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Tethered Review Spotlight


Find out why Tethered by Elayna R. Gallea is an Amazon #1 bestseller in YA dark fantasy and in new releases! 

Okay, just ignore this book's gorgeous cover, because it is too mind-blowing to deal with right now. LOL! Seriously, if this cover doesn't make you stop in your tracks and give it a once or twice over...I don't know what to tell you. Well, I'll say that you are obviously missing out, because this book? It' good!

Tethered is the first book in Elayna R. Gallea's The Binding Chronicles and from the first page you are going to be hooked. The young princess is having a birthday. However, instead of celebrating it with friends, family, and those she loves most she's getting married. To a vampire. Not her choice. The vampire in question? Rumored to be deadly, blood-thirsty, and to leave a slew of bodies in his wake. Not exactly the most comforting thing to be thinking of when it comes to your future husband, right? 

This marriage? It's meant to bring an alliance, but this alliance is going to do little for Luna's welfare in her mind. She thinks she has some idea of what is to come with this marriage, but she has no idea what she is in for. 

The betrothed - Sebastian, is less than pleased with the arrangement himself, but when his Maker throws a twist in there...well, all bets are officially OFF. He can't believe what she's demanding of him, but let's be clear...ol' boy doesn't have a choice. Best hope to it and be quick! She looks mad! LOL

Tethered is engaging from beginning to end. You have the characters who fulfill the role of bringing Luna's horrors to life, but Sebastian is the one who attempts to more or less walk the line. As you read the book, the deeper you go, the more engaged you're going to become in the characters and their situation. Of course, the binding going sideways throws an interesting twist into the story that will literally pull you to the edge of your seat. 

I'm excited to find out what happens next, but since we have time I think that I'll be checking out The Ithenmyr Chronicles and seeing what that is all about since they are set in the same world. It's something to set your teeth into while February gets here so that you can grab and devour this book for yourselves. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Elayna R. Gallea, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next! 

                                                    Tethered (The Binding Chronicles #1)

Publication Date: February 1, 2023

Genre: Dark Romantic Fantasy/ Upper YA

🦇Magical Bindings
🦇Arranged Marriage
🦇Only One
🦇Tormented Hero

What could be worse than an arranged marriage to a vampire prince?

When Luna is sold into marriage to the Prince of Darkness, she thinks she knows what to expect. Arranged marriages happen all the time, right? Wrong. No one could have prepared her for the reality of being married to the vampire prince.

Ever since the day he was Made, Sebastian has been living according to Queen Marguerite’s rules. After all, he’s only alive because of her. When she orders him to marry and Bind himself to Luna, a human hailing a neighboring kingdom, he has no choice. He agrees to the marriage but never expects to feel anything for Luna.

When their Binding Ceremony goes awry, and they are magically Tethered, everything is thrown into upheaval. Unable to leave each other’s presence, they must learn to live with each other. Or die.

Tethered is a slow-burn arranged marriage epic romantic fantasy and is filled with forced proximity, magical bindings, vampires, and world-building.

Tethered takes place in the same world as Of Earth and Flame. It can be enjoyed on its own or alongside The Ithenmyr Chronicles.

This series is upper YA/NA and has moderate steam. There are some instances of violence, language, and mature situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

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About the Author

 Elayna R. Gallea is a whimsical weaver of words, creating tales of romantic fantasy. Nestled in the enchanting land of New Brunswick, Canada, she lives with her husband and two younglings. When she’s not writing fantastical stories, she eats copious amounts of chocolate and cheese, reads every day, and plays with her cats and dogs.

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Far Removed Review Spotlight

Welcome to the digital book tour for Far Removed done in connection with Escapist Book Tours! This book mixes science fiction with dark fantasy! Intrigued? Keep reading and check out my review! 

Far Removed is the first book in this Apidecca Duology, and this book is going to grab you from the beginning. First things first though. Check out this cover! It immediately grabs your attention, and piques your interest. Your curiosity simply niggles at you to figure out everything there is to know about this book. From the character with the mask, to the feather in their hand. What does it all mean?

