Thursday, July 30, 2020

Dracula's Bride

Dracula’s Bride is the first book in Rebekah R. Ganiere’s Immortal Monsters Series and presents readers with a unique and truly beautiful story that tells the tale of Blue (Dracula) and Mina.

I have always been an avid reader of this particular author’s novels and this book was no exception. The author quickly hooks me in with the way that this story begins. This story begins dark and with a sense of foreboding as Blue is faced with a situation that must be dealt with and quickly. The author builds my anticipation of the story and what is to come with this short beginning. As the story shifts to Mina I can’t help getting a bit of a “Cinderella” vibe from the storyline. Mina lives with her father and her sister and two brothers. The way that they treat her…my heart broke for her.

The author weaves the story expertly as she gives readers bits and pieces of the past and how the family has fallen into the tough times that they are currently experiencing. Mina is such a sweet character, and I love how she rarely complains about the things that she has had to endure. Now her selfish siblings…they needed a good swift kick in the rear. The father intrigued me because I know that he has a story to tell as well, but while this isn’t his story…I’m hopeful that maybe one day we can learn exactly what happened to break him and bring him so low.

I love how the author uses so many familiar names from the Dracula story itself. While I’ve not personally read the original Dracula story the show Supernatural has helped with me being familiar with a few things. LOL! The romance between Mina and Blue is a whirlwind affair. Tensions build and break between the characters, and that makes this book hard to put down. I question Mina a couple of times and wonder…”how long before she becomes a frivolous goose?” Thankfully, that never happens. I absolutely love it when she shows her backbone and stands up to her cruel siblings.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering…was there anything that I didn’t like about the book? Honestly…not really. I’ll admit that I was a bit disappointed that Mina follows Blue when he tells her not to, but I won’t complain about it as it is the building scene that brings the story to a true head. A…final confrontation if you will. I hope that is more of a teaser than a spoiler for readers. LOL! Now, for readers who prefer cleaner paranormal romance novels, this book does have some sexual content in it. But once you hit that moment in the book, you can honestly skip over it and you not worry about missing a crucial scene in the story if that is what you wish.

Now! I will add this…this book does have some brief moments of mental, emotional, and physical assault/abuse. If these are sensitive subjects for you, then I recommend that you might want to skip this book. The moments are brief, but they are there and I know that not everyone wants to read such scenes.

I truly enjoyed this book, and I look forward to the next book in the series and future works by this author. I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you have read books written by this author and enjoyed them then I encourage you to pick this book up and check it out. 



Hunted by Jen L. Grey is the first book in her spin-off Half-Breed Prison duology. If you read this author’s Bloodshed Academy series then I’m sure that you were left with some…or A LOT of questions. Good news! This book takes readers back and deeper! New characters, reunion with familiar characters, and some serious drama! You’re going to want to pick this book up! Trust me!

Hunted is a great addition to Jen L. Grey’s dynamic selection of YA novels. She introduces readers to a new character by the name of Lexy. Lexy is going through some changes, but she doesn’t exactly understand what is going on. But her whole life is about to be changed forever. The author does a fantastic job setting the stage with this book. She puts in enough clues to point readers in the right direction of what is going to be going down, but doesn’t make it so plain that you think “okay, too straight-forward.”

Lexy is an interesting character. I love that we get her and her parents. When the pieces began to fall together I almost squealed with excitement as the picture developed. She’s definitely her parents’ daughter. She’s got a mouth on her, but I’m honestly surprised that I don’t really get annoyed with her until almost the end of the story when she tries to play the reckless hero. She finds herself in a bad situation after a bad situation, but she only backs down when it’s truly necessary to avoid serious drama.

One twist in this book that I will tip-off is this…the romance angle! Boy did my jaw drop. LOL! I initially didn’t see it coming, but then…I honestly started to get my hopes up. Let me just say…the author does NOT disappoint! Things should be REALLY interesting in the next book, and I honestly can’t wait.

I’m trying to think if there is anything that I don’t like about this book and honestly…there isn’t! Okay, near the end there is that one scene where she tries to suddenly play hero when…that really wasn’t the plan. I viewed it as her wanting to take a stupid risk without knowing that the end payout will be in their favor. Especially since she’s the one that the bad guys want.

