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Grave-Reaping Guardian Review Spotlight

We're celebrating the release of Grave-Reaping Guardian by Everlyn C. Thompson! Read on for more details!

Ready to continue Theo's story? Well, then get excited! Because our former human, now turned fae is 
back and things...well, things haven't really improved for her per se, but hey! She's making some progress! Unfortunately, someONE or rather...someTHING (?) is being a "blocker" when it comes to her romantic aspirations, but hang in there...things begin to shift...just a little. LOL! 

Theo has shown quite a lot of development over the series to this point and its been quite a fun ride. In book one readers found Theo just looking to take time for herself, but that peace kept on being interrupted by a couple of men and a "dog" who just viewed themselves as "keeping an eye" on her. Well, thankfully, for her, LOL! Things have leveled out more or less. Things are progressing with her new love interest, but is there potentially more on the horizon? Hmmm...guess we'll have to wait and see. 

Author Everlyn C. Thompson writes an engaging story that takes you on a fun ride as you follow along with Theo's story. She's still acclimating to her powers, (which is no easy thing), but of course, one can expect that time isn't waiting for her to get everything under control. 

The characters in this story are absolutely engaging. There was a moment here and there where someone rubbed our fur the wrong way, but the author knew exactly how to draw us back in and keep us coming back for more. Want some steamy? Good news! There is a scene (or two LOL) tucked in here for your viewing pleasure. 

One thing is for sure - between the evil fae queen (no love lost there), locating a missing castle...picturing Howl? We were! That must have been a lot of fun tracking down! LOL! And yes, taming a dragon king...special care was made to avoid being roasted with ketchup, this book brings a lot to the table and leaves the door open for more. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Everlyn C. Thompson, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! 

                                    Grave-Reaping Guardian (Grave Reaper Series Book 3)

Publication Date: March 25, 2024

Genre: Urban Fantasy

⭐ Curvy FMC
Forced Proximity
Family Found
One Bed
Touch Her &
Fae Guardians
Surly Vampires
Homeless Shifters
Broken Ghosts
Evil Fae Queen

When the gate between Earth and Fairie blows up and traps Theodora Edwards in the mystical realm, she must work together with her guardian and the dark prince to locate and safeguard a magical key that powers the Light Court. While learning to properly use her fae magic, Theo is forced to fend off an abduction attempt by wraiths, locate a missing castle, tame a dragon king, and have a friendly chat with the dead queen.
But with all of Theo’s efforts going toward protecting those she loves, she struggles to find time to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship—and the insecurities that come with it.

Content Warnings:

The themes and tropes explored in this book include a curvy FMC with low self-esteem regarding her body. If you find self body-shaming triggering, this series probably isn’t for you. If you find the subject of infertility triggering, again, this series probably isn’t for you. The intimate scenes (books 1 & 3) are intended for 18+.

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About the Author

Born and raised on the beautiful Canadian prairies, Everlyn prefers to spend her time outdoors with her family kayaking, skating, fishing, and hunting. She loves reading and writing about vampires, witches, fae and zombies that get to find their own version of happily ever after.

Everlyn C. Thompson

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A Cursed Son Review Spotlight

We're thrilled to share this Kickstarter campaign with you all this week. If funded, this beautiful special edition complete with digital sprayed edges, foiled case laminate, full color endpapers, and double sided dust jackets, will be available to readers and collectors!

A Cursed Son is the first book Day Leitao's Remnants of the Fallen Kingdom series, and fans of author Leitao's are not going to want to miss out on this book and budding series. 

The first thing that is going to draw readers is in that gorgeous cover. It's absolutely stunning! Imagine having that on your bookshelf! Makes you want to drool, right? LOL! Well, then we recommend that you jump on that Kickstarter (link below) and don't pass up the opportunity for it! 

Astra is the main character in A Cursed Son, she's a trained decoy for the princess. All Astra wants is to be able to get out and show her worth. But due to what she is...that is deemed a rather dangerous path for her. But hey...when she sets her mind to a particular path...she won't be dissuaded. Wait until you read what she does. 