Now, when you crack open this book you're greeted with an illustration of Knyadrea, a large moon. Cue curiosity central! Gotta know more, right? Keep going! The author gives you some information about this curious moon, and entices you to continue your journey into this book. The author even includes an orbital diagram!! Talk about attention to detail!!

After this, feel free to dive into the story because this is where the story begins. This story is going to alternate between two characters: Oklas and Prismer. You start off with Oklas. This first chapter quickly will capture your interest in this character. He immediately comes off as a touch agitated. He's anxious, but trying to hide it. With the help of his assistant, he's able to pull himself together, but you get the sense that something big is going on. 

How do you know this? Well, the author drops a few hints that clue you in. There are hints of magic implied here and there by another character that Oklas is paying attention to. The author is gradually building the story up while keeping readers engaged in what is unfolding on the page. 

Page by page CB Lansdell is going to tug you deeper into this story. Gently easing you into the storyline and making sure that you're nice and comfortable before coming at you with some of the more twisted elements.

This book is a page-turner and one that I enjoyed reading. The characters are unique and engaging. The elements that the author warns about in their "trigger warnings" do appear, but they aren't so egregious that they should make you want to put it down. They instead help to define the characters more, and bring light to the uniqueness of the storyline, and the world that the author is painting. It's truly interesting.

The "ending" will leave you wondering what is going to come next, so I for one am looking forward to the next installment of this duology.

Thank you to the author, CB Lansdell, and Escapist Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next. 

                                                        Book Information:

Far Removed by C.B. Lansdell
Series: Apidecca Duology
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
Intended Age Group: Adult
Pages: 307
Published: September 5, 2023
Publisher: Coe Books (Self Published)

Content/Trigger Warnings:

Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader):

  • Gore

  • Body horror

  • Prejudice based on class

  • Vomiting

  • Facial difference discrimination

  • Alcohol consumption (not excessive)

Alluded to (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at):

  • Ableism

  • Drug use

  • Depression

Book Blurb:

On the moon of Knyadrea, the sea yields intelligent life. For a species shaped by tides, change is the only constant.

Little can be hidden in the glare of a spotlight.

Charismatic and innovative, Oklas Sayve has risen to prominence in Apidecca, the moon's capital city. A politician and college director, he has the resources to effect the changes he envisions for the world. But the sovereigns he serves oppose him at every turn and his status cannot protect the low-strata students attending his college. After a young knyad is wrongly linked to insurgent activity, Oklas must find a way to smuggle her out of the city while hiding his involvement from the authorities.

A spark in the dank depths.

Below the grand Assembly Chambers, a knyad in a mask sculpts, grasping for scraps of beauty in her shrinking world. Years ago, Prismer made a costly mistake and now has only her job at the projection booth and a few special interests to fill her days. But it is not her sculptures that draw the attention of a powerful client, and she is soon met with a request to undertake a dangerous mission. Will she answer the call and risk losing the little she has left?

Mysteries surface. A supernatural substance is used in corrupt ways. As identities shift and predicaments are reshuffled, what alliances might be forged?

See Also: 

