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Dead Meat: Day 4

The Dead Meat series by Nick Clausen is back and Day 4 is packed to the brim with action, twists, suspense, and jaw-dropping revelations.

Dead Meat Day 4 reunites readers with familiar characters and introduces us to a few new ones. Buckle up because things are only escalating from here. Day 4 picks up where Day 3 left off and plunges ahead full speed. A young doctor is intent on trying to save someone she loves, but in the process, she condemns hundreds if not thousands to death. If only, those two soldiers had done their due diligence, if only that one had stood his ground and said “No. Sorry for your predicament, but you need to turn around now.” That’s just in the first few pages of this book. I have to say that when one of the soldiers says “Being paranoid will keep you alive” I almost cheered. LOL!

This book is truly wild as the author weaves together this story bringing things together with a piece at a time. Little by little you see everything begin to connect as the epidemic spreads and more lives are tragically lost. Pieces from book 3 are brought to fulfillment in this story as the author fills readers in on what happened during the night. This book is full of tragedy as shown again and again that it doesn’t take a big wound to cause one to turn…all it takes is a tiny scratch.

Is there anything that I don’t like about this book? Honestly…no. This series just continues to get better with each book that the author writes. I was on the edge of my seat in certain moments wondering…what is going to happen?! Are they going to make it?! What is that character going to do?! It’s so intense and the author writes in twists in the right moments that had my jaw-dropping. There were a couple moments when I was on the edge of my seat and I was like…darn! I wanted things to go a different way! Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I’m willing to bet the author was chuckling knowing that he has a surprise in store for readers down the line.

The “ending” of this book…OMG, the ENDING!!! The cliffhanger!! My jaw dropped and I howled! On one hand, I’m heartbroken, but on the other, I’m on the edge of my seat for the next book. Things are already crazy and intense, but…things are about to go to another level. There’s a known threat on one side and on another, there is a secret hiding in plain sight. The revelation of an unexpected truth has me wanting to know what the next book will reveal. In my opinion, the author is truly in their element with this series and it just keeps getting better and better. There were some slower spots in this book, but trust me...they are easy to get through. 

I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you have read the Dead Meat series to this point…Grab. This. Book. Now!!! You absolutely do NOT want to miss out on what happens next. If you are new to the series…grab book one and start! You won’t be disappointed as the author takes you through the zombie outbreak/apocalypse in slow motion one day at a time. I can’t wait to find out what happens next as the world crumbles one town at a time.

Bloodshed Academy: Year Two

Bloodshed Academy: Year Two is the second book in Jen L. Grey’s Bloodshed Academy Trilogy. Book two picks up where book one left off. At the end of book one, Raven had received a strange note from a group calling themselves “The Elites” wanting to recruit her into their group/organization.  The immediate future, however, has its secrets and issues that must be faced and Raven honestly isn’t ready for the truth to be truly revealed. A visit to her parents is in the cards, and then there is more trouble lurking at the Academy. A new year brings its own set of new problems…

Bloodshed Academy: Year Two immediately plunges readers in a year that literally flashes by and is over before you know it. I had mixed feelings about this book. As this is a paranormal romance, of course, there is quite a bit of romance between Raven and Rage. The author hints at romance budding between another couple, but keeps things shrouded, but gives readers hints here and there. Piece by piece the other half of this story comes together as well. Professor Shaw is a piece of this puzzle. The author intrigues me with this character and his class. When he was first introduced in the first book my curiosity was piqued as to his agenda. In this book, he begins to absolutely rub me the wrong way in more ways than one.

Cole is probably my favorite character in this series. He’s an absolute blast. In the first book, I thought that he was going to be one of those arrogant vampires that you end up having mixed feelings about, but he is such a gem. Yes, he pushes the envelope and doesn’t know the meaning of “boundaries” but that’s what makes him such a treasure. LOL! He’s a clown, and he has his moments of where he takes things a bit far, but there is no maliciousness in him when it comes to those he cares about.

In the first book, I really liked Raven. On one hand, she was the underdog character because of her issues and what she had been taught. In this book, however, she seems to lose herself a bit in my opinion. I understand that she has found her true mate and that the mate bond is strong, but I just felt that the “romance” got a bit too heavy-handed in places. There were moments of where I felt that Raven and Rage being all romance-y was out of place for that moment. They spend so much time together and I become disappointed in Raven because, in essence, she pushes Jess to the side. They’re supposed to be best friends, but it takes her a while to notice that something is going on with Jess. My biggest disappointment is when she lets the guys talk her into not going back to check on Jess when she says she will. I’d have honestly taken the “L” in training to check on my BEST friend.