Things don't go as planned, but they do make for an interesting scenario that she finds herself in. She gets the assignment she was gunning for, unfortunately, her companion is not who she was hoping for. Things get really interesting though when they get "abandoned" on a journey and the "disgraced" prince is the one who "attacks" them. He's looking for something...but what. 

It's more than a little humorous when he tries to access Astra's mind looking for something and all he sees is...what her mind conjures up. It's embarrassing, but kinda funny, too. 

While Astra is the main focus of the story, you get the sense from the other girls that she serves with that they wish for more. But is it at all possible when their lives are dedicated to the crown? Astra makes for an interesting character who will draw you in along with her "dream lover." 

The Cursed Son is just the beginning for this series, and promises quite a lot more to come. It will be interesting to see where the author takes things from here. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Day Leitao, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what comes next! 

                                    A Cursed Son (Remnants of the Fallen Kingdom Book 1)

Publication Date: March 26th

Genre: Adult Romantic Fantasy

๐Ÿ’Arranged Marriage
๐Ÿ’€Scary Cinnamon Roll MMC
๐Ÿ—ฃ️Snarky Banter
๐Ÿ’คDream Connection
Elemental Magic

Romantic & sexy dreams link a false princess to a dangerous, disgraced fae prince in this fun, steamy enemies-to-lovers romantasy.

In her dreams, he envelops her in love. In real life, he imprisons her in ice.

Assassin, liar, impersonator—dreamer.

As a royal decoy, trained to replace the Krastel princess even in a political marriage, Astra’s life is not her own. With a duty like that, how can she dream about love?

And yet she knows she has a kindred soul. She can feel his presence every night, holding her in his arms, surrounding her with his warmth.

But ice-cold reality crashes in when Astra’s carriage is attacked by the Crystal Court’s disgraced prince. Banished for heinous crimes and armed with powerful stolen relics, he’s a wielder of mighty magic and can even infiltrate minds.

It turns out that he is the man in her dreams.

And this is about to get very, very awkward.



About the Author

Day Leitao loves stories with humor, magic, and heart!

Want free e-books, news, and more perks? Sign up for her mailing list at:

Connect with her on Instagram at @day_leitao


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Heroes of the Empire: The General Review Spotlight


We are thrilled to share the second epic installment in the Heroes of the Empire series, The General by Israh Azizi!

Heroes of the Empire series by Israh Azizi is BAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!! Get excited people! Because when we saw the opportunity to dive back into this series...we POUNCED!! We were so excited to come back and find out what happens next we couldn't pass up this opportunity. If you haven't read The Cavalier (book 1) you are missing out! 

Heroes of the Empire continues with the General. Who is the general? Well, you'll just have to read this book (preferably after book 1) to find out! Because our lips...are sealed! LOL! 

So! Who's back? Everyone who didn't die in book one! Or are they? Will there be twists concerning characters you maaaay have thought went on to the "great beyond" in book one? Maybe...maybe not! One thing is for sure that your jaw is going to be on the floor more than once with this book, so brace yourself and buckle up! 

True to form, author Azizi continues with the multiple POV with this series. Each character gets their own chapter, but you just never know who the story is going to shift to. Book two picks up where book one left off with chaos erupting everywhere. Fighting in the castle, lives at stake, and the King's life...under immediate threat. Characters are still manipulating each other, but one's secret...yep...about to come to light. For how long will this "threat" be hung over their head? 

Mordon...everything that he has believed all his life? It's about to be ripped away from him and crushed under heel. Brace yourself for revelations that will leave you doing double takes. If you haven't had much sympathy for will after reading this. But the author has quite a bit in store for this character. There is more to him than meets the eye, so when his chapters pop close attention!

Coralie, Natassa, and Kasdeya (the real one) each have pivotal parts to play in this book. Coralie is trying to save her people. Natassa is struggling with what path she is meant to take in life and Kasdeya...all we have to say is watch out for that particular viper. 

The General is packed with so much drama and it is as much of a page-turner as book one was. Once you start reading this book...good luck putting it down because you won't want to. Our advice? Schedule yourself a long weekend, kick everyone out, grab snacks and drinks and settle in in a comfy spot. LOL! This book is absolutely worth it! 