At the end of the day…this book was one of those hard to put down novels that you just keep page-turning and saying, “just one more page.” I can’t wait for the next book in this series and so I am rating it 5 out of 5 stars. If you read the Bloodshed Academy series and were left with questions and want answers as to what happened to all the half-breeds who were kidnapped and/or disappeared then this book is a must-read!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Reluctant Witch

Meet Brie McAddams, a 16-year-old girl on her way to a new school in a new town. She’d rather go to a regular high school, but she promised her moms that she’d at least try this new place as long as she gets to pick the location. Brie’s real dream? Art school. She doesn’t need magic for art school, but here she is on her way to becoming…a reluctant witch. Her first semester is going to be real interesting.

The Reluctant Witch is the first book in Kristen Walker’s new spin-off series that follows Brie as she makes her way through Santa Cruz Witch Academy. While this book is a spin-off of the Fae of Calaveras Trilogy, it is not necessary that you have read that series in order to understand what is going on with this new series. The author quickly establishes a general sketch of an outline of what has happened for the changes that have occurred in the magic community and why. So readers are able to understand why Brie is going to want to keep a low profile as much as she can at her new school. Her family name is a little too well known in the magic community.

Brie appeals to me in the beginning, because of her introvert personality, but I think that it’s this same thing that ends up dragging the book down a bit. As we all know introverts aren’t the type to be engaging so the storyline is a bit dull and slow in the beginning. After a few chapters things do pick up and get interesting so just hang in there. Brie is hoping to make her own path at this new school, but it seems that even there she can’t really do her own thing. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow when the element that she is assigned is not the one that she was going for, but is one that seems like the choice was influenced by her mama Rosa. For me, it raises the question of…why? Did Brie ever express to her that she enjoyed that particular element and working with it? Or would this be viewed more as “parental influence” where it’s not wanted?

The side characters really help to bring this story to life since Brie isn’t the most animated of main characters. I love her best friend Damian. He is so much fun and I love that he’s not over the top flamboyant, which I was concerned about briefly. But he is perfectly balanced in my opinion and I love it. Gabriella brings the intrigue and the romance for Brie, but the twists at the end…talk about a gut punch. I did not see that coming at all.

Aside from Brie being not the most engaging main character I become disappointed in her when she allows her emotions to drag her down. I understand that this relationship/romance is her first and that there will be some distraction for her, but for things to go as far as they do. Her grades slide and she begins to struggle with her classes and even lashes out at her best friend and a girl who simply wants to be her friend. I was honestly floored by her behavior. She has a lot of emotional build-up, but I’m disappointed in the fact that she lashes out at those who simply want to help her.

All in all, this book has its good moments and its bad moments. It struggles a bit in the beginning, but once it gets going it really is an enjoyable story. This book is more of an upper YA novel so it might not be deemed appropriate for all readers. If a younger teen were to read this book I would just recommend that they take Brie’s behavior in certain moments with a grain of salt. I am rating this book 4 out of 5 stars. Brie has a long way to go at Santa Cruz Witch Academy, but I’m curious to see where her path will take her along with her Fae patron.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Midlife Demon Hunter

Midlife Demon Hunter is the much-anticipated return of Shannon Mayer’s The Forty Proof series. In book three, things pick up where they left off with Breena O’Rylee. She’s currently living in her grandmother’s old house now owned by the fae named Crash, Eric (the bigfoot), Suzy (the siren), Kinkly (the fairy), and Feish (the river maiden). Bree is out a job at the Hollows, but she’s determined to make her own way with her new group of friends. She just has to stay under the radar concerning the debt foisted upon by her sneaky snake of an ex-husband. Things are about to get crazy, as the dark forces in town are about to start taking direct steps toward bringing Bree down and trying to crush her beneath their heel. A “simple” job for a goblin comes along, keep some documents safe for three days. Sounds simple enough right? But honestly…when has anything been simple thus far? Exactly.

Midlife Demon Hunter is an absolute delight to read. The author is truly enjoying writing this series and I love how that shines through with each page that she writes. Bree is older than the average character written these days, but that is what makes me love her more. She’s older but she owns it. The dynamics between the characters are so well done and I promise you’ll be either laughing or choking back laughs if you’re in a place you can’t just let it rip. This book is full of unexpected moments and that helps it stay entertaining and engaging.

