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A Storm Rises Review

A Storm Rises is the first book in Rose Garcia’s new series, Bloodline Legacy. Readers who are looking for an upper YA/New Adult series to dive into will absolutely find this fresh series worth checking out.

The first thing that readers will notice when they first glance at this book will be the sword that takes up the majority of the cover. Wreathed in blue light and puffs of magic, it is sure to draw the eye and pique the interest of many a reader. This fantasy series whispers that there is more to be discovered within it’s pages. The sword is a key element that will take some time to be discovered later on in the story.

A Storm Rises begins the story with a prologue that will detail the loss of a particular character. While there is a loss, author Garcia also shrouds in shadows the child that comes from this tragedy. If you pay attention though you’ll see other minute clues that will aid you as you delve deeper into the story. While the prologue is filled with waves of sadness, it is not the end. It is merely the beginning of what is to come.

As this story pushes forward readers are taken in a different direction than what one would expect. We say this because the characters we were introduced to first were royals. So then, why are we in a completely different place that in no way resembles a palace? What happened? Well, the author wants readers to meet Mateo Vela. He is a lowborn – part fae, part human. He and others like him are looked down on by the royals. Truth is...they are struggling. Sickness is ravaging their people, and help is hard to come by.

But Mateo has made a decision to join the Summit Range Hunt. If he wins? It will mean blessed help for his family. He’s thinking about the Hunt that he has managed to earned a place in. He strongly believes that he has a good chance at winning it. What he doesn’t know is that should he lose? There will not be any second chances. Why? Well, the rules have changed...and they’re not in anyone’s favor, but those who are in power.

As A Storm Rises progresses the story alternates between chapters that focus on Mateo and chapters that focus on the Princess, Avalynn Stromm, daughter of the High King. As you read more about Avalynn and her family, you’re quickly going to develop a severe dislike for the King. The Stromm bloodline has a rather dark history that swirls around a quest for power and the desire to hold onto it no matter the cost.

While the day of the Summit Range Hunt draws closer things quickly begin to shift and change. There is a change in the lineup for the contestants, deals are struck behind the scenes, threats are made, and alliances are struck. Mateo is going to find that sublanders are despised by almost all the people and he’s going to have quite the challenge ahead of him. Of course, you can expect that he’s not going to let that dim his determination.

A Storm Rises isn’t an action-packed novel, but it will do a decent job at keeping readers engaged in the storyline. The back-and-forth between Mateo and Avalynn is interesting to say the least. Avalynn has been taught to look down on those deemed beneath her. Yet now, her father has tasked her with the job of making sure that Mateo comes in last. Should he come in last it will mean more than just that his family goes without the help they so desperately need.

A Storm Rises has many secrets written in that author Garcia has expertly hidden throughout the book. For the majority of the book, the story will focus on Mateo and Avalynn simply fighting to survive the hunt. Secrets between the contestants will come out, and one by one they will fall. An exciting element of the story surrounding the hunt will be that despite Avalynn’s edge she’s still going to struggle. This fact adds another level of intrigue to the story.

Readers hoping for romance will absolutely find it. The romance angle in A Storm Rises moves pretty quickly. It is a true “enemies to lovers” trope though without the “instalove.” It is simply that the two characters fall for each other rather quickly. Is there more to be found in the romance angle? The answer is yes, but it’s left up to the reader’s imagination with a discreet fade to black moment with just a hint of where things lead.

It’s the final chapters of this story that will truly kick things into high gear. The quest for the truth and answers will be on! Author Garcia has hidden the truth’s revelation for the end and it is going to truly surprise you! So get ready, because you’ll be eager for what the author has in store for you. These are twists that, odds are, you won’t see coming. A few things you’ll have figured out, but the rest will definitely come as a surprise.

While the characters aren’t the most engaging, the storyline manages to make up for that for the most part. Readers who prefer when the title of the book ties into the storyline will be disappointed that this is not the case for this book. A Storm Rises blends together touches of modern or familiar aspects with old world elements. Though it’s safe to say that the story leans more toward old world with just a few elements of the familiar/modern.

A Storm Rises ends on a mild cliffhanger. Author Garcia will leave readers with questions as to what comes next. This book absolutely ends with an interesting twist that will have readers patiently waiting for book two to find out how things unfold from there.