Masked Protagonist + Young Ward • Koh the Face Stealer • Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Chapter 3 Since her scumbling, Prismer had not visited Dy Erla’s home in the Lepotra District. Even at work, she kept their interactions brief. But it was different in the cosmopolitan High Street. While uncommon, it was not scandalous for such different knyads to keep company. The top of the High Street was a short walk from the Assembly Chambers. Running northeast, it passed through a deep, shaded gorge. Gaps between the overhanging rocks lit the floor with patches of sunshine. An easterly wind whipped through the eolian caves, humming shrilly. Because of this, the exposed parts of the Traditional Quarter and Upper End were widely known as the Whistling Gallery. Regular commuters jostled up and down walkways to reach their homes. The warm phase had also drawn many visitors below ground that segeind. They marvelled at the stark sandstone forms carved by the elements. While the wind made walking outdoors uncomfortable, it also cooled the area and improved the air quality. Prismer saw no other maskads in the crowd – it was unsafe for them to linger in the Upper End. Walking with determination helped to throw off enforcers. Better to look like a worker running an errand than a beggar. She and Dy Erla travelled only a short distance down the High Street before veering southwest, towards the older buildings of the Traditional Quarter. After reaching a quieter path, they started up a stairway carved into the rock face. The stairway opened onto a series of sacred grottos where the ancients had carved ornate symbols into the walls, displaying their devotion to Adecai. Prismer looked between pillars at the city on her right to avoid the probing eyes of the enforcers they passed. The Whiteledge Division stationed enforcers outside Apidecca’s grander buildings and heritage sites. The division was named for the whitewashed sandstone-brick buildings in the area. In their powder-grey uniforms, the enforcers almost blended into the stairway wall. Their varying skin tones, and the umber and white trim on their sleeves, gave them away. Those conscripted into the enforcer ranks were powerfully built knyads. Prismer suppressed the urge to shrink against the pillars. Even maskads were allowed to visit places of spiritual significance. And she had no intention of vandalising the rock reliefs. She looked at the minister, who seemed to belong here, among the arcane. The arched bridge of Dy Erla’s nose lent her the profile of a classical statue. ‘I showed you this place sixteen years ago,’ remarked Dy Erla, hardly aware of the enforcers on her left. ‘Do you remember what we discussed?’ ‘No,’ replied Prismer, adjusting the strap of her mask to stop it from pulling on her headscarf. ‘I was new to the city. There was too much to take in.’ ‘You had started working at the General Assembly a revolution prior,’ said Dy Erla as they left the sentries and grottos behind. ‘You were considering returning to your clan after suffering a bout of homesickness.’ Prismer recalled that segment. ‘You asked me if I could be content in Inclatia, after what I’d seen here.’ ‘I did.’ Dy Erla sighed, looking back down at the steep path they had climbed. ‘I’m sorry. Given how things turned out, it seems I advised you wrongly.’ ‘I wanted a reason to stay,’ said Prismer with a shrug. Her choices and the consequences were hers alone. They walked in the shade, but the air was warm and sticky. Prismer’s breathing became laboured. She wasn’t used to being out in the heat; even with air filters, the mask smothered her. Dy Erla politely followed, matching her pace without comment. The tunnels Prismer and Dy Erla walked eventually opened at the surface. The stairways were built up in places where they had worn smooth. These routes were better maintained than others in the city. The tunnels beneath the Assembly Chambers had been out of use for centuries. Prismer took a turn to the right and came upon a spacious lookout. The sandy walls were striated with layers of rock in coral pink and orange. The cave wall split into a wide natural window, revealing a portion of the city beyond as it climbed to the surface. Tildransia vines grew from cracks in the outer wall. Their pronged blue leaves rustled in the breeze. Prismer pulled her journal from her sling bag as they came to a halt. ‘Is this still the Traditional Quarter?’ asked Dy Erla, searching for landmarks among the buildings below. ‘This is the area bordering Lepotra. I believe the closest of the old buildings is’ – Prismer squinted through the lenses of her mask – ‘there, see the turf roof?’ ‘The Mimadri Centre?’ said Dy Erla, surprised. From above, the gardens of the cultural centre looked like a bouquet. Black creepers with pale yellow flowers spilt over the sides of the building. ‘I seldom come this far up the path from the grottos. I'm impressed at how many of these obscure routes you’ve committed to memory.’ ‘I’m not the only one who knows about them,’ said Prismer, comparing her page of measurements with her scaled drawing of the ruins beneath the Chambers. ‘These paths tend to be quiet.’ She balanced the reed pen between her fingers, adding contoured strokes to suggest a path heading north. The lines began to blur. Her eye refused to focus on close detail today. She held the page at a distance to examine it. ‘You mentioned you were charting new tunnels when I last visited,’ recalled Dy Erla, marvelling at the black tracks on the paper. ‘Perhaps you’ve found your calling as a cartographer?’ ‘Don’t say that where the Assembly can hear,’ said Prismer, returning to her map. ‘It’s just a hobby.’ ‘You undervalue the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired. Remember the time you helped my guest home after curfew, using your hidden tunnels?’ ‘The delegate from Neem? She’s not making a habit of staying out late, is she?’ asked Prismer with a laugh beneath the rasp of her synth-speech. ‘No, thankfully.’ Dy Erla gave a rueful smile. ‘But that brings me to something I had hoped to discuss with you today. Would you mind deactivating your mitter?’ Prismer’s hand stilled above the page. Dy Erla pressed on. ‘What I am about to share is … it’s highly confidential and, quite honestly, more than I am comfortable asking of you.’ Prismer set the sketch pad and pen down on a ledge. Her mitter was dormant, but she detached the whole unit, including the thermoelectric charger, from her skin. ‘You never ask for anything, Dy,’ she said, folding her hands in her lap. ‘This is for someone else, isn’t it?’ Dy Erla lowered her voice just above a whisper. ‘A contact of mine has been providing the Ardedrian Front with resources. They are an opposition group to watch. Ae tells me key members are leaving Apidecca. They plan to regroup elsewhere and organise their efforts. However, it is not the leaders who require a guide, but a vulnerable recruit.’ Of Prismer’s many questions, the first one she could articulate was, ‘Vulnerable, how?’ ‘She is a juvenile from an unclassified clan and a student at the College of Innovation. She was identified as an agitator after evading arrest at a rally. The Ardedrians hope to evacuate her during the next dark phase.’ ‘If the Ardedrians are sending members offshore, why can’t they help?’ asked Prismer incredulously. ‘The evacuation routes they take to the sea are too physically challenging for her. I assume they travel along the cliffs. This knyad’s legs are malformed. She can walk with some support, but she won’t make the journey without special accommodations. An easier, hidden route to the sea is required.’ Prismer looked purposefully from the window to the whitewashed turrets beyond. They jutted from the sea of buildings like waves crashing against rocks. She stroked the front of her mask, her blunted claws tapping the cold suggestion of lips. Dy Erla laid a hand on Prismer’s shoulder. ‘I don’t expect an answer today. Take some time to think it over.’ ‘I wouldn’t call this an easy route,’ said Prismer abruptly, ‘but with some light scrambling, the juvenile should manage a descent through the caverns beneath the Razor Forest. We could afford to take it more slowly there.’ Dy Erla gaped at her. It was an outlandish expedition, requiring the sort of recklessness that used to fitfully take hold of Prismer in her youth. Her rational mind baulked at being any part of it. If anything could reignite her resolve, it was this. ‘I want to say “no”.’ Prismer met Dy Erla’s exacting gaze. ‘But if I choose not to help where I can, won’t that make me the empty husk people believe maskads to be?’ ‘Don’t say that,’ whispered Dy Erla, closing her eyes. ‘Your answer has no bearing on our friendship. It is not wrong of you to consider the risks.’ ‘But I now know about that juvenile. If something were to happen—’ ‘Should you take on the mission, I will think you as imprudent as the one who approached me with this request.’ Synth-speech stabilised the quaver in Prismer’s voice. ‘Then I suppose that makes me imprudent.’ ‘But right-hearted,’ said Dy Erla with a sigh. The muscles at the back of Prismer’s jaw tugged as if to smirk. ‘You mentioned that controversial school. Said the person who put you up to this is a colleague—’ ‘Don’t make me name him. I’ve already shared more than you need to know.’ ‘Is it your young friend who spoke at Apex Hall today?’ ‘You’re actually around the same age.’ ‘Minister Sayve is quite the overachiever, isn’t he?’ remarked Prismer under her breath. ‘Not bad-looking either.’ ‘He likes to be thought of as “dashing”.’ Prismer huffed. ‘I’d hold that against him if he weren’t so obscenely likeable.’ Dy Erla stared into the distance. ‘I’m trying and failing to keep him in line.’ ‘Don’t bother – he makes the meetings more interesting,’ said Prismer. Judging by the sly curve of Dy Erla’s mouth, Prismer suspected that her friend was not fully committed to curbing Sayve’s defiant streak. Dy Erla rested a hand on the sandy window ledge. ‘He wants to pay you for your assistance. Or for forgetting his request – should you refuse it.’ ‘You told him, of course, that I can’t accept his substants?’ ‘I explained your situation.’ The assembly closely monitored Prismer’s transactions. Maskads could not own property or investments. While she could accept gifts, a considerable deposit into her account would attract attention. Her sentence began with the consignment to life behind a mask, but there were many aspects of scumbling that people never saw. ‘I wouldn’t want to be paid for this sort of thing, anyway – it’s not right,’ said Prismer coolly. The hum of activity around the city below had quietened. It was well into the segeind with only an hour until curfew; the sun still baked the outer wall of the caves. Recalling some news of a recent altercation between enforcers and rioters, Prismer asked, ‘This student, she isn’t a radical, is she?’ ‘No,’ Dy Erla assured her. ‘Though Sayve’s students tend to be politically curious. He treats them all equally within the college, but he must prepare them for the world outside. For their own benefit, he must educate them about the realities of social stratification.’ Prismer could not comment on what Sayve ought to have done differently. She merely observed the world he and Dy Erla inhabited. She sat upright, then asked, ‘What else should I know?’ ‘The student is around seventeen years old and goes by the name Illanu. I have a means for you to contact her. Once you reach open water, the Ardedrians will see her the rest of the way.’ Dy Erla took Prismer by the wrist. ‘There may be enforcers patrolling the coast. Should you get caught, you could lose your job.’ Though she was still warm from the climb through the humid tunnels, a shiver prickled Prismer’s back. ‘Illanu could lose even more.’ Dy Erla’s stare pierced Prismer’s mask. ‘I would understand if you decide it’s too dangerous. We may yet find another way.’ Prismer snickered. Dy Erla reminded her of a mother prede, fussing over her chick one moment and coaxing her over a cliff edge the next. ‘It makes sense that Minister Sayve is involved in all this, but you … ?’ Prismer trailed off, tilting her head. ‘I felt the need to intervene this time,’ said Dy Erla. ‘It is dangerous when rulers come to fear the people they serve.’ She turned her back on the window ledge and headed into the shade. ‘I also realise that these are my convictions, yet you are taking all the risks.’ Prismer shrugged. ‘I have to defy the Assembly once in a while, so I know I still have it in me. But I won’t do this for every waif with a sad story,’ she said, slashing at the air demonstratively. ‘I’m no wellspring of the heart, more like a … stagnant puddle.’ The reproving look on Dy Erla’s face was held valiantly in place for a few seconds before she let out the full-bodied laugh Prismer longed to hear. A dull sound pulsated in Prismer’s ears – she too was laughing. They had both quietened when a shadow crossed Dy Erla’s features. ‘Something wrong?’ asked Prismer, looking over to her friend. ‘I hope you do not take my silence in session for standing in agreement with the Assembly on all matters.’ Dy Erla folded her robes over her arms and glanced at Prismer from the side. ‘I would understand, of course, if you did.’ Though their different strata generated distance between them, Dy Erla had always been kind to Prismer. She had taught her to temper her blunt observations – in a highly political work environment, Prismer could have done with that lesson sooner. She drew alongside the minister. ‘You helped me through the most difficult times, Dy. I know why you can’t openly defend me, and I don’t expect you to.’ ‘Practising self-restraint should not serve as a disguise for apathy,’ said Dy Erla, leaning heavily against the stony wall. Dusty sand clung to the hem of her robes. ‘Ghastly procedure, scumbling. And yet, it has been with us as long as resyn has been in use.’ Prismer hugged her arms against her body. Dy Erla had the vigour of a young knyad, but Prismer sometimes sensed in her a weariness. It was not set in the lines of her skin but deeper still, in the drumming of her great heart. The minister did not needlessly augment her body to keep up with changing trends, although she could afford cybernetics and resyncraft. Prismer respected her for that and much more. ‘You take on everyone’s troubles,’ she said, placing a hand on Dy Erla’s broad shoulder. ‘I can feel the weight of the moon, right here.’ Dy Erla smiled and crossed her arm over her chest to squeeze Prismer’s hand. ‘I have a communicator for you. It is one of Minister Sayve’s designs.’ She checked the passage behind the cave wall for passersby and offered Prismer something resembling a pebble. The metal object felt smooth and warm in Prismer’s palm. It was more solid than the bracelet-like mitters, but it still had the insubstantial quality of city technology. ‘Oklas calls them towayes,’ said Dy Erla, rolling her eyes. ‘Two-way communications?’ ventured Prismer, her fingers investigating the innocuous grey object. Something resembling a touchpad with unfamiliar orange symbols slid out from the side of the device. Prismer could not tell what she had done to prompt the action. Despite its initial sensitivity, the towaye failed to respond to the few operating gestures she tried on it. She missed the rustic technology of her home clan: the push-back of struck keys or the grinding twist of a dial. Prismer clicked her gills in frustration and held out the device. ‘Does the interface have to be so counterintuitive?’ she asked. ‘Oklas can be unnecessarily creative,’ said Dy Erla, taking the towaye, ‘but in this case, he has a good reason for it.’ She swiped along the top of the touchpad in a downturned crescent to open the device menu. ‘I believe the arrangements he wrote into these are derived from obsolete casting languages. This renders towayes incompatible with mainstream technologies, enhancing the security of Ardedrian communication channels.’ Prismer nodded. It made sense that the Ardedrians wouldn’t use mitters in plots against the Pentarchy. Not when Minister Cantuce’s department controlled their production. Prismer familiarised herself with the four unusual gestures used on the towaye in different combinations. Once she could operate the device without difficulty, she agreed to hold onto it. ‘The city’s communication towers don’t facilitate these signals,’ said Dy Erla. ‘Sayve has provided the Ardedrians with a private network.’ Prismer’s synth-speech crackled in surprise. ‘Not the satellite that Sayve spoke of today, surely?’ Dy Erla waved for her to quieten, and Prismer added in a lower tone, ‘He’s even bolder than I thought.’ ‘He is reckless, spurred on with each obstacle he overcomes. But I fear ... ’ – she shook her head – ‘ ... nevermind, the less we discuss it, the better.’ Prismer gave a hoarse laugh. ‘If he’s left the shallows, surely we have too?’ Dy Erla’s amber eyes creased at the corners as she considered Prismer. ‘There is so much more I want to tell you about things I have planned. Things that go beyond Apidecca’s politics.’ Prismer raised her chin inquiringly. ‘Later, perhaps. You have enough to contend with for now.’ Dy Erla reactivated her mitter, and shining numerals emanated from the device. ‘Best we both head home,’ said Prismer, realising she would have to hurry back ahead of curfew. The two continued up the tunnel, parting before the stairway that opened onto the Lepotra District at the surface.

