Failen, and the beckoning promise of the City of Everclearing. Conall’s unparalleled physical strength is put to the test, but it is his wounded spirit that threatens to shackle him once more.

Get it Here!

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In The Shadows Cover & Blurb Reveal Spotlight

 Wow! Check out the cover for upcoming dark fantasy romance by L.B. August, In the Shadows!

                                                                        In the Shadows

Expected Publication Date: February 27, 2024

Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Enemies-to-Lovers

🔥Forced Proximity
🔥Forbidden Love
🔥Found Family
🔥Political Intrigue
🔥Elemental Magic
🔥Secret Identity
🔥Soul Mates
🔥Slow Burn

Damned by gods and threaded by fates, two mortals must embrace the darkness to find their true destinies.

Lilith Clarke is supposed to be dead: murdered by the vicious King Oren, her blood staining a field of daisies. But death would have been merciful.

After years of having no name, she is finally given a title: Queen of Umbra. But it will cost her everything. Lily is now bound to King Asher, the most powerful and brutal shadow divinus in all of Omnia. Forced to rule in secret, she slowly loses herself to the darkness. She fears it will swallow her whole.

Until he arrives, tugging an ancient thread deep within her soul.
Theodore Kincaid seeks justice in Umbra but falls captive to his sworn enemy, the ruthless King Asher. Trapped in the kingdom that killed his beloved, his fate seems sealed until a chance encounter with the secret Queen of Umbra offers him an opportunity he can’t resist.
Theo and the Queen each believe that they are in full control, but neither is prepared for what the fates have in store.

Amidst a realm on the brink of chaos, two souls collide in a heart-wrenching tale of unveiling secrets, conquering the darkness, and igniting a love that could save or destroy.

In The Shadows is the first book in a new series filled with forbidden romance, enemies-to-lovers, magical powers, fated mates, and political intrigue. It’s perfect for fans of The Serpent and the Wings of Night, Fourth Wing, The Cruel Prince, One Dark Window, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

In The Shadows features mature content and themes that is not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. For all content warnings, please visit L.B.’s Instagram.


Pre-order Incentive if you order physical copies here:

About the Author

Born and raised in Ohio, where she still resides with her spouse, young child, and sweet senior dog, L.B. August’s most significant memories are Cedar Point and failing Hooked on Phonics (true story). Thrill seeking and difficulty reading followed L.B. into adulthood until, in 2022, she discovered a genre that tapped into the excitement of escapism and world building while capturing her attention and turning her into a voracious reader of fantasy. As she devoured book after book, L.B. found herself desperately wanting to read more empowered female characters within the genre, so she set off to 

write her own. Encouraged by her best friend, she wrote her debut novel, In The Shadows. Now she can be found hyper-fixating on new projects, downing copious amounts of black coffee, and pretending to be a corporate professional, all while crafting intricate, rich stories with captivating characters that she hopes will pass on her newfound passion for reading.

L.B. August

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More Than Our Fake Vows Review Spotlight

 We’re celebrating the release of Katie Richard’s latest romance, More than Our Fake Vows! Read on for more details and visit one of our Bookstagram hosts for a chance to win a book box!

 More Than Our Fake Vows is a standalone second chance romance novel by Katie Richard. Get ready for heart-stopping romance, the anxiety of the things that will threaten their blooming love, and a slow-burn that will have you begging for more!

More Than Our Fake Vows is the first book that I have read by this author. Normally, I dodge contemporary romance novels, but this one was worth reading!

Teagan is looking for a place to just disappear for a minute and get his thoughts together. His ex is proving to be a real opportunistic gold-digger, and that’s putting his band’s future in jeopardy. Natalie is a successful interior designer running from her own heartbreaking past, but the silence of down time is just too much. So she keeps herself busy by also working at a bar. She’s a real firecracker, and when a patron gets handsy, Teagan impresses her when he does more than just sit and stare during the altercation.

Things get interesting though as a friendship (more like crush LOL) begins to bloom between the two when Natalie begins working on Teagan’s new house. Both are keeping their secrets pretty close to the chest, but is that what is best? Because as we all know secrets always lead to trouble when they come to light.

The drama builds gradually between Natalie and Teagan. There will be situations and moments of where they both are going to drive you absolutely crazy. LOL! Missed opportunities, lack of communication, etc. It’ll be enough to where you just want to shake them both. Yes, I know, we must refrain for multiple reasons. LOL!