The only question that you're going to have when this book ends is...when is book three coming?! We need it now. Like right now, right now. LOL! The General is a fantastic addition to the Heroes of the Empire series, and we just know that you will be as eagerly excited for book three as we are. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much to the author, Israh Azizi, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next!

                                            The General (Heroes of the Empire Book 2)

Publication Date: November 2023

Genre: YA Fantasy/ Epic Fantasy


Mordon dedicated his life to his father; his only dream was to prove himself worthy of Verin's general. But with the ruthless Tariqin attack comes a brutal awakening. Captured by enemy forces and dragged into a war camp full of the people he was trained to kill, his hopes of proving himself worthy are dashed to pieces. When the enemy offers him a chance for a grand future, he's faced with a test that stretches him beyond his limits.

Coralie's burden has never been heavier. After the Dark Lord Prolus's recent assault and her uncle's declining health, it is up to her to keep her kingdom together. The inevitable return of the Tariqin army lurks at their doorstep and her time is running short. Coralie turns to the newest residents of Verintown for assistance. Branded traitors and hated by many in the castle, they may very well be her downfall. Using their pledge for change in her favor, she tasks them with a mission most would consider a death sentence.

Two determined warriors separated by a river of blood. Mordon must risk everything to become the man he yearns to be, and Coralie must fight to become the queen she was born to be.


About the Author

Israh Azizi resides in the land of ten thousand lakes with her family and five cats. Since she was a little girl she has been a lover of words and fanciful tales. It was her dream to one day share a story of her own with the world. With sheer determination, lots of love, and a decent amount of caffeine, she managed to make that dream come true. Besides reading and writing, she has a dizzying number of hobbies, some of which include bossing around her younger siblings, experimenting with new baking recipes, and playing board games with her family and close friends. When life’s plot twists don’t cross her path and her fingers aren’t dancing across the keyboard building a fantastical adventure, she can usually be found in a quiet corner with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee.

Israh Azizi

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The Crown of Wyvern's Flame Review Spotlight


We are celebrating the release of The Crown of Wyvern's Flame this week, and highly recommend this beauty as your next read!

 The Crown of Wyvern’s Flame continues the thrill ride of a series that is the Forbidden Heir Trilogy. Elianna has found herself in quite the predicament with being captured and returned back to the castle. Her mate? Left behind to die. Elianna’s secret is quickly coming to light, but what will that mean for her and her future? Will she be put to death? Or will her former claimed throw a wrench in everything with his own sadistic plans?

The first thing that catches your eye concerning this book’s cover? The black wings with the crown sitting center stage engulfed in flames. Is this a teasing prelude as to what readers can expect concerning this book? Is it symbolic of the crown that someone will wear? Lots of questions will plague you, but the only way to get any answers? Dive into this book and find out for yourself!

The Crown of Wyvern’s Flame is an absolute thrill ride of a story. Elianna is literally fighting for her life. Kellan is quick to learn her secret of who she truly is and hatches his own plans to use her to his own selfish gains. With the king gone, the queen is hellbent on rushing her son, Kai, onto the throne so that he can rule. But things are far from going to go smoothly for anyone involved in this twisted tangle of deceit and danger. Brace yourself...this book is going to be one hell of a wild ride.

Book two is a race against the clock and will have you on the edge of your seat. You’re going to constantly wondering...will someone come to Elianna’s rescue? Will Kai be crowned king? Will Kellan be able to enact his own twisted plans for Elianna? Will the truth finally come out as to what has been happening to the king?

The simple answer to all of those questions? Well, you’re just going to have read the book! If you haven’t read the first book in this series, then you are seriously missing out on everything that is going on. Because reading book one is essential to understanding the mentality of all the characters in this series.

Readers who love getting an “eye-full” concerning the bad guy will absolutely love this series and this latest installment. Kellan lives up to the bad guy every step of the way. In this book we get a quick glimpse into the queen’s mind, and a hint at something that some may have guessed at is going on.

Secrets are being revealed all over the place and a prophecy spoken in book one comes back to be repeated in book two. What is the meaning of it? We know a couple pieces here and there, but the rest is still shrouded in mystery. Well, don’t worry because the author takes the time to lay it all out for us. Good thing too because in a couple of places...we were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy off! LOL!