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Author Bio & Information:

Coe started dreaming up unreal landscapes and improbable creatures soon after she discovered picture books. She works as a freelance illustrator, but her writing and art are intrinsically entwined.

Unusual characters have been taking up residence in her mind for some years, and she recently decided to unleash them on a habitable moon. She has always been inspired by monster movies and books, old and new. She hopes she never feels equipped to answer the age-old question of “what makes us human?”

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Spire of Fools Cover Reveal

We are thrilled to share with you today the cover for Spire of Fools, book three in the In All Jest series! Doesn't this cover look absolutely gorgeous! Check it out and be sure to get ready for it's release coming soon! 

Spire of Fools (In All Jest #3)
Publication Date: Nov 23, 2023
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy

In a realm where a domineering priest once controlled his every move, Prince Karpenmor now stands free, ready to redefine his purpose and identity. As he assumes control of his nation, he's compelled to confront the shadows of his past. His quest for knowledge leads him to a discovery about a lost city and an unexpected desire for revenge.

Unrestrained and desperate to know more about his mother, Karpenmor closes in on the deceptions his Regent has maintained for decades, unwittingly threatening his own position.

On Dhartan the Jesters are confronted with changes that force radical action from Mother Folly as they try to keep pace. While Lani’s unique skills offer them assistance, a selfish decision by Odajeen puts everything at risk.

More amulets break free from the fragile barrier, causing friction amongst realms and emboldening their enemy. Limited in number, the members of the court must become more than entertainers and hidden spies.

Now hunting the objects that threaten the source of their power, each of them must bring their unique capabilities to the fore in order to avoid the deadly danger confronting them.

In the wake of this shift, even The Eyes can no longer afford to stay hidden on their island, forcing them to send forth more of their kind into the world.


About the Author

D.E. King writes epic fantasy novels, starting with the In All Jest series.