Teagan keeps his secrets mainly based on who he is and what exactly it is that he does. Natalie has given him enough information to know that she’s not that big a fan of his particular kind of music. Her last relationship really left her traumatized. When you learn exactly what went down you’ll understand. Just be willing to be patient on learning the facts. It’s going to take more than a minute. It’s just disappointing that Natalie isn’t the one to really lay it all out there for Teagan herself.

Natalie herself comes off more as keeping her secrets close to the chest so that she can continue to cling to the past and the damage that it did to her. She’s a strong female character, but this tarnishes that. Also, she hints that she’s endured similar behavior in past relationships, but we never get a clear understanding as to what really happened. I feel like this is a missed opportunity for the author. When you say that there is a string of bad/broken relationships in her past, that needs some explanation. Were they all the same? Were they all this traumatizing? Natalie seems to just want to wallow in the pain of what almost was. I wanted more for her.

The back and forth between the characters really drives the story forward. I like that Harper isn’t some “shadow” character of where you wonder when/is she going to show up? She makes appearances and does her job at stirring the pot. In more ways than one, too. But I especially like that the author utilizes Teagan’s career as well when it comes to the public eye. The vulturous media isn’t going to let them have their “fake fantasy” without inserting themselves and insinuating whatever salacious drivvle that they can.

The romantic moments in this book are absolutely swoon-worthy. The torment that readers are going to go through reading this book is huge! LOL! The slow-burn is top tier. There will be moments of where you’ll wonder if they are EVER going to cross that line. LOL! There will be some teasing as temptation rises, but man...Teagan has the strength that is to be admired!

Hoping for an HEA? Well, no need to worry, because that is pretty much guaranteed. But it won’t be an easy one, because where would the fun be in that? LOL! Of course, there will also be a surprise element that the author throws at readers. Prepare for a jaw-drop. But it’s also a promise for another fascinating story to come, so that’s something to look forward to.

For readers who enjoy contemporary romance novels with a healthy dose of drama, romance, and slow-burn elements then this is the book for you. You’re not going to want to miss out on Teagan and Natalie’s story. A delicious romance that will have you swooning for their romance (the good more so than the bad) to be your own. I know I do. LOL!

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Katie Richard, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next!

More than Our Fake Vows

Publication Date: December 12, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance

🎵Marriage of Convenience
🎵Friends to Lovers
🎵Slow Burn
🎵Small Town
🎵Country Music Star

After catching her fiancé cheating, Natalie leaves the city she’s grown to love. Starting over in Hickory Valley, Georgia, a one-redlight town that makes for the perfect escape, or so she thought. Natalie makes quick friends with a local bartender and they both decide to make a pact- no men for a year. Natalie doubles down on her career until a handsome stranger strolls into the bar and threatens her resolve.

Teagan’s gold-digging ex is threatening to ruin him, his band and anything else she can get her greedy hands on. Hickory Valley looks like just the place to hide out while the press calms down. Nobody would think to look for him in this dust covered farm town.

With a cruel twist of fate, Natalie finds herself needing a husband, and fast! A fake marriage could fix both of their problems and what did they have to lose? Neither Teagan nor Natalie wants an actual relationship, it only has to look real to everyone else.

A string of events, tests their friendship and when emotions run high are they able to keep their feelings at bay? Or will they fall victim to the other’s charm and throw caution to the wind?

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Katie is an Indie Author who lives in Vermont with her husband and their children. When she’s not busy working, writing, or spending time with loved ones, she enjoys getting lost in a good book. Katie loves all types of gardening but especially enjoys flowers. When she’s not hard at work writing the next novel in the Destiny Of Graystone series or the standalone romantic suspense novels, she likes creating things in Canva or Procreate!

Katie Richard

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Monday, December 11, 2023

Season for Murder Review Spotlight

Welcome to the book tour for, Season for Murder! Book 3 in the "A FitzMorris Family Mystery" series! Readers who adore cozy mystery novels with fun and engaging characters are not going to want to miss out on this delightful novel! 

A Season for Murder by Anna A. Armstrong is sure to be a favorite of yours before you even reach the end of this novel. Readers who are new to this author will find delight in every page, and a nice dose of humor sprinkled throughout. A killer is on the loose, but there will be no "discovering" who they are and guessing games. No, the killer is known from the beginning, instead it's a game of guessing..."how long will they run free before they are finally brought to justice?"

A Season for Murder is the first book that this reader has read by author Armstrong, but by the time I was halfway through this book I knew that I was officially a new fan. LOL! 

A Season for Murder is an absolutely delightful novel set in a small town in England. You're dropped into a cemetary where a killer is plotting murder. And not just, the killer has already committed one, and she intends to commit more if it will get her to her goal. Funnily enough, the goal benefits her by proxy! She craves approval, and status, and this...this goal will get her exactly a round-about way. 