The Crown of Wyvern’s Flame is a serious page-turner of a novel. You are NOT going to want to miss out on this book or the series as a whole. Why? Because we finally get more than just a taste of the Wyvern!! Talk about thrill ride!! Yes! Total score! LOL! Does the wyvern aka Nox become a central character? No, but he is important and it’s nice that he’s going to be getting moments in the spotlight.

This complete and utterly delicious chaos. From beginning to end author Emilia Jae takes readers on a whirlwind of a ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is packed with romance, drama, death, a touch of horror, sadness and so much more. The second half of this book gives you a taste of the fight that is to come...and war is coming.

Readers who love...not a “good” fantasy novel, but a FANTASTIC fantasy novel...this one’s for you. Of course, that is just this humble reader’s opinion. We can only say...grab your copy of this series and decide for yourself. You’ll be hard-pressed to put this book down.

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Emilia Jae, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next!  

                            The Crown of Wyvern's Flame (The Forbidden Heir Trilogy Book 2)

Publication Date: March 26, 2024

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

❤️‍๐Ÿ”ฅ Fated mates
๐Ÿ—ก️ Touch her or him & you ๐Ÿ’€
๐Ÿ”ฎ Dark sorcery / Shadow mommy
๐Ÿ—️ Kingdom rebellion
⚔️ Fae & human war
๐Ÿ‰ Dragons / Mythical creatures
๐Ÿ—ฃ️ Fun modernized banter
๐Ÿค Found family
๐Ÿฉธ Feminine rage / Revenge

To save her kingdom, she must ally herself with a rising rebellion, a powerful sorceress, and master the force of a wyvern's inferno…

Lia and Jace have found an unexpected love in each other that spans across enemy lines, and with it, the means to end the fae and human war. That is, until Lia is kidnapped, Jace is injured, and hope has never seemed so far out of reach.

Now suffering the torturous hands of her cruel brother in the Islan dungeons, Lia must find a way to escape, all while dodging her ex-lover's plans to take her and the throne for himself.

Meanwhile, across the continent, Jace is forced to recover from his near-fatal wound. Separated from the female he loves, he's desperate to prepare his army for the battles ahead.

Except, as a mounting rebellion and civil unrest grows within the kingdom—aided by old friends and powerful magic—so do their enemies. Their fight is far from over, and with their world and those they love in jeopardy, they have everything to save—and everything to lose.

Return to the world of Velyra in this captivating sequel of sweeping adventure, high stakes, and a romance that spans across lands, time, and a deadly war.

Throne of Glass meets House of the Dragon.

The Forbidden Heir Trilogy is a fun and chaotic new take on fantasy, featuring enemies-to-lovers, fun modernized banter, dragons, dark sorcery, heartache, and adventure. This is written in multiple, 1st person POV, including the villains, and is a character-driven romantic fantasy. The story will be enjoyed by lovers of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Carissa Broadbent.


About the Author

Emilia has been in love with disassociating through fantasy realms her entire life. She was born and raised in scenic New England, and when she isn't cuddled up with a good book, or writing her own, you can find her playing with her dog, or being the chaotic human that she is with her loved ones. Emilia is a Pisces, Hufflepuff, and INFJ.


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Severance of the Sorcerer Review Spotlight


The Lost Wells Trilogy is complete! 

We're touring Severance of the Sorcerer and now you can read all 3 books without waiting!

 Severance of the Sorcerer continues the story of the Lost Wells Trilogy and brings this trilogy to an epic end. This fantasy novel brings a lot of drama to the storyline, before it all comes together in an ending that readers just wont expect.

Severance of the Sorcerer begins the story with Ronan in 2019 AD. He’s alone. He’s struggling and he’s looking for answers. He’s looking for something anything that can help him. He’s looking for a specific cave where he believes that answers will be found. While he doesn’t find exactly what he’s looking for what he gets is something truly important. A prophecy. What does it mean? Where will it lead him? One thing is for will pique your interest and drive you to delve deeper into this story.