I like that we get scenes with the other characters and that the storyline doesn’t completely revolve around trying to create a romance element between Bree and Crash or Bree and Corb. I have to admit…I feel bad for Eric in one scene. I’ll admit that I giggled, but I just wanted to reach through the pages and give him a hug for his troubles. I have to admit that I love that Robert is found in quite a bit of this book. When he becomes more…” animated” it honestly piques my interest in the implications of this. Bree takes so many things in stride and her attitude is just an absolute blast. Another big thing that I have to point out is…the creepy house next door. It’s coming into play more with this book and I loved every second of it.

The author writes in more than a couple of twists with this book. My jaw literally dropped more than once. For those hoping for a bit of romance…and some “fun” with this book…yes. LOL! The author is a class act. She gives readers the opportunity to decide if they want to read the scene or not. I laughed at it, but since I refuse to miss out on a single thing I read on, but for those who prefer to “pass” you can do so and I promise you won’t miss any major parts of the story in doing so. Yes, that is how neatly the author wrote the book. I loved it and found it absolutely funny at the same time.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “Okay, so you liked so much of the book…now, what did you NOT like?” Honestly…the ending. It’s a crazy cliffhanger after a major revelation or two! I literally yowled “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I was NOT okay after that. LOL! I saw it was the end, but I tried to turn the page to read what happened next anyways. Okay, honestly I don’t mind cliffhangers. LOL! They make me anticipate the next book in the series and when you truly enjoy a series like this…the waiting can be nerve-wracking. Lol But I already know that it will be worth it.

I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. This book is a true page-turner and I love that I can tell how much the author is enjoying writing this book and working with Bree and the others as characters. There aren’t any awkward moments, dull moments, or parts that make you want to take a break from reading. This book is evenly paced but before you know it it’s over and you’re drumming your fingers wondering when the next book is coming. If you have read the previous books and enjoyed them as much as I have then I highly recommend that you grab this book and dive in. It’s a great addition and shouldn’t be passed up.

Witchling Academy Semester 7

Witchling Academy Semester 7 is the return to Brianne Harlow’s story as she continues her studies and growth at Witchling Academy with her men, her two “familiars”, and the addition of a new character…all though the crossover will be a brief one. As we have come to expect from this series, the focus will be on the relationship between the characters and the trials that are meant to make them stronger and better prepared for the epic battle that is soon to come.

Witchling Academy began with 16-year-old Brianne Harlow and with each semester she has grown older, stronger, and taken steps to become the woman that she is meant to be as she learns about herself and her hidden past as well. There are some secrets that are revealed in this book, and the author kicks things off with an emotional prologue. I’ll admit that as I was reading the prologue I was pleased with the emotional element that it brought to the story. I was a bit curious as to how it was going to transition into the main story. It both does and doesn’t. It transitions briefly and then the storyline shifts to Bri and Jax. The first main chapter of the story I felt was a bit dull, but then things soon get interesting and my attention is pulled into the story fully again.

There are quite a few enjoyable moments in this story, but I was expecting more than I got when you get down to it. I understand that Bri and Jax are the main focus of the storyline as a whole for all of the books, and while I like that Finnick gets more attention in this book, I’m wanting it to be more balanced since they are all supposed to be in a relationship together. We get brief glimpses here and there between the others, but they aren’t as in-depth as I’d like so that we can experience their struggles. I will say this, I love that the familiars got more attention in this book. They have more than just a few supporting scenes. A couple of times Fuwa has a couple of real scenes of where he’s more than just there to do a task requested of him. I like that the author gives him multiple scenes with different forms depending on what is needed.

The biggest drawback for me concerning this book happens early in the book after the first couple of chapters. The characters are older teens at the youngest, so when they start using what I classify as “childish” language it makes me raise an eyebrow out of annoyance. Bri inquiries about having a “threesome” with Jax and Connor, but then she doesn’t know what a threesome is? After her being literally schooled by Miya and Mia in at least one previous book? It’s a stretch for me. Now, yes, the author tries to explain later on, but it just doesn’t flow for me. Plus, “winky dink”? Ummm…what? What 19-year-old and older honestly say “winky dink”? They are more than comfortable saying “dick” so why start using such a childish term that I associate more with a 10-year-old at best? Bri is not as innocent as she is not playing at being, so I think that aspect is pretty much played out at this point.