There is so much drama to be found in this book and it is absolutely delightful. There are close calls with near deaths of characters, romance is brewing between multiple couples, and holiday gatherings to prepare for. Tristan, Vivian's godson, is coming home with an unexpected companion. Look out! Because Vivian is not going to be pleased and Tristan unwittingly adds a new name to her already lengthy list of people to give the "boot." Poor Emily deserves better than Tristan's attempts at thwarting his godmother concerning him getting married. 

Of course, hilarity ensues in more situations than not. Some are truly hilarious and will have you literally laughing out loud. One in particular is when Vivian is told by Emily, Tristan's "fake fiance" that she's allergic to shellfish. Vivian, absolutely outraged, demands that Emily eat them anyways! One might be "naive" enough to chalk it up to "shock" but it's honestly jaw-droppingly hilarious. Look out folks! Vivian is unhinged and dangerous! LOL! 

The storyline is well-written and will keep readers engaged from beginning to end. This book can be read as a standalone, so readers who haven't read the previous book will find that this novel is easy to read and enjoy on it's own. There are hints dropped here and there of previous incidents in the other books, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyability of this novel. 

The characters, overall, are enjoyable. The characters that the author wants you to like or love are easily likeable. Dee is an especially enjoyable character. She's bright, energetic, easy-going, and very considerate of others. She's definitely someone you would love to have in your life. That's for sure! LOL! The characters that the author wants readers to dislike is absolutely spot on. Vivian comes off as a quiet evil. Of course, blatant evil gets found out quicker, so she does an excellent job at keeping her evil acts under wraps and playing "innocent" for as long as possible. Another character readers will love to hate will be Victoria. Young, beautiful, member of an influential family, she's got a thing for Tristan, and wastes no time working to humiliate poor Emily. 

This book is an absolute delight from beginning to end. You won't be able to get enough of these characters. The author gives readers a satisfying ending for the present circumstances, while still leaving us eager for more of Cotswold. I know that this reader will be eagerly begging for more future books and adventures with Dee FitzMorris and her friends and family! 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Anna A. Armstrong, and Literally PR for the opportunity to read and review this book! I look forward to what comes next! 

Click here for a free preview of the book! 

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Legend of Gasparilla Spotlight

                                            Bridgerton meets Pirates of the Caribbean

Welcome to the tour for The Legend of Gasparilla by S.T. Fernandez, a gorgeous historical fantasy full or romance and pirates!

The Legend of Gasparilla: A Historical Pirate Romance

Publication Date: November 7, 2023

Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance/ Pirates

Bridgerton meets Pirates of the Caribbean in a story many argue is not a myth but a legend.

Admiral José Gaspar of the Spanish Royal Navy had it all: the love of his life, Joséfa de Mayorga; the confidence of the King; and a plan to become one of the most successful merchants in all of Spain. But when a jilted former lover accuses him of stealing the crown jewels, he escapes Sevilla only to realize he’s duped into piracy, further staining his legacy. Gaspar continues down an immoral path he works relentlessly to resist. The dream life he yearned for with Joséfa slowly slips away, his reputation far too ruined to be worthy of her honor.

After having her beloved ripped from her life, Joséfa and Gaspar’s friends work tirelessly to clear his name to no avail. When fate finally hands her a chance, she sets sail to find José, but fate is both friend and foe. Joséfa discovers the man she lost is different from the viscous pirate she rescues from certain death.

When infamous pirate hunter Lieutenant Kearny of the USS Enterprise sets his sights on the new pirate, Gaspar must decide between a dark and perilous addiction to piracy or living a subdued life in the shadows. His darker inhibitions may take his soul hostage, and Joséfa’s love may not be enough to save him.


About the Author

S.T. Fernandez, known as Stephanie, is originally from Orlando, Florida, and was born to two parents from La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. She now resides in the beautiful small beach town of Ventura, California with her husband and their two wiener puppies.
Stephanie is an avid reader of all levels of spicy, steamy romance—mostly in fantasy, historical, or paranormal genres. Just as much as she enjoys disappearing into a good book, creating a story that readers can disappear into brings her immense joy.
She is currently working on her second book in the fantasy romance genre, full of wonderfully diverse characters and themes. S.T. Fernandez’s fantasy romance intertwines Puerto Rico’s Taino indigenous culture’s beautiful themes and language into a fantasy world. She is thrilled and excited to present it to readers when completed.

ST. Fernandez

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