One of the things that I don’t like in this book are the discrepancies. Raven is either not paying attention to things or she’s pretty forgetful. Now, you’ll get the feeling that Isadora isn’t too keen on Raven throughout the book, but you’ll understand in time. But Raven has several encounters with Isadora throughout the book, but I find it strange when Raven says/thinks that she’s never seen Isadora outside of her office. Not true. Then the notes Raven receives threaten “consequences” if she tells anyone about them, but…nothing happens. So that threat falls flat on its which honestly…is disappointing.

I’m going to wrap things up here so that I don’t drop any spoilers, but I’m rating this book 4 out of 5 stars. I felt that this book was less about year two at Bloodshed Academy and more about the “romance” between Raven and Rage. Most of the book is dedicated to them being wrapped up in each other with the truly interesting parts scattered here and there throughout the book but mostly at the beginning and near the end. It makes me curious how this series is going to be wrapped up in three books with the way the questions are piling up without the storyline being rushed. I’m hopeful that things will focus more on the Academy in the next book.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Girl Who Wasn't There

The Girl Who Wasn’t There is a truly gripping paranormal thriller by Nick Clausen that will have you on the edge of your seat. The author paints a story full of danger and suspense with a little girl being abducted by a paranormal creature intent o never letting her go while her big brother is intent on doing his best to find her and bring her home no matter the cost.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There is a full-length novel by Nick Clausen who knows his way around a good horror story. This book is no exception. The author begins the book with brother and sister, and you can quickly tell that something bad is going to happen. Now, I’ll admit that I thought that this was going to take an “It” turn, but it doesn’t. The story is broken into three parts and the first focuses on Andy and his struggles with the disappearance of his sister and the issues within the family. I have to say that for me, in the beginning, the storyline was a bit slow after Rebecca’s disappearance. But it’s understandable as the stage is being set a piece at a time. The author quickly hooks my attention back in with the book that Andy found at the library and when strange things begin to happen with it.

I’m not even going to lie…when the mother begins to have a breakdown, I was very much alarmed. On one hand, as a parent, I can very easily understand PART of her reaction, but then I do feel that she crosses the line. I say that, but at the same time, I love how true to life the author makes the characters because you can easily see this story playing out in real life. The supernatural/paranormal aspect comes in more than one form and I love it.

When the author transitions the story to Rebecca takes a darker twist and becomes truly hard to put down. I love and applaud the determination that Rebecca has. I like that the author brings a bit of sunshine to this dark tale. It comes in an unexpected moment, but it is truly sweet and made me smile. Now, while this spot of sunshine comes to lighten the story, it doesn’t last forever.

I have to say that I really do enjoy the dark and the twisted and this book delivers on all points. The author does an excellent job covering all of his bases with this book. You get the perspective of how things happen from both of the main characters in the story and you get the tragic story of “the girl who wasn’t there.”

I truly enjoyed this book and I look forward to more from this author as this is the first book in his collection of paranormal thrillers. I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. Be forewarned, there is violence in this book, but the author refrains from becoming overly graphic with any of it, so I don’t think that it will negatively impact most readers. If you enjoy a gripping thriller with paranormal aspects then this is a good book to pick up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play Review

Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play is the fifth book in D.E. Haggerty’s Death By Cupcake series. This book is a fast-paced wild ride of a story that follows Anna and her two friends along as they race against the clock to prove that Anna’s fiancé Logan isn’t the guilty party in the murder of the gang leader before her big wedding happening on the 4th of July.

Fireworks, A Firecracker & Foul Play is the first book that I have read by D.E. Haggerty, but this book can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. The author hits the ground running with this story and doesn’t let off the gas all the way to the end. Anna is eager for her wedding to take place and claim her man for life, but things aren’t going to go as planned. Anna is a real firecracker! She’s small like a pixie and her bright hair color adds to the effect, but she’s not one to take things lying down. So when her wedding preparations are threatened she goes into full steam ahead mode to solve a murder.

Overall I enjoyed this story and how quickly it moves. It’s fun to read and you get plenty of cupcakes to go with it. I have to admit that I’m amused at how Anna’s friends are so addicted to the cupcakes. Anna basically has to keep an eye on them or have cupcakes set aside so that they don’t eat the ones that she has set aside for “bribes.” LOL! It makes me wonder… just how good are these cupcakes? I mean…I like cake…but I can only deal with so much of it before I’m sick of it. Now cookies on the other hand…LOL!