If you are wondering/worrying if this book ends on a cliffhanger…it really does not. The author sets the stage that something big is coming with the next book, so that is something to look forward to, but it’s not a really satisfying ending for me. I’m honestly hoping that the next book will have more balance between the characters since it is supposed to be the final book in this series, but we’ll see what ultimately happens.

At the end of the day, I did enjoy reading this book overall. There isn’t a lot of “academy” in this book, but there are a few exciting elements that show that the Darkness is ramping things up on their end. I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’m taking off half a star for the childish language and behavior in this book. The one odd scene is early in the book, and thankfully the childish language is scattered throughout, but not too heavily used. If you have enjoyed this series up to this point then I’m sure you won’t want to miss what happens next.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero is the first book in Rick Riordan’s new spin-off series, Heroes of Olympus. New characters are introduced as a new enemy surfaces intent on destroying the gods and readers are reunited with some familiar characters as well. One, in particular, is missing, but there is a reason for it as the author will reveal in time. The three new characters – Jason, Leo, and Piper are one part of the equation of heroes who must come and work together if they are to survive the coming fight.

The Lost Hero is a fascinating story that pulls readers in from the beginning. This book’s chapters alternate between the three main characters – Jason, Leo, and Piper as each of their stories is revealed piece by piece. Jason finds himself mysteriously in a bus in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of rowdy kids. He has no idea who he is or where he is. A girl next to him says that his name is Jason and that they are dating. He has no memory of it. Everything feels strange and wrong and things are only going to get weirder. His best friend Leo has a thing with tools. He’s crazy talented and can create lots of things, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Piper believes she and Jason are in a relationship but are they really? She’s pretty good at persuading people to get things, but she does it simply to get her movie star dad’s attention. But now...she’s having dreams that he’s in danger. Something evil wants her to betray her friends in order to save his life in exchange. Jason needs answers, but they all need help.

I have to admit that when I realized that there was a spin-off series from the original Percy Jackson series I was excited to grab this book up as was my daughter. We were both eager to see what this author had conjured up and how it would all connect. I mean, the Titans had been defeated and locked away, so what new evil could there be? I love that the author takes things in a familiar direction, but with a new twist. It gives readers something just familiar enough to pique their interest with enough to grab them and pull them all the way in. New monsters, new gods, and new challenges to overcome. The questions arise – who is Jason? I mean...really? Who is he? Zeus claims him as his own, but it’s supposed to be that Zeus, in the previous series, vowed to have no more children. So how? The questions that plagued my mind are part of what pushed me to dive deeper into this book.

The storyline itself is good and kept me page-turning. The characters themselves are okay, but they are...a bit...I guess I’d call it...unstable. The author writes them as teenagers, but at times...for me, they act younger than teens. Occasionally they act more mature, but those moments are typically brief. This book is classified as suitable for older children and teens. In my opinion, this book is more appropriate for teens than older children. I say that because the author focuses a lot on Piper’s attraction and interest to Jason and then vice versa as well, but more so with Piper. I have to admit that I found it a bit annoying at times. I didn’t want Piper to be so heavily focused on “how cute Jason is” or “how good he looked wearing whatever.” Yes, he does it, too, but not as much and I don’t like how often it happens because it makes it seem like that is mostly Piper’s focus other than saving her dad.

Another instance is when Piper reveals her “secret”. She expects the guys to be upset with her, but they just act like it’s nothing. I know fully that this book is fiction, but the best types of fiction are the ones that give readers some realism as well. That particular situation...had little to no realism. The expectation arises that they should be upset with her on some level, but for them to just shrug it off? Not even a little. There are a couple of other scenes that I felt were played down a bit when they could have been enhanced more. Also, I’m curious as to what happened to a certain character who has a brief appearance in the beginning but never shows up again. Are they going to make an appearance in the next book or a future one?

