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Of Blood and Aether Review Spotlight

We're celebrating the release of stunning new dark fantasy novel, Of Blood and Aether by Harper Hawthorne! Read on for more details!

Of Blood and Aether is the latest book with engaging characters and a wicked storyline that is going to keep you coming back for more. Understand, when you start reading the prologue Harper Hawthorne's intent is to keep you glued to the pages to learn what unfolds next. 

Of Blood and Aether will first captivate your attention with its gorgeous cover. Beautiful colors that immediately catch the eye. A skull of what appears to be a bird with embellishment on the tip with gorgeous flowers blooming all around with a dagger discreetly placed behind the skull. This book's cover alone is a feast for the eyes and makes you want to know more about what is contained inside. 

As you proceed into the actual novel the prologue is going leave you begging for more and for answers. You get a king, a queen and their son proceeding to a particular place. They are seeking a test for the boy to see if the prophecy that has been spoken is to be found in him. The answer that they find there? It's an interesting one, especially when it comes to what plays out next. 

We'll leave you in a twist of mystery and curiosity because well...that's where we left as well. LOL! As the story proceeds it moves to one of the main characters - Arken Asher. Arken is on her way to Sophrosyne: the City of the Gods. She's hoping to find answers here and at the same time keep the secret(s) that she harbors deep inside. 

Now, when Arken meets with a group of specific characters we were literally on the edge of our seat. Why? Because when you're asked a specific question we want to know...are you going to lie? Or tell the truth? Well, Arken lies and so then we were like...will the lie be detected? Or will things go the way of the character for the sake of the storyline. Well...what do you think happens? It's mildly disappointing, but there's always the hope that there will be a twist later on in the story. 

This book has a dual POV between Arken and Kieran, Captain of the Elder Guard. He bears the scars of his past. But he's good at his job and it shows. He commands the shadows and utilizes them at will when he deems the need to do so. He's clever, handsome, and a ton of trouble. But right now? He's on the case for multiple abductions. Conduits have been and are being kidnapped. What is happening to them is the question. 

Of course, things take a turn when our two MCs cross paths and cue attraction in less than 3 seconds. Yep, no countdown allowed! LOL! It's just BAM! Of course there is the chase and that definitely adds to the slow-burn because you just sit there and wonder...okay when are they going to unleash that steamy connection brewing between them? LOL!

We don't know about you but we do love ourselves a good slow-burn novel and this book fits that. The tension just grows and grows heating up with each turn of the page. Arker makes it known to Kieran that she is not going to fall easily for him. But the steamy moments are coming. You'll have to wait, but they are coming. The big question becomes...what happens next? The prophecy is coming into play, but at what cost? What will it cost them in the end? Or can they survive together what is coming?

Of Blood and Aether is a page-turner of a novel, and for readers of engaging fantasy novels it's one that will not disappoint. We can't wait to find out what happens next. 

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author Harper Hawthorne, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what happens next! 

Of Blood and Aether (Harbingers #1)

Publication Date: April 17, 2024

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

  • Shadow Daddy MMC

  • Dual POV

  • Dark Prophecy/Dangerous Secrets

  • Tension/Angst/So Much Yearning

  • Slow Burn/ Scorching Spice

  • Addictive Banter

  • Arcane University

  • Increasingly Questionable Interpretations of the Word "Platonic"

A rare conduit of Light, drawn to the Shadows. A spymaster who can’t seem to stay away.

For as long as she can remember, Arken Asher has been searching for answers—driven by an insatiable hunger, a need to understand the meaning behind her dangerous arcane secrets. She’s finally taken that leap into the unknown, leaving her simple life behind to attend the Arcane Studium: a prestigious college of magickal arts & sciences nestled in the heart of Sophrosyne: the City of the Gods.

As the Scouting & Reconnaissance Captain of the Elder Guard, Kieran Vistarii deals in Shadows, blood and subterfuge. Scarred by his past but dedicated to safeguarding Sophrosyne’s future, Kieran’s self-imposed isolation is easily masked by charm and cocksure energy. Strange disappearances have kept his cadre busy as of late, and yet the captain finds himself sidetracked, distracted by the inexplicable allure of a certain golden-eyed Conduit and her curious mind.

They both know better than to get involved, but the Fates have other plans. The dark threads of prophecy were woven long ago, and the ties that bind just might be what it takes to mend these broken, star-crossed souls… or what forges a deadly bond that could damn them all.

Of Blood & Aether is the first book in the Harbingers series, a captivating and character-driven dark romantasy saga. Rife with sizzling tension, gut-wrenching angst, addictive banter and ever-growing stakes, the Harbingers series is perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns & Roses, Fourth Wing and From Blood & Ash.