His novels are available in eBook, paperback and hard back book formats from worldwide retailers as well as his own stores at Get exclusive behind the scenes news, discount coupons, and more by joining Darryl's Reader's Group at

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Mantle of the World Ruler Review Spotlight


Welcome to the tour for Kate Gateley's epic fantasy Mantle of the World Ruler! Read on for more details!

Mantle of the World Ruler is an engaging fantasy novel by Kate Gateley and is book two in her The Lost Well Trilogy. Make sure that you have read book one first because book two picks up where book one left off.

Right from the beginning when you look at this book's cover, you just know that this story is going to be steeped in fantasy elements. The tree with the blade in the leaves, and the crown in the roots, gives you a glimpse of what is to come when it comes to this novel.

Julia's story continues in this novel, and is the drama wild in book one? Book two is like...hold on. I have something for you. Just wait. Dom is the one who starts the story off though (after the prologue), and it's chaos. The characters are stuck in a bad situation that began in book one and continues into the now. What is going to happen next? Will they be able to escape? Well, obviously they do otherwise this would be a really short story! LOL!

They seem to go from one dangerous situation to another. One curse manages to be broken, one prophecy dealt with and fate is let me give you something else to deal with, because you don't deserve a nice rest for five minutes. LOL! Honestly, we all have to admit this one fact...we love it.

Mantle of the World Ruler is an absolute page-turner from beginning to end. You get such a mix of characters, drama, and so much more. The storyline draws you in and says "I hope you don't have plans, because you're going to be hard-pressed to put me down without a fight."

The author's skill at storytelling with this series truly shines. The characters are well-done and nicely developed. You are caught up in their situations and frequently find yourself either on the edge of your seat or looking to bite on something from sheer nervousness for their fates and those around them. 

I hope you're ready for another cliffhanger, a less "imminent danger" one, but a cliffhanger nonetheless. Because the author once again intends to leave you in suspense as to what happens next. I just know that you're going to be eagerly anticipating the next book in this series when it comes out. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Kate Gateley, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next. 

                                    Mantle of the World Ruler (The Lost Wells Trilogy #2)

Publication Date: January 2023

Genre: Epic Fantasy

An ancient curse broken, a new prophecy foretold, and a grimoire of dark Druidic magic.

After a year of unimaginable violence, magic, and all-consuming love that has followed her through countless incarnations, Julia Harrison has not only come into her own as a magic Bearer-far surpassing those women in her bloodline who came before her-but is about to start down a path that can end in only one of two ways: with her fulfilling her prophesized role as Sovereign, chalice of the World Ruler; or with the death of everyone and
everything she holds dear at the hands of Cassius Longinus, The Child of Rome, in his brutal and inexorable quest to finally achieve true immortality.

Mantle of the World Ruler-Book Two of the Lost Well Trilogy-begins directly after the events of its predecessor, and with it, author Kate Gateley draws the reader right back into the romantic, magical, and often terrifying world of Bearers and Wielders, Knaves and Wraiths, and Domhnall O'Brien, cursed by choice to follow his love through one life after another until they can save each other at last.

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 Kate currently lives, and writes, on a small farm in the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, with her amazing husband, two incredible sons, an adorable dog, several barn cats who don’t earn their keep, and some decidedly ungrateful chickens … all of whom are very dearly loved. She is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada (Tthe WUC), Federation of BC Writers (BCFW), and Ithe ndependent Book Publishers Association (IPBA).

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Shadow Gaze Review Spotlight


We're celebrating the release of Shadow Gaze by Yara Gharios this week! Available on September 19th! 

Shadow Gaze is the first season of the Silver Series by Yara Gharios. Shadow Gaze compiles the first three serials from the original, and publishes it all together for readers who prefer to read serials in one big book so that they get a better experience. At first glance of this book's cover, you get the sense of paranormal, drama, with a mix of fantasy mixed in. The character displayed looks like a real bad-a$$ and someone you'd be interested in learning about. Question is - does the author deliver on what the cover hints at?