This book is packed with lots of characters both familiar and new, thrilling situations, a new enemy, and some new gods as well. This book is a fun story to read, but I don’t feel that it’s totally appropriate for those who are younger than 13. It gets a bit heavy-handed, in my opinion, in the teen romance angle in comparison to the Percy Jackson stories in the beginning. I’m going to continue the series, but I’ll be doing a perusal before reading them further to my 10-year-old as bedtime stories. If you enjoyed the Percy Jackson series and are looking to check this series out then I highly encourage you to do so. Thrills and adventure await as an old being begins to awaken and threatens the world and all who call it home.

Tracker Hive Academy Semester 4

Tracker Hive Academy is back and this book is one roller coaster of a ride! Avery Song really has hit her stride with this book and I couldn’t put it down. Things that I complained about in previous books are practically non-existent in this book and I couldn’t be happier. The characters have really matured in this addition to the series and I love it.

This book begins with a prologue that had me a bit confused in the beginning, because I didn’t really know where the author was going with it. Quickly enough the author transitions the story and things kick into high gear. I was eager to learn what was going to happen next and this book quickly became hard to put down. I absolutely wanted to know what was going to happen next and the author does not disappoint. An epic battle ensues and you can absolutely expect a couple of crossovers as well from other series as they begin to all tie together. I can’t wait for when the stories all come together for what I know is going to be an epic battle. I honestly can’t wait and I’m super excited. Now, the scenes with the crossovers are short, but they just build the anticipation for the rest. I’ll probably implode from excitement when everything ultimately comes together.

There is a LOT going on in this book. The author throws in a lot of twists, turns, secrets, surprises, and revelations as well. You barely get a chance to relax before something else is coming up to keep you on your toes. Now, I have to say this...there are a couple of elements in this book that I’m not too sure how some readers will take to. One of the characters has kept a secret for a while now, but that secret is coming to light and will be exposed. My interest was piqued by it because I was curious as to what direction the author was going to take this whole situation. Honestly, though, the scenario isn’t dragged out. It has a couple of moments in the story overall and then it’s played out.

I have to admit though, there is one scene that I felt ended up falling flat. The author builds things up and creates this expectation that something big is going to happen only for the whole scene to just...fizzle out in my opinion. I was expecting a big moment...a struggle...for things to be pushed to the edge or at least a twist, but things play out...perfectly. I honestly felt let down, because why build things up to make it sound like things could go wrong? There is a bit of danger, but nothing like how the build-up made it seem like. The author is great at creating anticipation of a scene that is coming, but this one ends up coming off as phoned in and unfinished.

This book gives us so many different perspectives and all I can say is that I wish that there had been more for certain characters. I do like that we get more of Calvin in this book, but I hope that we get more of Lisette in the future books. I feel like she was more of a side character in this book than a part of the group like she should be.

Prepare yourself for a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to read what happens next in the book coming later this year. Things are really getting intense and I know that the next book is going to be truly exciting. Jade is getting stronger and I love that her elements are reflecting that as well. I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. The characters are more mature, things are really coming along, and the next book promises to be truly epic. If you have read the previous books in this series and want to learn what happens next then I highly recommend you grab this book and dive in.

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Darkbeam Blog Tour

Title: Darkbeam Part III

Series: Beam Series

Author: Adrienne Woods

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: Page count: 583


Publication Date: 23rd June 2020

Publishers: Fire Quill Publishers


The Third part in the Darkbeam Novels: The Rubicon's Story.

Blake Leaf is fighting against the Dent. He truly believes that the Dent is an enslavement spell. One where he would lose himself and that the bond is not natural. He takes extreme measures with the help of Sam and Dimitri, a very dark sorcerer, that might cost him his life, if he caves.

Darkbeam is the Rubicon's story and also part of the Spin off series from the INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING SERIES The Dragonian Series.

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The next day Elena felt lighter.

It was her birthday. I still didn’t care, but what choice did I have?

I hadn’t even Dented. The fucking spell was trying to suck me in, forcing me into what it wanted me to become.

Maybe George hadn’t been strong enough to fight it. Maybe he’d had Becky’s yapping in his mind and gave in. Well, I wasn’t some fucking Moon-Bolt who didn’t have the balls to fight.

I would break the spell. Whoever had come up with it would learn they’d made a mistake trying to control dragons.