CW: This book is intended for adults only, and contains subject matter that may be difficult or disturbing for some readers. Sensitive material includes, but is not limited to: frequent profanity, violence, torture, murder, child abduction, the tattooing of a child without consent (on-page), emotional abuse, explorations of implied mental illness (depression, anxiety) & neurodivergency (adhd, autism), socio-economic power imbalances, frequent mentions of blood, references to cults and sex work. 

Of Blood & Aether also contains explicit, open-door sexual content, as well as explorations of kink and BDSM themes that will escalate over the course of the series. 

Reader discretion is advised. 

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Harper Hawthorne is an adult fantasy, romance & speculative fiction author in love with telling dark, emotionally evocative, and character-driven tales. Her stories feature neurodivergent experiences, honest explorations of mental health, and queer-normative worlds in her favored realms of fantasy.

Though she was born and raised on the beaches of Los Angeles, CA, she currently resides in the forests of the East Coast with her husband, her collie, and a demonic entity disguised in the form of a very large tuxedo cat.

When not lost in the throes of drafting one to three novels simultaneously, she can be found wandering the woods, hunting for mushrooms, befriending local frogs, practicing witchcraft and screaming into the void.

Harper Hawthorne


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Merchants of Light and Bone Review Spotlight

Welcome to the book tour for author Erika McCorkle's Merchants of Light and Bone with The Write Reads! If you enjoy epic fantasy novels with beautiful descriptions and engaging characters then this is novel for you! 

 Merchants of Light and Bone is a standalone fantasy novel written by Erika McCorkle. Author McCorkle will take readers on a fantastical journey to a beautiful world full of imaginative characters that will captivate the mind and have you wanting to linger for as long as possible. As you explore this novel, you will find yourself along for the journey as a family struggles with the grief of losing a loved one, and then with the struggle to do what they feel is right for the sake of another innocent life.

Merchants of Light and Bone is sure to capture your attention with it’s gorgeously detailed cover. This book’s cover alone conveys the depths of this story. With a myriad of wild life they seem to swirl around and almost swallow up two of the main characters of this story – Amiere while he holds in his embrace his partner, Su. Behind, almost beside them is their faithful Shroom Hound – Maika. Yes, those are actual mushrooms growing on her. This marks her as beautifully unique and adorable.

The giant skeleton behind them all with the animals appearing to be reaching for the top truly draws the eye and teases your mind to want to know more. What is this skeleton? Is it an animal? Is it a demon? What created this thing? At the bottom you see the crystals – the very thing that cost this family the life of one of their daughter’s. Just a little to the right, almost seemingly to be what Maika is looking at – a kiwi with a glowing bell sitting next to it. The very fruit that young Tawny loved, and the bell that she always wore on her tail.

This book’s cover alone is a feast for the eyes, and tells parts of the story that is held inside these covers. One thing is for sure, it will pique your interest in learning more about the family and how they manage to move forward after the heartbreaking loss that affects them so deeply, while crystals promise to bring a time of prosperity to the town.

Merchants of Light and Bone is a story that focuses heavily on Amiere, the merchant of light. He, his wife – Liesle, and Su, the merchant of bone, their partner start the story off in morning for the loss of their daughter Tawny. When the crevice in the earth opened up, she unfortunately fell to her death. This is not a scenario that plays out on the page. Instead, author McCorkle, gives readers a memory of the tragedy through the mind of Amiere.

Readers watch as each member of this family struggle with the loss of their daughter or sister in their own way. As the tragedy is fresh, it is dealt with through tears, lack of desire to truly function or be productive. Of course, each character deals with the tragedy differently. Some sink into even deeper depression, while others seek to find outlets through their work or simply trying to take care of the family and focus on those who still remain.

A small shift begins when someone from their past makes a reappearance – Miltico. There are some bad feelings between him and Amiere especially. As you read the story you’ll quickly come to understand why. Miltico is a rather cruel and vile character, but he suits the purpose of bringing some drama to the story and giving Amiere something to focus on. Why is that? Well, Miltico has a small daughter and he is less than kind to the poor child.

Each of the characters depicted in this book are so beautifully unique. Amiere and his family carry more feline traits in their appearance. Do all the characters carry these traits? No. Miltico and his family lean more towards goats, and his daughter is more of a mix of goat and rabbit. Is it wrong that we just wanted to stroke her adorably long ears? LOL! Of course, young Usana is a rather flighty child, but there are some understandable elements to namely being her father.

The pacing of this story is on the slower side, but there are some engaging moments sprinkled throughout that will draw readers in more and have them eagerly page-turning to find out what happens next. While the story is told through the eyes of Amiere, author McCorkle sprinkles in interludes throughout the story that give readers an idea of what some of the other characters in this story are experiencing themselves. These interludes help to give the story more depth as these interludes include the other children, and spouses.