Now, while this book is a lot of fun I felt that Anna was a bit over the top. As I’ve not read the other books in this series I’m not sure if this is her normal character style or if this is her hyped up because of her upcoming nuptials. There are times in the book when she comes off as more than a little juvenile and I wonder…just how old is this girl? There are moments in the book where she really comes off as a teenager when I’m sure that she has to be in her 20s. I feel that one of the perfect examples of this is when they are talking to the ME in the cupcake shop and he's concerned about losing his job. I immediately empathized in my head, but Anna was only concerned about her wedding. What?! I was like...wait...are you serious?! This man could lose his job and standing in his professional community, but the only thing you're concerned about is making sure your wedding goes forward and not in jail?! I hate to say it, but she annoyed me with that. I just wanted a bit more adult behavior out of her.

My only other complaint is that there is no bad guy tie in. It just happens out of the blue, which I was a bit disappointed by. I wanted some bad guy build up. A threatening note, something to point out

that the bad guy has heard rumblings about them "investigating." Because I mean, this isn't their first time doing this, so it wouldn't be a surprise that they are out there sleuthing. I’m pleased to say that I did not notice any editorial errors in this book, so that is a definite plus to this story.

All in all, I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. For readers who have read this series to this point then I am sure that you are going to enjoy this book. For new readers, this book can be read as a stand-alone, but I think that I will be going back and checking out the first books and the characters that they focus on and see if this is just how everyone is. Haha! If you like a fun, fast-paced cozy mystery with truly animated characters then I encourage you to pick this book up.

Monday, May 18, 2020

In My Dreams Review

In My Dreams is the third volume installment of T.A. Moorman's Underlayes series. This short fast-paced story drops readers into an already pre-established world and whisks you forward with a storyline about the past and the present colliding.

In My Dreams is the third book in the Underlayes series and can be read as a stand-alone, though I do encourage readers to read the previous connecting books as there are a couple instances of where I didn't fully know what was going on. I recommend that you buckle up because this book flies by fast.

The author drops readers into a bedroom with two characters, one whom readers will quickly figure out is a female. She is having nightmares, but they are more than just that but she doesn't remember. But it won't be long before the truth and reality come to light with a chance encounter when she goes out with friends.

This book was fun to read, with a couple of shocking scenes (club scene and acid rain) and you get a steamy scene near the beginning that gets repeated in the middle of the book. The author gives readers a bit of backstory with Rena and how she came to be a vampire, but I would have loved more depth. You get a clue that Rena's mate, Ricardo, knows that something is going on since at the end of the shower scene the author writes in that she feels a prick in her hip and then all goes black. With that little tidbit in my mind, my eyebrows shot up. I began to question...what really happened in the past? Was Rena actually snatched and then Ricardo just happened to find her? Well...just wait for it.

I personally could have used more plot building. I feel like a huge chunk of it is missing with this book. Where is the build-up? Where is the drama? Things for me feel rushed. I mean...shouldn't Rena have been asking Ricardo about the prick that she felt? I'm disappointed that there weren't more questioned asked or that the author chooses to exclude that from the story. I felt that these missing pieces would have helped to flesh out the story and make it more fulfilling than it is.

As is, while this book is a quick read and enjoyable on its face, it feels unfulfilling for me so I am rating it 3.5 out of 5 stars. The club scene left me confused initially as to the gender of the character speaking, and then some scenes sped by too quickly, not giving me enough and I didn't understand the repeating of an entire chapter. I will say this if you enjoy paranormal romance and quick reads then this book is a good fit for you.

All opinions stated in this review are solely my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

Guilty Photographs Review

Guilty Photographs is a suspense crime thriller by S.I. Taylor will pull you into a story full of danger, violence, and one woman’s desire and journey to break free from the situation that she has found herself in. Please be forewarned, this book is not for everyone. There is some content in this book that some readers will find upsetting, disturbing, or triggering – sexual situations (including rape), violence, and language. So if these things bother you please do not continue reading.

Guilty Photographs is the first book that I have read by S.I. Taylor and I have to say that the author does an excellent job snaring me in from the beginning. The story opens with one of the main characters, Barbara Wolfe, waking up in pain, bloody and wounded, and seemingly alone in an abandoned warehouse. She has no idea how she got there, but she manages to gather her few things and make her way home without incident. Now, my first thought when I read this was that Barbara was a “working girl.” The author soon dissuades me from that thought by giving me Barbara’s “true” profession. She’s a thief, but the incident from last night that found her in the state that she is in from the beginning had nothing to do with a stealing gig.