I’m the Alpha. I won’t go down like that.

Until then, I had to endure every fucking moment of her rescue. Luckily, my father came through. He got her away from Stan and back with friends.

Her happiness clashed with my darkness, and their reunion made me shudder. It felt as if I would throw up, and I wasn’t even near her. My body felt wrong.

I tried to push her thoughts away and get my fucking life back. With effort, and some killer headaches, her yapping became more dull, like whispers.

It was bearable.

I could still see the events taking place in Elena’s life. It was exhausting.

I wasn’t giving in though. I’d fight until the bitter end.

* * *

I woke up just after lunch. Her voice was ringing inside my head, like an alarm clock I couldn’t snooze. 

At least she was having fun and not whining. She was riding jet-skis with Emanual, King Helmut’s dragon. She was sitting behind him, with her arms wrapped around his waist. She felt conflicted. She was happy, but it was more than that.

I laughed as I realized what it was.

She was attracted to Emanual’s human form.

Better him than me.

I tuned in.

“It’s like flying,” she said, the jet-ski speeding through the water.

What did she know about flying? As I remember, she was scared of heights when she became a dragon.

“I forgot to ask you. How did it feel to be a dragon?” Emanual asked.

“Don’t. I miss it more than anything in this world.”

Had she embraced her dragon side? When? Why couldn’t I remember?


Adrienne Woods is a USA Today Bestselling author, living in South Africa.

She’s been in love with books all her life and knew at the age of 13 that she is going to be a writer one day.

That dream happened ten years ago and she started to pen her stories down on paper. Firebolt, her debut novel, were released 4 years after that, and she hasn’t stop since.

Now she almost have 15 novels under her belt, and it doesn’t look like she is going to stop soon.

To find out more about Adrienne and her books, please visit her website at








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Year Three: Bloodshed Academy

Year Three is the much desired third book Jen L. Grey’s Bloodshed Academy series. This book brings readers the next piece of the story that we have been eagerly anticipating. Things are progressing in Raven’s life with Rage, but the Elites are quiet right now…but not gone. The next stage in Bloodshed Academy is coming for Raven – the Culling. The pressure is on for Raven on all sides. No matter what happens next Raven’s life is about to be changed forever.

Year Three: Bloodshed Academy is the best book in the series in my opinion. Where book two focuses mostly on Raven’s relationship with Rage, book three gives me the storyline that I was hoping for and more. Rage and Raven continues to move forward in their relationship and begins to deal with the secrets that swirl all around them. They are still a part of The Elites, and they have to stay in “good graces” so that they aren’t suspected in their part of keeping a hybrid from being taken. Things are going well for a minute, but then a twist or two is thrown their way and things begin to escalate from there.

Piece by piece the author brings this story together and it is truly hard to put down. While some aspects of the story are predictable, I enjoy the drama that kicks up and the humor sprinkled throughout. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE Cole. On more than one occasion I had to choke back laughs at his antics. He is a refreshing and enjoyable change from the usual vampire character that most authors give us. I appreciate that he and Jess get some attention to their relationship as well in this book. This book focuses more on all of the characters and that it is something I truly like.

The author raises some questions though throughout. It seems that there are some things going on with a couple of the characters and I’m honestly curious as to how that is going to play out. Is it going somewhere? Is there going to be some drama down the road? Or is this a one-time thing/slip? I can’t give specifics as it would kinda spoil the book/scene, but you’ll understand when you read it.

This book has a couple of “steamy” moments between Raven and Rage, but it honestly feels like there are some parts missing to it. The first especially feels a bit rushed and…what happened to her pants? Rage takes everything off, but her pants…do they just…disappear? It just feels like a bit of oversight. I’ll admit that I’m a bit disappointed that Raven doesn’t try to reach out to her parents to resolve things, but it honestly goes both ways. The author reveals all near the end, but how it all goes down between them.