Merchants of Light and Bone is a dynamic novel that draws you in and fully immerses you in a world full of interesting and beautifully created characters. You get tension, drama, some elements of horror, and a ton of family dynamics. Amiere is a truly engaging character as he struggles with the loss of his daughter, and weighing how to move on, along with the emotions that he feels towards Miltico. Of course, life doesn’t care about what you have going on when you are mourning, and that is effortlessly showcased in this book.

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Erika McCorkle, and The Write Reads Book Tour for the opportunity to read and review this book. We look forward to what comes next.

Book Info

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Length: 819 Pages

Publishing: 8th August 2023




Sorrow in paradise

A parent’s worst nightmare

When grief drives one to revenge

Living in a tropical paradise with his spouses and kids, Amiere is a merchant of light, a sculptor who carves glowing crystals into spectacular and powerful, demon-killing works of art. When the ground opens up near his idyllic village to reveal a massive supply of crystals, the whole nation of Aloutia celebrates. The merchants are guaranteed money for decades and officials predict Aloutia will be safe from demonkind for generations. But Amiere isn’t rejoicing—when the ground split apart, his seven-year-old daughter fell to her death.

Amiere’s grief turns to rage when an old enemy returns to the village with a young daughter displaying signs of starvation and abuse. Having witnessed his own daughter’s death, Amiere cannot bear the thought of watching another child die, especially when he can prevent it. Unable to ask police for help due to the village’s reputation of hostility toward authority figures, Amiere takes matters into his own hands, even at the risk of being exiled and separated from his family forever.

About the Author

Erika McCorkle, she/her, lives in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. She is a creator of fantasy worlds and a voyager to the worlds created by others. She spends much of her free time writing, reading, watching anime, and playing video games, all usually of the fantasy genre. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and currently works the night shift at a blood bank, meaning she is most definitely a vampire.


Twitter: @Kiraofthewind1


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Unless It's You Spotlight


Happy release day Chrissy Hopewell! Unless it's You is now available, and we can't recommend it enough!

Unless It’s You: An Enemies-to-Lovers London Romance (The Hart Sisters Book 2)

Genre: Sports Romance/ Enemies-to-Lovers/ Interconnected Standalone

Publication Date: April 15, 2024

๐Ÿ’ฎEnemies to Lovers
๐Ÿ’ฎSecond Chance
๐Ÿ’ฎBucket List
๐Ÿ’ฎEnglish Ex-Pro Rugby Player
๐Ÿ’ฎAmerican FMC in Her 30s
๐Ÿ’ฎHot Man w/ a Kitten
๐Ÿ’ฎLight Sports Romance
๐Ÿ’ฎOpen door/ Medium Spice


Stella Hart, an American advertising executive living in London, is reeling from the death of her beloved aunt. But Stella learns her aunt included a stipulation in the will: a bucket list Stella must complete within a month, or the estate—meant for her and her sisters—goes to charity. The entire list is unreasonable, especially the final item, where she needs to Find the One that Got Away. The last thing she wants to do is face her ex.

Ethan Fraser is not Stella’s ex-boyfriend—that title belongs to his best friend, who got him through a traumatizing childhood. Ethan’s a grumpy, bearded, ex-professional rugby player who can’t bring himself to enter the flat of his late troubled mother.
When they’re forced to collaborate on a work project, both find themselves remembering the night they kissed, days before she started dating his best friend. Ethan wants to hate her for choosing someone else, just like his mother always did, but he can’t fight his attraction to Stella. So when she needs an advisor for the list, he offers to help, and the time spent together re-ignites their chemistry. But Ethan’s fierce loyalty to his best friend stands between them.

With a looming deadline for their project and the bucket list, soon everything bringing Stella and Ethan together will disappear… unless Stella figures out what that final item—and the whole list—really means.

Unless It’s You is an interconnected standalone romance novel for fans of Meghan Quinn, Tessa Bailey, and Christina Lauren. It’s the second book in the Hart Sisters trilogy, which can be read in any order.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Chrissy Hopewell started sneaking her mom’s spicy romance novels in middle school. She has spent varying amounts of time overseas, including working at a pub in Dublin, waitressing at a hotel in the Scottish Borders, and studying and living in London for five years. Because of these experiences, international flair and accents often show up in her stories. Chrissy now lives in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio with her family, where she quite openly reads delightful contemporary romances.

Find Chrissy on TikTok (@chrissyhopewellbooks), Instagram (@chrissyhopewell), or Facebook ( Sign up for her newsletter for a free novella at

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Emma Cover Reveal Spotlight

 "They say there’s a fine line between love and hate, but what about the fine line between love and fate?"

This gorgeous book is hitting retailers on April 23rd, but you can preorder it now! 

                                                        Emma (The Sisters of the Moon Book One)

Expected Publication Date: April 23, 2024

Genre: Shifter Romance/ Romantasy
  • Book Boyfriends

  • Feisty Females

  • Lovers to Enemies. (Yes you read that right!)