  • Interesting storyline
  • Twists
  • Romance
  • Magic
  • Secrets


  • Lackluster characters
  • Rushed romance

Cover Score: 8.9

4.5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the author, Rose Garcia, for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next.  

Wings of Starless Night Review Spotlight

We're celebrating the release of Sadie Sterling's debut novel, Wings of Starless Night. Read on for more details!

Wings of Starless Night is a gripping romantasy novel that is going to quickly draw you in and keep you coming back for more. Settle in for a good book, because this one...you're going to want more when you reach the final page. 

Wings of Starless Night starts off with Princess Allina Kingsdaughter. She's off being a rebel concerning the king's edicts. What are his edicts exactly? Stay close to the palace and don't be going off on random flights. But Allina doesn't wish to be tamed. However, it's not long before danger reaches out and tries to grip her in it's dangerous grasp. What could that be? Well, you better go grab yourself a copy! LOL!

While she escapes with her life this time, the clock is ticking on her safety. You'd think her being a princess within her own kingdom would guarantee her safety. However, her safety is being threatened, even at home. But it's not an outside source that threatens her. 

Allina has a special talent thanks to her fae heritage and while it has been frowned upon when she has used it for sneaking around...this time...it is going to benefit her. Because with this last usage...it will reveal a truth that will be what keeps her just a step ahead to staying alive. 

This course of action will lead her to make "rogue" choices that will have her labeled a "traitor" and "threat" to her court, but the truth is much deeper than that. So when Allina steps in to rescue and save someone who should be her sworn enemy, it makes the choice to mark her for death...all the easier.

Wings of Starless Night is an engaging novel that will keep you coming back for more. Allina and Cohrven must now be on the run to get him back home to his own people. It won't be easy because Allina's uncle will be aided by the plant life itself. However, when he sees just how truly dangerous Cohrven is and how close death he comes...it shifts the dynamics. 

Allina is an interesting character. She's flawed, but that just makes her all the more engaging. She is struggling with the truth of her situation and when she's able to get Cohrven she sees something that breaks her even further. While he appears to have a happy family, she never truly was allowed to experience that. That's not to say that she was neglected, simply her family was ripped away from her when she was still just a child. 

Allina is going to be along for the "ride" per say as Cohrven embarks on a dangerous journey to achieve something that many would say should be left alone. However, it's a journey he will not turn away from. At first you'll believe him selfish, but once you learn of his reasons...it puts things in a different light. 

Hidden in this story is another story, and another story. Each character has their own secrets, secrets hidden from them and pasts that could define them should all be told. But the future is unwritten and only time will tell where it goes. 

The romance angle is subtle but that is to be expected and it's nice to watch things develop between the two characters. Allina is fighting it the hardest, but that's what we see as this story is told from her perspective. Cohrven has his moments as well where we are allowed to see, but those are few and far between. It will be interesting to see where things go from here though. 

We look forward to what comes next in book two. The book ends on an interesting note, and so what the fall out will be...we'll have to be patient and wait for the time being. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Sadie Sterling, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next! 

                                        Wings of Starless Night (Kingsdaughter Book 1)

Publication Date: February 20, 2024

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

🔥Slow burn (with so much tension)
👑Fae royalty
🦋Winged fae
🔪Knife to the throat (or knives...)
💥Touch *him* and you die
🏃Forced proximity (on the run together)
👏Morally grey MMC

To the fae of the Sorcen Court, Princess Allina Kingsdaughter is a traitor and a fugitive, inevitably claimed by the same madness that cost her father his crown and his life. Ensnared by the lies of her uncle, the reigning Sorcen King, they will never know the truth of her betrayal.

A traitor princess.

After the tragic deaths of Allina’s parents when she was five, her uncle ascended to the throne in the ensuing chaos, bringing peace and prosperity to Sorcen for the following fourteen years. Allina has always considered him her true father—until the day he orders her death and starts a war by kidnapping Prince Cohrven Nightheart, heir to the Liral Court, a wicked realm Allina’s only heard of in whispers.

A captured prince.

Everyone fears the Nightheart. When he was twelve, he earned his name and his dark reputation as a monster without mercy—or remorse. Since then, rumours of his unrivalled cruelty have only grown.