I really did enjoy this book and it kept me page-turning as piece by piece things come together and Raven learns just how deep they are in this mess. Powers are at war, and I can’t wait for more from this author in connection to this series. Things are really getting good and I like that they have reached the stage of “trust no one outside the group.” I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A great addition to the series.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Shattered Princess

Shattered Princess is the first book in Avery Song’s and Veronica Agnus’ new supernatural spin-off series. These two authors combine forces yet again to give readers a fast-paced engaging story that introduces readers to Castalia – a dragon fae hybrid. Castalia’s first few years of life are far from the type that should be true for a young child, but an act of love for one how stood by her when she was at her loneliest moments will take her to a new realm and open new doors that she would have never thought possible. As she grows she will learn more about herself and the potential future that lies ahead. She will learn about the dangers that lurk around every corner for those who are deemed a threat to another’s quest for power and how she must fight to survive it all.

Shattered Princess is one of those books that quickly grabbed my attention and had me page-turning to the end. When I had to put this book down…I was most reluctant to do so because that’s just how much the authors captivated me. I love that I get to have Castalia has a young child at the beginning of this book. For me, it helps to set the stage for how she grows to be who she is as a teenager and then as an “adult” later on. I say “adult” because we all know that just because you reach the “age of adulthood” doesn’t automatically mean you are an “adult.” Just like “age of consent” doesn’t automatically mean you should go jumping off into bed with someone because you are now “of age.”

I should probably say at this point…this book probably won’t be for everyone. Even for those who love paranormal romances and enjoy these paranormal prison books, there may be some…unpleasant elements to this book that they will struggle with. Castalia endures a lot as a small child and one of the early characters makes it quite clear that they had darker intentions in mind when it comes to young Castalia. It’s mentioned throughout the story in different places so it’s not like readers can just read it one place, skip that part, and then it’s over.

There are a couple of time skips in this story, but I don’t mind as I know that it would have dragged the storyline down to have to read about her development years between six and 16 and then again between 16 and 18 years old. Overall, I enjoy Castalia as a character. She’s engaging and quite a bit of fun. The other characters – Cerberus, Loki, and Lucifer all pique my interest as well. While Loki is supposed to be the “main” love interest at the moment, I feel that he’s a bit lost in the storyline. I expected him to be mentioned more than he is, so sometimes I lose focus of him. Cerberus really reminds me of Hellsin from another Avery Song’s series. Hellsin is a mixed back for me, but Cerberus I gravitate more towards. He seems more fun and less…of that controlling, territorial vibe that Hellsin gives off.

I truly enjoyed this book, but it’s not without its personal drawbacks for me. I’m probably old-school for this, but a six-year-old talking about the age of consent to have sex and how at 16 it’s almost literally impossible for them to not have sex…it just comes off wrong/inappropriate for me. She’s a child. I know she’s been through a lot, but it just seems wrong for her to be saying something like that. The other thing that I didn’t really like was when she, in my opinion, goes to have a tantrum when she meets a certain character. I get that she was upset, but the outburst was 1) predictable (the characters tend to do so in each series) and 2) I felt it was childish. She asks for an explanation, and when one is attempted to be offered she screams over the other person, refuses to listen, then storms off. I was disappointed with her “sorry” when she learns the truth. “Sorry” really doesn’t cut it for an apology.

As I said earlier, I truly did enjoy this book and while I had some personal issues with the storyline and the characters, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story. I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are an avid fan/reader of these two authors then I highly encourage you to pick this book up. If you are sensitive to certain subjects that can be triggering then say either proceed with caution or pass on this book. The choice is yours. There is no true act of anything happening, but the suggestion of an attempt is there. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series as a variety of new characters make an appearance at the end and you can just tell that things are going to get really good. 

Darkness Deceives

Darkness Deceives is the second book in Katie May’s and Loxley Savage’s Afterworld Academy series and the story continue with Hadley and her quadruplet’s fight against the Darkness that is attacking the souls of the Academy and stealing their essences. Except now, Hadley herself has become possessed by the Darkness and now the guys must embark on a fight to get her back. But are they ready for the secrets and truths that will be revealed piece by piece? Can they handle the truth of what it is that they will learn about Hadley herself and the very thing that has taken her? There is a darker evil at the Academy…and it’s out for revenge.