Severance of the Sorcerer shifts forward and reunites readers who are familiar with this series with Dom and Julia. They’re on the run, and can’t really stop for long in any place. The Wraiths are sweeping across the country utilizing Cassius’s toxic smoke hunting Weilders. The world is in chaos.

Dom is struggling with the impact that Ronan’s apparent betrayal has had on him. Julia is worried about him and it’s pressing on her every day that he doesn’t snap out of it. But how long can they deal with this? How long can she deal with this?

Danger is lurking closer and closer. They can’t go home, and staying on the run isn’t really an option either. So, that leaves them with the quest to find a save haven, a place where they can to have a moment of peace. While they find secluded places along the way, they must constantly stay on their guard. But how will it all play out in the end?

Severance of the Sorcerer has a slow beginning, and readers will have to stick with the story before it truly begins to kick into gear, but once it does it’s worth reading. Remember though, this book is part of a series, and the final one at that. So, if you haven’t read the previous books in this series then you’re not going to fully understand what is going on with these characters.

This book continues an intriguing over-arching storyline over the entire series, and the ending definitely will stick with readers after this book has drawn to it’s close.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Kate Gateley, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next.  

Severance of the Sorcerer (Lost Wells Trilogy #3)

Publication Date: March 19, 2024

Genre: Epic Fantasy/ Fantasy

A spreading darkness, a final prophecy, and one last chance to live ... or die. 

In his desperate bid to find answers of his own, Cassius Longinus—the ancient Child of Rome—released the killing darkness upon the world. A betrayal by Julia and Dom’s strongest ally and dearest friend, Ronan—who falls into Cassius’ ranks and advances the Sorcerer’s gruesome experiments—leaves the future looking more uncertain than ever for the Sovereign and the World Ruler.  

Now on the run and isolated from their tight group of loyal allies, Julia and Dom must somehow pick up the pieces of their shattered trust, reconnect with their remaining friends, and together work to unravel the mysteries of the Otherworld's most recent and worrisome portent—all while searching for a new path to end the darkness.

About the Author

Kate currently lives, and writes, on a small farm in the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, with her amazing husband, two incredible sons, an adorable dog, several barn cats who don’t earn their keep, and some decidedly ungrateful chickens … all of whom are very dearly loved. She is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC), Federation of BC Writers (BCFW) and Independent Book Publishers Association (IPBA).

Get a copy of Tides of the Sovereign and Mantle of the World Ruler by visiting the Books page, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates on book releases, upcoming events, and more pertaining to the Lost Wells Trilogy.


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Song of the Cicadas Cover Reveal Spotlight

 After an amazing ARC tour, we finally get to see the stunning cover for Song of the Cicadas. 

                                                                Song of the Cicadas

Expected Publication Date: March 26, 2024

Genre: Adult Fiction

Magic and madness collide in this Celtic reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe's The Telltale Heart, which explores one girl's grief over the loss of a loved one and how solving the mystery of his murder may help her put it all behind her.

“Lir is dead. Of that, I am certain. After all, hadn’t I just seen his ghost? Just as I am certain that his death was not an accident like the police led us to believe in the end, but the result of human malice. A human malice that he had come to me for help unmasking.”

Nature witches have always lived on the moor at the edge of County Kirk, where the land ends and the sea begins at the cliffs of Brigid. With their powers, they control the weather, keep the land healthy and whole and help the crops to grow by providing the right amounts of sun and rain, protect the village from harmful storms, and guide the change of the seasons from one to the next. The most powerful woman her family line has ever seen, Clare Sage has been calling down rainstorms and calming blizzards since she was in her cradle.

Yet her life is no fairy tale, and when her fiancรฉ is killed, she vows to do whatever it takes to track down his murderer and make them pay. Even if that means reaching beyond the veil of the living. Only the land is fraught with danger, the village full of secrets, and the deeper she goes into her investigation, the more she begins to wonder if the killer is someone closer to home than she thought.

Pre-Order on Amazon

Pre-Order Annotated Hardcover

About the Author

Laura Holt is the award-winning author of Fathoms Below, Fathoms Above, Fathoms Between, Fathoms Across, and the forthcoming final book in the Star-Crossed series, Fathomless. She is a self-professed word witch with a passion for mythology, history, and caffeine. When she’s not writing, you can find her stretched out on a yoga mat, hiking down wooded trails, or wandering the aisles at a local bookstore searching for her next great read. She lives in small-town Georgia with her daughter, three cats, and a lot of fake plants.