An evil that has been waiting…

When Cohrven is tortured by her uncle in a gruesome spectacle, Allina uses her hidden illusory magic to save him and escape, but not before his wings are shredded. As her uncle hunts them, time is running short before Liral retaliates in a devastating attack that Cohrven assures will annihilate Sorcen and everyone Allina loves along with it. To survive and preserve the Court that has forsaken her, Allina has to trust the Nightheart, even when he leads her to an ancient evil that could be their destruction.

Wings of Starless Night is an enemies-to-lovers, slow burn, romantasy debut that will captivate you all the way to its breathtaking conclusion.


About the Author

Sadie Sterling grew up in Ontario, Canada, with three younger siblings who have always been her best friends. In university, while studying an entirely-unrelated field, she began to follow her dreams and started writing Wings of Starless Night, which would become her debut novel years later. When she isn't writing, she loves reading, playing videogames, and spending time with her husband and their hilarious dog. 

Sadie Sterling

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City of Mirth and Malice Cover Reveal Spotlight

It's an exciting day book peeps! 

We are thrilled to reveal the cover and blurb for the next book in the Order and Chao series, City of Mirth and Malice by Alexis L. Menard!

                                           City of Mirth and Malice (Order and Chaos #2)

Expected Publication Date: May 1, 2024

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance/ Gaslamp Fantasy

Some debts are not so easily repaid—or forgiven.

Nicolai Attano finally has everything he ever wanted: control over the Iron Saint Railway, safety for his family, and not a single rival syndicate to stand in his way. Never could he have imagined he’d want anything more than power—not until Camilla Marchese.

Six weeks have passed since the disaster on the train and his wife was kidnapped, but to get her back, he’ll need help. Nico struggles to work with a city poisoned against him and is instead forced to seek the aid of a disreputable black-market dealer. A simple bargain to ensure her rescue, Nico doesn’t think twice. A bargain is struck, and the cost is higher than ever. The collateral? His life.

Meanwhile, Camilla fights to gain control over her newfound powers as the alchemist in charge of her confinement puts her to the test. Forced to free what she’s held so close, the only light in this hellish prison is the hope to see her family again, and the husband who stole her heart. Three trials and three chances to find the source of her Chaos and use it to save herself, if it doesn’t destroy her first.

Cracks in the city draw lines between loyalties, and time is running out until everything comes crashing down. Return to Lynchaven in this action-packed and swoony conclusion of Nico and Milla’s story.


Cover Designer: @lichen_and_limestone

Cover reveal organize by @rrbooktours

About the Author

Alexis is a registered nurse based out of Louisiana where she lives with her husband, toddler, and two oversized dogs. She enjoys long walks through the Renaissance Fair, reading smutty romance into the dark hours of the night, and wine nights with her “Finer Things Club.” She hopes to enrich the lives of her readers with worlds they can both escape in and take with them long after the final chapter.

Alexis L. Menard


Playground of the Dead Review Spotlight

Are you a devourer of horror? Looking for something new and twisted? Well, author Stone Wallace has a dark and twisted treat for you! Welcome to the book tour for Playground of the Dead. 

Beware. Your darkest secrets are coming back to haunt you...and there is no way out.  

Horror has come to town and it has no intention of leaving...ever.

Playground of the Dead is a gripping horror novel by Stone Wallace and readers who enjoy Stephen King's novels aren't going to want to miss out on this book

Playground of the Dead starts off in a local far from Clear Vista, CA. Author Wallace drops readers first in a coastal town of Massachusetts. Why there? Well, it's to set the stage for what is to come later on in the story. Shhhh. Just be patient. All will be revealed in due time. 

Playground of the Dead shifts to another time and place. With the shifting to Clear Vista we're now in the 1980s. It's a beautiful town set in picturesque California. A small town where everyone knows everyone, and life seems quaint and beautiful. But beneath the surface? Something ugly festers. Secrets that will refuse to remain secrets for much longer. 

Now, reader, if you are expecting Playground of the Dead to hit you fast and furious with the horrors that it promises...well, you're going to be a touch disappointed. But don't get too disappointed! Just settle in, enjoy the story, because the horror? It's coming. It's coming and when it's here...there will be no escaping the horrors that will unfold. 

Throughout the years tragedy has struck frequently in Clear Vista. The tragedies have almost always taken the lives of the residents' children. Why is this? Well, that is a mystery that may or may not ever be answered the deeper you delve into this story. But everything kicks off with...you guessed it...the death of not just one child, but two. Sisters. Both girls mysteriously disappear only to turn up dead. What happened to them? Who killed them? And why?