Darkness Deceives has been a long time coming for its follow up to Katie May and Loxley Savage’s first book in this series. The prologue in this book helps remind readers of what last transpired in the first book, and then shifts forward into the storyline as a whole as readers find out that Hadley has no idea as to what is transpiring “outside.” Piece by piece the story comes together as Hadley begins to realize that something isn’t quite right. The guys are scrambling to find her and figure out exactly what has happened to her so that they can free her from the Darkness. The story that is embedded in this story is what truly pulls me along. The authors fascinated me with the backstory that is woven into this book that elevates it as a whole. It’s an unexpected twist after unexpected twist that makes you crave to know the truth of it all.

This story is both beautiful and tragic as it is revealed page by page. The authors show us that there is more than meets the eye and that not everything is what it seems. I loved it! I love the misdirection in a couple of scenes as well. The authors have a surprise twist that catches me off guard but seems like I should have seen it on a level. LOL! I love that the authors keep me guessing though when they drop subtle hints here and there as well.

As promised, this book has several steamy scenes mixed in. I’ll admit that I felt that one scene was a bit out of place, and then I expected the brothers to come and interrupt it as well. LOL! I appreciate that the authors clearly state in the foreword that this book does have mentions of cancer sprinkled here and there, so if cancer is an upsetting subject for you then I recommend that you skip reading this book.

My only issues with this book are pretty much…the guys themselves. Since it’s been awhile since the first book was published I struggled to remember who was who in the quad. I kept getting them mixed up. My biggest mix up was Karston and Preston. I kept thinking that clumsy Preston is the ghost and Karston is the reaper. It just seems to suit them better in my opinion, so I had to shrug when I realized who was actually whom. Then when Hadley is trying to explain some things to them they snap at her and are all huffy. I didn’t like it because I felt like they were taking their frustrations out on her when she’s the one who’s been dealing with this twist the most out of all of them. It creates a stressor in the group, but ultimately doesn’t/isn’t allowed to fully play out.

All in all, I am rating this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. There isn’t much to dislike about this book. The storyline is engaging and I love all of the backstory and revelation that we get with the characters and from the authors. If you have read the first book and enjoyed it then I highly recommend you grab this book and dive in.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Curse of Seduction

Curse of Seduction: Dark Princes of Purgatory is the first book C.R. Robertson’s newest steamy paranormal romance series. In this book, the author takes readers on a journey into Purgatory where four dark princes are cursed and bound to a queen who craves total control and will do anything and everything in her power to have it. This story focuses on Ezekiel, an incubus prince, who is the focus of the Blood Queen’s attentions. He has resisted her for over 200 years. His curse, while it brings him no physical pain, brings him mental anguish at the cost it exacts on those that he feeds from. His world is changed forever when his eyes meet those of a young vampire named Ilana. She’s never been able to stomach the touch of another man throughout her life nor feed like a true vampire, but all of that is about to change. Fate has stepped in and war, love, and change are at hand.

Curse of Seduction is one of the best books that I have read by this author! The author expertly and beautifully sets the stage with the prologue of this book to pique the reader’s interest in the characters and each of their stories in turn! This book focuses on Ezekiel and Ilana. Ezekiel, a cursed incubus prince, and Ilana a vampire hybrid with a secret that even she doesn’t know about! (Are you interested yet?!)  The author is quick to give readers a villain that they will absolutely despise more and more as the story goes on and they learn more about the twisted queen. There is more than one character to despise though as the author shows another character that brings rot to the family name.

Once you start reading this book, it quickly becomes one of those “hard to put down” ones. There are some twists, turns, surprises, and even a couple of spoilers. As this book is a paranormal romance, there are several steamy scenes scattered throughout. Now, for readers who are concerned about things…” going too far” or getting too much detail…the author doesn’t get too graphic with the scenes. My only complaint really is the few spoilers at the end of the story in the epilogue. I understand the point of the epilogue as it gives readers a glimpse into the future and what their lives are like, but it also reveals things to come. I know that we all know that it’s going to happen eventually, but the fun is waiting on what’s to come.

I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. This author brings an engaging storyline that hooks readers from the beginning. A unique vampire who is going to change everything in Purgatory by simply existing and uncovering a secret that her family has kept hidden for years. The time for all to be revealed has come and the time to fight is now. If you enjoy paranormal romance novels then this is a book that I recommend. I can’t wait for the next installment that will tell Raegel and Agatha’s story.