Follow her on Instagram at @authorlauraholt to stay up to date on bookish news, events, and book and music recs, or subscribe to her seasonal newsletter for even more exclusive content and writer resources at

Laura Holt

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Illuminance Release Blitz Spotlight

Illuminance is now available and to celebrate the occasion, if you submit proof of purchase before March 24th, the author will gift you an unreleased art print! As if owning the book isn't enough!

*Visit the link in Kara Douglas' bio to submit proof of purchase

Illuminance (The Unraveled Fate Series Book 2)

Publication Date: March 21, 2024 (Today

Genre: NA Fantasy

Sassy Wyvern
Prophecies & High Stakes
Magic Training
Who did this to you
Slow burn
Found Family

A brewing war, and a prophecy to doom them all.

Lu’s life as she knows it is over. Her wishes of freedom have finally come to fruition, but at what cost? Her worst nightmares have become reality as monsters, fae, and dark magic corrupt the only home she’s ever known.

Old, broken memories come to light, and the war from long ago seems doomed to repeat itself, with Lu stuck in the middle. Torn between her prince and the man she once called her enemy, she’s left with questions she can’t answer. The scales threaten to tip when the Goddess of Vengeance puts Lu’s hard-won freedom more at risk than ever.

When an ancient prophecy offers a chance at peace, she must learn to control her magic before it’s too late. With all eyes on her, Lu will have to prove herself to her kingdom—or lose everything, and everyone, she loves.


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Monday, March 18, 2024

Marked Review Spotlight


 Marked is the first book in the Keepers of Midgate series. This dark fantasy novella may be short, but it beautifully sets the stage for young Davy’s story as he faces hardship after hardship. It’s not all bleak though, there are moments of love and light. However, it would seem that he is destined for great things as he is forced to endure so much heartbreak and let down by people who should have stepped up to care for him regardless.

First impressions when you see the cover of Marked? “Wow, that’s one vicious-looking dragon!” Right? There’s probably more than meets the eye of a young boy who appears to be leaning back in “terror” of an “angry” looking dragon. For sure though, the dragon’s fierce expression and eye-catching colors is sure to pique your interest in what the author has in store for readers who pick this book up. It definitely looks like the dragon is angry at being disturbed, with a dead or dying sheep at it’s feet. But sometimes it pays to look closer, right? Not everything is what it appears to be.

Marked paints a vivid picture of young Davy’s life. Living with his parents, tending their herd of sheep, and making an honest living. The local town gossip informs young Davy of a baby born with a mark. It sounds like nothing really, but there is more than meets the eye. A particular mark means that you are “cursed.” Davy thinks nothing of it. Why should he? But it would seem that bad luck is heading their way.

Is it because he used certain words too loosely? Did his flippant mention of dragons and other monsters doom his family to the fates that they fall to? You’d be tempted to think so. But is there something else going on that we just don’t know about?

This story really draws you in the deeper you go. You’re going to find yourself smiling during the happy times, feeling heartbreak at the losses Davy is forced to endure, and even anger at the callous treatment he is forced to endure. At certain points, you’re just going to want to reach through the pages to hug him and show him that love shouldn’t “depend.”

This book promises dragons, as you can see on the cover, so...where are they? Well, they’re mentioned several times in the story. But make sure you pay attention when a dragon makes an up close and personal appearance in the early chapters of the story. Don’t worry though, that won’t be the only appearance! There will be another later on, and it’s going to be a scene you’re not going to want to miss.

The way that this novella wraps up is going to truly bring a smile to your face. Essentially it’s like the story is being brought full circle while also setting the stage for what the rest of the series. We for sure are excited to find out what happens next with young Davy. Where one door closes, another opens. You just have to be willing to hang in there like Davy.

Looking for a good fantasy novel? We can’t recommend this novella enough. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next in the series! It’s sure to be a page-turner that will keep you coming back for more if it’s anything like this detailed novella.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Book of Monster Stories Review Spotlight

Hello readers. 