Shadow Gaze had a rocky start for this reader. You get back and forth chapters between past (so many years into the past) and present day. Initially, I didn't get the premise of the "past" chapter. It paints the picture of when Silver aka formerly Shiloh, crosses paths with Levi and Quinn. As you read this first chapter, you learn a few things about Levi and Quinn. But it's not long before Shiloh (soon to change her name to Silver) enters the picture. She's being hunted, and her hunters? Are hot on her heels. 

What happens next? Well, it's bizarre. There is no explanation for what happens, but Levi does what he believes is the right thing. Quinn on the other more reserved. The author gives no indication as to why Quinn is more reserved and hesitant to help, but you just have to sit, wait, and hope for an explanation to come. 

When the story shifts to the present day, it feels like there is a bit of a disconnect. I say this because there was nothing to connect the first chapter to the next one. So, I decided to take a step back from the book for a minute and come back to it. Once I did that, the story actually started to flow better for me. 

Silver is an interesting character, but you're going to have to be patient in learning about her past, who she is and much more. The author gives these facts in small pieces to keep you coming back. When the blurb says that Theresa or "Reese" is strange...believe her. This girl gets kidnapped, and rescued and is just way too calm for it all. She's too excited! LOL! Most people would be traumatized, but she bounces back with the enthusiasm of a pre-teen. I honestly forget that she's supposed to be attending college with how she acts. 

There are some elements that don't make sense about this book. Theresa's quick desire to trust Adam. Silver deciding to along with the decision to allow him to come along? Why is there no skepticism? Why doesn't Silver fight the suggestion instead of just giving an incredulous look to Theresa and then caving? This is just in the first few chapters. It's a touch bizarre. I know it's meant to lead up to more later in the book/series, but's a real headscratcher. 

This series has potential, and so it will be interesting to see where it all leads and how things continue to unfold when it comes to Silver and her "new" friends. 

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Yara Gharios, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next. 

                                                    Shadow Gaze (Silver Series Season 1)

Publication Date: September 19, 2023

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Supernatural Beings
Bad-A$$ Female MC
New Adult
Forced Proximity
Grumpy/ Sunshine

Shadow Gaze is the first season of the Silver series, which combines the first three episodes, already digitally published, as well as an exclusive bonus episode titled Rebirth.

Set before the timeline of the main series, Rebirth follows the titular Silver in the early days of her life as a supernatural. Shedding her human identity, she starts over at her skinwalker friends’ sanctuary for supernatural runaways where she has to navigate complicated new relationships while mastering her mysterious powers. Meanwhile, back at the estate, Adam struggles to come to terms with his own supernatural existence and adapt to his horrifying new reality.

Series Overview

After months of captivity, Silver ran away from the evil vamphyr that had turned and imprisoned her. Shedding her old identity, she went into hiding and spent years in training. Knowing full well that her old Master has been looking for her, she has been preparing herself for the day when she would go back to her old prison and carry out her revenge.

However, nothing in the world could have prepared Silver for the hybrid and the human that were forced into her life one day. The hybrid, Adam, could report her back to her old Master at any time, but their shared history puts them on the same side—for now. Tolerating the human, on the other hand, presents a huge challenge.

Bubbly, energetic, and raging with excitement about everything supernatural that she discovers, Theresa has the complete opposite reaction a normal human should have to the secret world of vamphyrs, werewolves, and skinwalkers. At first, Silver was intent on keeping the girl safe, since she made it her life’s mission to protect humans. But the girl’s overactive imagination and string of never ending questions are a constant headache and keep derailing Silver’s plans.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Theresa pesters her, the one thing Silver will never reveal to anyone, least of all her two unwanted stowaways, is the secret behind her having silver pearls for eyes.

Available Here!

About the Author

Lebanese writer Yara Gharios has been making up stories for as long as she could remember. She was a double–major undergraduate student studying both Translation and English Literature. Under the pen name Sahar Ghayar, she wrote several novels in her free time since she was 11 but didn’t actively pursue publishing them yet. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Leeds with an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication and started working as an Analyst.

After a small publishing house came across one of her stories, written in French intermittently when she was 13 to 15, they signed her for a one–book–deal. She released her first novel at 17 in her home country through traditional publishing. It was only when “Masked SheWolf” garnered some attention at online reading websites that she considered self publishing.

Yara Gharios

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