Well, the heat is now on Police Chief Braden Powell. The townspeople want answers. Two little girls, and it appears that a killer walks among them. But the investigation? Well, the investigation has hit a brickwall. No one saw the abduction happen. The people who saw a transient amongst the community can't agree on his appearance, and therefore...there are no clear cut answers. 

While the town demands answers something sinister begins to take shape. It begins out in the cemetery where the children are buried. A mysterious shrouded figure seen by the old grounds keeper. Who is this mysterious person? What are they doing near one of the graves? Prepare for your interest to be piqued in this particular moment. You're going to expect something more to happen, but it doesn't. It's okay. The author has something more in store for us readers. 

As Playground of the Dead continues, around 43% of the book is when things begin to get really interesting. Strange deaths start happening. Go ahead and start scooting forward in your chair because the author is setting the stage for some sinister happenings to come. 

While we know what is happening, and the victims of the moment, Chief Powell has no clue. Neither do his other officers, and the people of Clear Vista? They're becoming more and more afraid with each death that occurs, especially after the tragic death of the two little girls still being unsolved. But few are buying that no one has any answers are present. 

The deeper Playground of the Dead goes the more twisted the situations become. Some deaths can be viewed as poetic justice. Others...dark and twisted and maybe even simply collateral damage. Or are they? It would seem that none will be spared in this twisted sense of judgement. 

The ending of this book...wow. Just wow. Twisted, dark, and absolutely macabre. Readers who enjoy twisted endings...this book is absolutely for you. We just hope you don't mind being left with some questions. Yeah, we wanted to see what one particular character is subjected to, but you have to leave something to the imagination. Right? LOL! 

Playground of the Dead is going to give you chills in those final moments and have the hair raising on the back of your neck. Beware what secrets you harbor deep inside. You just never know when they will come back to haunt you...and reap their twisted vengeance. 


  • Dark
  • Twisted
  • Deliciously horrific
  • Page-turner
  • Delightful


  • Slow start

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Stone Wallace, and BlackTide Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what comes next! 


by Stone Wallace

Black Tide Book Tours

HellBound Books Publishing

February 27 - March 01

Playground of the Dead is a macabre tale set in a seaside California community of Clear Vista.

There have been a number of unexplained deaths of its citizens - all related to tragic incidents involving the town's children.

The police chief, Braden Powell, a man dealing with his own troubled, tragic history, has been investigating the mysterious occurrences with frustratingly minimal success.

He gradually comes to realize that there may be a sinister, supernatural connection too terrifying to comprehend.

Universal link for the book on Amazon

About the Author

Stone Wallace has worked as a professional writer for over 40 years. He has published 20 books (novels and non-fiction), short stories, scripts/screenplays, and written numerous articles for various North American publications. He has conducted celebrity interviews with such legendary performers as Anthony Quinn, Coleen Gray, Lloyd Nolan, Robert Stack, and 50s horror director Herbert L. Strock (I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, Blood of Dracula, How to Make a Monster). He attended Red River College, The National Institute of Broadcasting and Robertson Broadcast Academy.

Stone has held a lifelong fascination with the paranormal and the macabre, his early interest stimulated by the tales of Poe, Lovecraft, and M.R. James. Later he discovered contemporary masters such as Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, and Richard Matheson. And then came his discovery of Stephen King and James Herbert, and that was when Wallace determined that writing horror fiction was what he wanted to do. After graduating college, he wrote his first supernatural novel, which became a national bestseller and earned him the title "The Stephen King of Manitoba".

Stone is also a fan of crime, gangster and noir films and is the author of DUSTBOWL DESPERADOS: GANGSTERS OF THE DIRTY 30s and GEORGE RAFT: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOGART.

His Western novels have brought him critical acclaim, with his second book MONTANA DAWN being recognized by Booklist as one of the “Ten Best Westerns of the Decade”.

PLAYGROUND OF THE DEAD is Stone's first book for HellBound Books. He also has contributed stories to the anthologies GRAVEYARD OF BLOOD and HAPPY HELLIDAYS. Future novels for HellBound Books include the supernatural chillers WENDIGO! and CHILD OF ADAMM, along with the noir thriller WAKING IN HELL WITH A HANGOVER.