Looking for something dark? 

Something twisted? 

Something that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing on end? 

Something that will have you looking over your shoulder? 

Then HellBound Books and Black Tide Book Tours has got a treat for you...Book Of Monsters is sure to leave you delightfully unhinged. Enjoy! 

Book of Monster Stories is an anthology of short horror stories that will take a nice little trip through your brain. You'll be taking a second look at that cricket before you think about crushing it. That strange goop you see floating in your pool? Is it really just something strange that fell in? Or is it something more? The darkness between the trees...are they just shadows? Or is there a creature that only you can see?

Remember the rules...if you don't acknowledge's not really there and it can't get you. Or can it?

Book of Monster Stories brings you a collection of horror stories that will grip you and threaten to devour you whole. Each story will bring you a whole new horrific creation from these various authors' twisted minds. Some are truly twisted, while others are more for the mild readers who like sleeping at night. Haha! 

But for readers who enjoy things that are...the creepier the better? There are some in here just for you as well. The stories vary which will keep readers on their toes. You just never know what you're going to get as each author brings some new delightfully twisted treat to the table. 

Not every story is going to be a creep-tastic gore fest. There will be some that honestly...will just leave you with your jaw on the floor. There will be a few here and there that leave you with more questions at the close of the story. We have to guess that this is by design because it allows readers to come to their own conclusions as to where things go from there concerning the characters.

One story that stuck with us in particular is the story with the "tulpas." This particular story feels complete from beginning to end. It draws you in with an intriguing storyline, and gives you a satisfying storyline that culminates in the most interesting way. But don't think that's the only story that stuck with us. 

Nope! There's a few others that stood out. Granted, because of our sheer horror and hurt because of the harming of precious felines. LOL! Sorry, not sorry but we're cat people here. You best believe that one may or may not have us looking at a particular insect in a different way. THAT's for sure! But even we have to admit...that story was dark, twisted, and brought a nice amount of creep factor. LOL!

The stories that give you a glimpse at what happens next at the end were typically the ones we enjoyed the most, but each story was deliciously unique and utterly twisted. Little gems of horror can be found throughout this anthology and we're sure that more than one author will soon have new readers trailing after their dark crumbs of horror begging for more. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank yo to the authors, HellBound Books and Black Tide Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what comes next! 

The Horror Zine's Book of Monster Stories

by HellBound Books Publishing

Black Tide Book Tours

March 5-8

With an Introduction by Shirley Jackson Award-winner Gemma Files, this outstanding anthology of all things monstrous includes spine-chilling stories from Bentley Little, Simon Clark, Elizabeth Massie, Tim Waggoner, Sumiko Saulson, plus some of the best emerging horror writers working today.

“This anthology gives us a chilling glimpse at the dark and dangerous things prowling in the minds of some of today’s best horror writers.” – JG Faherty, author of Ragman and Songs in the Key of Death

“Throughout the pages are creepy tales by up-and-comers who you may have read, plus writers brand new to a horror reader’s discerning eye. Embark on a journey to the realm where monsters—familiar or unique—dwell. Highly recommended to horror aficionados obsessed with eldritch fiction—this one’s for you!” – Nancy Kilpatrick, author of Thrones of Blood Series and the Darker Passions series

Universal link for the book on Amazon

About the Author

HellBound books are the veritable tour de force in the independent publishing world — for eight years and counting, they have published novels, novellas, and bestselling anthologies of exemplary horror, bizarro, and all things dark — the type of tales from exciting new authors guaranteed to keep you wide awake in the small hours and checking the inky-black, coagulating shadows beneath your bed just one last time...
They are incredibly proud to be champions of the newest, brightest upcoming authors as well as home to more established writers. Their objective is to bring to you — wonderful readers — the very best in the dark genres. They are proud to say all HellBound books titles are available in traditional-sized paperback and ebook, along with a few very special hard cover books, too.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Beauty and the Blade Review Spotlight

We are so excited to share Beauty and the Blade with you this week! Read on for more details!