The author piece by piece reveals that Barbara has been through a lot in her life, but she’s managed to survive it but after last night…she’s determined that enough is enough and it’s time for a change and soon. While Barbara is the primary focus of this book, she is just one of the characters that the author focuses on. There is also Agent McKinley. He makes his appearance with his partner Agent Coolidge when they are called in on a Senator’s murder at his house. Part of me was curious how and when this particular murder was going to tie into Barbara’s situation, but all I needed to be was patient. It happens soon enough and then things begin to come together with a piece at a time.

Barbara, in my opinion, is one of those truly gritty characters. She’s been through so much in her life, but she hasn’t let it break her down to the point where she’s going around feeling sorry for herself. Life has dealt her some hard blows left and right, but instead of letting them destroy her, she chose to adapt as best she could. She doesn’t choose the right path, but she does what she believes at the moment is best. The author transitions back and forth between Barbara and McKinley throughout the book writing in the third person. S.I. Taylor does an excellent job masking the darkness in this book’s characters, but also allowing it to peek through in places to see if the reader will register that small red flag that pops up in certain scenes. As stated above, this book DOES have adult content in it, but the author is considerate of her readers to give us just enough to know what is going on but refrains from going into graphic detail.

While I truly did enjoy this book I have to point out that there are a few editorial errors that apparently were determined to make their way into the final cut of this book. For example, in Chapter 8, when McKinley and Coolidge are investigating the warehouse crime scene there are quotation marks where there should not be any – “Wait, “Who discovered the bodies?” McKinley asked. The next one might just be a personal issue with me, but I felt the scene was a bit confusing. When McKinley and Coolidge go to meet the one informant who would speak with them; the author says that they approached and sat down across from the man. But then a couple paragraphs later the author has them confirm he’s “Mr. Doe” and then ask if they can sit down and doing so after he nods. I guess my question would be…did they change tables? If not, why have them sit once, and then come back and repeat the scene but with more detail? I just felt the whole scene was strange since I felt that the second scene that plays out felt more natural and true to cop behavior in comparison to them going in, seeing their presumed informant, and sitting down immediately. The last error I noticed was in Chapter 13 with a scene between Nixon and Barbara on the road. “Nixon didn’t particularly sounded scared but rather cautious as if warning…” My knee-jerk response was maybe I read it wrong, but after rereading the sentence I was reassured that “sounded” didn’t need that extra “ed” on the end.

My only other complaint about this book is how the title doesn’t tie into the book until almost the end. I’m a bit of a stickler for this, because the way the blurb is written it makes it sound like photos were taken of that night in the warehouse Barbara woke up in and that she finds them and banks on revenge, but that’s not the case. The tie in comes much later in the story and I just wish that it had come sooner.

There is absolutely a lot going on with this book, and the author’s attention to detail makes this book an immersive story. You can picture each scene playing out in your head, feel the strain that the characters experience as they deal with certain situations, and then tension builds as you wonder what will happen next. The twists are absolutely the best part of this book. As I said before, if you’re paying attention, the author gives you little hints here and there.

I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’m simply taking off half a star for the editorial issues and the odd scene. The editorial errors didn’t distract me too much from the storyline itself, but they did manage to catch my eye. The odd scene threw me off a bit, and so because of that I went back and reread it again. I do say this; if you enjoy gripping suspenseful novels then this is a good book to consider picking up. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

All opinions expressed in this review are solely my own and have not been influenced in any way, shape, or form. 

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About Me

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my new blog! My name is Bunny and I'm a bookworm!! Haha! As implied by my blogger name..I LOVE to read! Ever since I was little girl books have been my best friends. If you wanted to find me you could easily go look in the library and I'd be sitting in a corner with my nose in a book. My love of books has not diminished in the least as I have gotten older. I've entertained the idea of writing a blog to share my thoughts on various books that I read, but I've constantly put it off until now. 
I'm sure you're wondering...well, what makes you different from the other book bloggers out there? Well, I think that what makes me different is the variety or spread of books that I read. I read predominantly fiction, but I read a wide range of fiction. I read adventure, fantasy, horror, mystery, paranormal, romance, and more. All of these genres of fiction come with their sub-genres and I love to delve into them and explore their depths. I also read Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) when I am able to as well. For me, these are the most exciting because you are getting a taste before the rest of the world.
I typically read between 2-3 books a week. But on occasion, I'll devour more. Haha! Books aren't my only love and passion. I also love to bake, garden, and stan several K-pop groups so I might mix in a few of those things every now and again. 
If you've read this far I hope that I haven't bored you with my ramblings. Haha! I'm working progress just like my blog, but I hope that you will stop by to check out my reviews as I post them one at a time. 
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