Writing as Mason Burgess, Stone has been hailed as the "Stephen King of Manitoba":


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Storm of the Seven Sins Review Spotlight


 The finale is here. The conclusion for Eva’s and Ari’s story has come, and it one that you’re not going to want to miss out on. Readers who have enjoyed this upper YA coming of age series will not want to miss on how it all ends.

True to form Storm of the Seven Sins will captivate readers with it’s gorgeous cover. The swirls and whorls help tie it to the rest of the series. While the cage and the key? Those are hints at what is contained within this book’s pages. The butterflies streaming out and flying free? A subtle wink and nod to the ending that readers can expect.

Storm of the Seven Sins picks up where book two, Siege of the Seven Sins, left off. The Executor? Has escaped. Those who were tasked with guarding him? Drugged, which points to only one who could have possibly done this. But he’s not the only one on the run. The Bellators who accompanied him and survived have also made good their escape. Now...chaos reigns.

Everyone knows the dangers that swirl all around them, but it stops none of the posturing. It also doesn’t stop any of the political gaming either. The Executor must be stopped by any means, but some deals will only be struck if certain parties stand to gain from it. Ah, the joys of politics. Yes? LOL!

Where Siege of the Seven Sins was packed with unrelenting chaos and upheaval, Storm of the Seven Sins slows things down quite a bit. Wondering just how much do things slow down? Well, this book shifts to a lower gear by focusing more on the drama between Eva and Ari. Ever since the Panther Prince came onto the scene things have been more than a little tense between our star-crossed pair.

The drama continues to unfold on a myriad of levels. You have Eva struggling with what she is, who she is, the politics of her situation, and the list just goes on and on. Then you have Ari. He’s tied himself to Eva as her familiar, but he truly loves her. All he wants is to love her in every way possible, but he can’t fight the differences between them. It’s a sticky situation that they find themselves in. How will this shake out?

Now, add in the other skuma. Oof. The drama with these “royals? Yeah, that is next level. LOL! Author Colin does a great job demonstrating how these particular characters have been set up high on a pedestal. They have been treated like royalty because of their abilities – their DNA. If it weren’t for that they’d be like all the rest. However, because of it they have been made to believe that they are better than rest and have acted accordingly.

Storm of the Seven Sins focuses heavily on Eva as she goes out of the frying pan and into the fire. It seems at certain moments that she just can’t win. However, it’s quite a few of her own brash choices that land her in hot water quite often.

Readers are going to appreciate how author Emily Colin paints Eva, Ari, and many of the other characters throughout this story. The characters are written so well you would think that they were real. Somewhere out there truly living their lives and doing the best that they can for themselves and each other.

While the majority of this book isn’t action packed, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t drama scattered throughout the story that will keep you page-turning to find out what happens next. Author Colin teases readers into a lull here and there, but then punches up the drama that quickly pulls you to the edge of your seat.

Since this is the final book in this series, readers are sure to expect an epic battle. Right? Because we all know the Executor is not going to go quietly into that long good-night. So, what is going to happen? Can you expect a big fight worthy of this series? The simple answer? - You better believe it!

We were concerned that we were going to get a “flash in the pan” and that then the author would wrap things up. You know how it goes. Some just don’t know how to write a good fight scene, so they skim over it and jump to something more “tantalizing.” Thankfully author Colin knew exactly what her characters needed and readers wanted.

Hoping for a happy ending? Well, you’re going to get it...and you’re not. True to form, this story stays as realistic as possible giving readers a mixed bag of a conclusion. You win some...you lose some. So, go ahead and grab the tissues because you’re going to need them.

While this is the end of Eva’s and Ari’s story, there is still the potential for more. Author Colin does drop hints that this could be the final story in the world of the “Seven Sins” but there is always the hope that we might be able to revisit these characters one day. We’ll just have to wait and see for now...and cross our fingers...and hope. LOL!

It has been a fun ride, an enjoyable series to have been able to read. Readers who enjoy fantasy novels with a touch of dystopian elements, then this is the series to delve into.


  • Engaging storyline
  • Page-turner
  • Realistic characters
  • Epic battle
  • Twists and surprises


  • None of merit

Cover Score: 9.8/10

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Emily Colin, for the opportunity to read and review this book & series. We look forward to what comes next!  