Beauty and the Blade is the first book in S.C. Grayson's The Talented series, and this book...OMG! It's a must-read for readers who enjoy "enemies-to-lovers" books with the sweetest of romances that blooms over time and with understanding. Yes, this book rates on the "swoon-o-meter" while withholding the steamy. It works, and we loved it. 

Beauty and the Blade is going to capture reader's attention first with it's gorgeous cover. A young woman "inside" a chess piece on a beautiful black and red background. Captivating, right? It draws you in a piques your interest as to what exactly this story could hold inside. Go ahead and grab a copy, because this story is one that will captivate you and sweep you away.

Beauty and the Blade details the story of Contessa as she embarks on a quest for revenge. In a time of political upheaval, her world has been rocked. Her father, was once the protector of the king...until the king was murdered by someone with a Talent for invisibility and the king was thereby murdered. Now, Contessa's father has led a campaign to bring them all, the Talented, or as he calls them now...the Cursed to justice. 

Bitterness is a hell of a poison and one, that in this case of Contessa's father, runs deep. He lost everything, yes, but did it have to burrow so deep into him that it left no room for anything else in his life? Unfortunately...that appears to be the case. But it makes perfect fuel for this story that's for sure! 

Author S.C. Grayson writes a captivating story that will draw you in deeper and deeper with each turn of the page. Contessa is getting married to the man accused of murdering her mother. He took one look at her and asked for her hand in marriage. Cue jaw-drop from shock. No conversations, no getting to know her...none of it. Bizarre, right?! Well, wait for it because the reason will be revealed in due time. 

Contessa's story unfolds in the most engaging manner. This book follows a true to form "enemies-to-lovers" paths. Contessa marries Nate aka the Beast. She hates it for what she believes to be true, but little by little she begins to see that there is more to him than meets the eye. Could it be that he's not as awful and evil as he's portrayed to be?

One thing is for sure, Beauty and the Blade is going to give you all the feels. Shock, dismay, joy, excitement, heart flutters and more. Yeah, there are specific scenes in this book that you're absolutely going to melt into a puddle over with a smile on your face. Others - you're going to get that "ah yes, romance" flutter." LOL! 

Wondering where the "fantasy" element comes in? Well, it's in the Talented. People who have special unique abilities that sets them apart from the rest of the populace. It's a subtle fantasy element, but it works. It makes its appearance when it is necessary for it to do so. This is not necessarily a "flashy" fantasy story, but it gives you just enough to be satisfying at the end of the day. 

Beauty and the Blade has twists, surprises, and drama that keeps you coming back for more. Author Grayson really did a great job writing this story and if you aren't already a fan of this author you will be by the end of the book! 

We can't wait to read what this author comes up with next. Readers who love light fantasy novels, with a nice dose of "enemies-to-lovers" and a really nice ending...this is the book to grab! 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, S.C. Grayson, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next! 

                                Beauty and the Blade (The Talented Fairy Tales Book 1)

Publication Date: January 5, 2024

Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy/ Fairy Tale Fantasy

"Bridgerton Meets Peaky Blinders"

๐ŸŒนArranged Marriage
♟️Found Family
๐ŸŒนMagical Street Gangs
♟️Who Did this to You?

Most London socialites dream of marrying for love or status, but Contessa’s wedding is about justice—and revenge.

Nathanial Woodrow is known on the streets of London as the Beast, leader of the fearsome Lion gang who mark their victims with three slashes on their face. Since her mother was found dead with the signature slashes years ago, Contessa has wanted nothing more than to see her murderer brought to justice. However, the Beast has been impeccable at maintaining his faรงade as the high society Mr. Nathanial Woodrow, and nobody has been able to gather enough evidence to convict him. When the Beast unexpectedly asks Contessa’s father, the Chief of the Royal Police, for her hand in marriage, Contessa and her father hatch a plan to bring him down from the inside.

As Contessa enters the lion’s den in search of evidence to convict the Beast, she finds that not everything is as she once thought. Her father’s work, hunting down Talented that use their magic to rule the criminal underworld, is thrown into question with each glimpse of the kind-hearted man beneath the mask of a hardened gang leader. As Contessa navigates her search for justice, she finds herself questioning what side she’s really on, and why she finds herself drawn to a man she’s supposed to hate.

Available on Amazon

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