Siege of the Seven Sins Review Spotlight

Did you read Sword of the Seven Sins by author Emily Colin? Did it leave you craving more of Eva’s and Ari’s story? Are you eager to find out what happens next? Well, we’ve got good news...book two? You’re not going to want to miss it. Clear your schedule, because you won’t be putting this book down until you reach the last page.

Siege of the SevenSins will captivate readers by first enticing them in with the gorgeous cover. The beautiful whorls are back, but the flowers take on a more prominent position. The blade has been replaced with bolt or arrow which will pique your interest as to what lies inside. Don’t wait too long...there is much to be discovered inside.

Siege of the SevenSins by Emily Colin picks up where Sword of the Seven Sins left off. Eva and Ari managed to escape the Commonwealth and find the Brotherhood...well, what remained of them after the bombing. The romance between Eva and Ari is blooming, but will it be allowed to truly bloom and grow? Or will a demand come that the love be stifled and snuffed out for the sake of the “future” of all?

Eva is keeping secrets. Secrets that she believes will make Ari look at her differently. It’s all thanks to the information that the Executor told her before she escaped. Is what shew as told true? Could he have been lying to her for his own gain? The answer is – it’s possible. But what if he’s not?

Author Colin starts the story off with Eva finding herself in quite a predicament. But it doesn’t stop there. The clock is ticking for her. Her shifts? They’re coming whether she wants them to or not. But she needs a familiar. Someone who will help ground her and give her what she needs. But the danger is hunting them. Persistent as ever the Bellatorum will not back down.

Siege of the SevenSins is action-packed from beginning to end and author Colin doesn’t stop there. No, this author packs in the angst, the tension, and the heartbreak. You’re going to find yourself on the edge of your seat more often than not wondering – “What is going to happen next?!” “Will Eva truly let got of Ari like this?!”

When it comes to page-turners this book is one you don’t want to miss out on. The back and forth between Eva and Ari light these pages on fire. You get a front-row seat to their drama as Eva struggles with her own desires, and what she feels is the right thing to do. Ari fights to keep the girl that he loves in his life even as she tries to push him away.

The pages of Siegeof the Seven Sins are going to fly by as you devour this book. The author weaves in backstory in poignant places of this book. Readers will get to see the contrast between the Commonwealth and the place the Brotherhood call Vik. The Commonwealth is reflected and shown as stark and stringent. While Vik is shown as something that readers will find familiar and relatable.

In Siege of theSeven Sins readers will get more of the fantasy element that is sparser in Sword of the Seven Sins. Readers will get the introduction of mages, small bits of magic, introduction of new characters, and unique revelations that will keep you coming back for more.

The development of the characters truly helps this storyline move and the characters themselves shine. Author Colin works to help the characters develop and become more than just words on a page. With each word written they come more alive. Readers get Eva’s vulnerability as she struggles with the weight that has settled on her shoulders. She asked for none of the things that she is being faced with, but she shoulders it all with few articulated complaints.

There are moments when we want to be disappointed in her because of the choices that she chooses to make...the choices that she’s willing to make. Yet, we can’t. How strange is that? Ari definitely pushes her buttons though. He pushes all around him as he strives to stay by her side. All he wants is to stay by her side no matter what.

While the characters might be safe for the time being, you’re constantly going to be on edge. You’re going to have the sense that danger is closer than it appears. The big question – “When is the shoe going to drop?” “When will the enemy strike?” “Will it come from within?” “Will it come from the direction...the path that Ari thinks?” “Or will it come from another?” So many questions, right? Hang on to them.

In this book’s pages...there are secrets waiting to be unearthed. Author Colin will drop hints here and there, but the big reveal? It’s waiting still to be discovered. Make sure to keep a hand on your jaw, because it’s going to want to hit the floor.

Where book one ended on a soft cliffhanger, book two is going to leave you with questions, suspicions, and eager for answers. You’ll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on book three.

So, with that being said...what are you waiting for?? This book is waiting to be devoured and book three will be there waiting for you when you’re done. Readers who enjoy young adult, coming of age fantasy novels will not want to miss out on this series.


  • Page-turner
  • Great character development
  • Engaging
  • Twists
  • Secrets


  • None of merit

Cover Score: 9.6

Overall Book Score: 9.8 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Emily Colin, for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what comes next!