  • Mine/ touch her and ๐Ÿ’€

  • Spicy

  • Best friends

  • Betrayal

  • Multiple POV

  • Werewolves

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate, but what about the fine line between love and fate?

The Moon Goddess works in mysterious ways. Christian Korbin has always been destined to be the Alpha of the Rosawood Pack, but the question lingers: What is he willing to overcome to secure the role?

The Goddess creates many roads to destiny, but she leaves it up to her creations to choose which one they take.

When the unwritten rule of fate didn’t pan out, Christian was willing to walk the walk and take the long road. Well, he thought he was. Him and Emma were never fated, but that doesn’t mean they were never meant to be… Does it?

How fine is that line?

What does it take for love to become hate?

Do all roads really lead to fate?

Available for Pre-Order at Amazon US & Amazon UK

About the Author

GLH is a sucker for romance and loves a happily ever after. So if you take a chance on them, they'll guarantee added drama, book boyfriends, and feisty females who may be princesses but are never damsels in distress. 


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A Sword of Shadow and Deceit Review Spotlight

We're so excited for this tour! If you enjoy dark fantasy romance, enemies-to-lovers, and a good anti-hero this book is a must read!

Author Lucinda Dark has brought readers quite the treat in A Sword of Shadow and Deceit and you are not going to want to miss out on this book. Looking for your next dark fantasy romance novel? Grab. This. Book! Now!!

A Sword of Shadow and Deceit is going to immediately lure you in once you pick this book up, so be forewarned, clear your schedule, get comfortable and be prepared to put up a Do Not Disturb sign almost immediately. 

Meet Kiera. She's the morally gray FMC and you're honestly going to love her. She's a calm under fire type of character and she brings just enough attitude to make you smirk. Plus, she works with spiders! Cue excited squeals! LOL! Hey, she's awesome, and the spiders are like...her extra sets of eyes. You'll see what we mean when you start reading this book. 

Kiera has a secret, it's a known secret by a few, but a secret none the less. She's a Mortal God. She has god powers, but she's still mortal. What does that mean exactly? It means that she shouldn't be a member of the Underworld Assasin Guild. But when she is offered a job that pays in the millions...well, her handler is hard-pressed to say no. However, it's a high risk job. Few details, and potentially multiple targets. Whoe exactly are the targets? Well, you'll have to wait to find out those answers. 

This is a multi-POV novel, and you're going to get Kiera and then you are going to get the three brothers that she gets assigned to when she joins the Academy. These guys are dark, and darkly delicious. The dynamics between them is really interesting and keeps you engaged in the story. Of course, they look down on "regular" humans and think very little of them. But our girl Kiera is going to push their boundaries...and their buttons. 

A Sword of Shadow and Deceit is a truly intriguing novel as Kiera has to walk a fine line to remain undiscovered as to what she truly is. Because if she's found won't be just her neck on the line. It will be anyone and everyone she has ever met or known. 

This book is packed with drama, steamy scenes, great characters, and a storyline that just won't quit. When you reach the end, you'll be eagerly anticipating what comes next. And we can't wait to find out where things go from here!

5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the author, Lucinda Dark, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! We look forward to what comes next! 

                                        A Sword of Shadow and Deceit (Mortal Gods #1)

Publication Date: March 21, 2024

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance/ Why Choose

๐Ÿ–คDark Fantasy Romance
๐Ÿ—ก️Assassin FMC
๐ŸšซForbidden Existence
๐Ÿ”ฅWhy Choose

Desperation makes warriors of captives.

The Gods split the skies and rained down tyranny upon the mortal realm long ago. Ever since then, the only thing worse than being human is being of Divine Blood.

For someone like me—an undocumented God child, indebted to the Underworld Assassination Guild—that means only one thing: A life in the shadows.

Or so it should have been … until Mortal Gods Academy. Until them.

The Darkhaven Brothers are truly the worst of all the Gods’ spawn. Arrogant. Wicked. Violent.

To them, I’m nothing more than a human plaything meant for torment. For me … they’re the path and the key to my freedom.

But if any of them find out who I am, what I am … even the shadows won’t be able to save me.

*Please note this is a DARK Fantasy Romance with themes of a dark nature, death of loved ones, and other various themes that may be triggering. Please check trigger warnings and read responsibly*


About the Author

Lucy Smoke, also known as Lucinda Dark for her fantasy works, has a master’s degree in English and is a self-proclaimed creative chihuahua. She enjoys feeding her wanderlust, cover addiction, as well as her face, and truly hopes people will stop giving her bath bombs as gifts. Bath’s get cold too fast and it’s just not as wonderful as the commercials make it out to be when the tub isn’t a jacuzzi.

When she’s not on a never-ending quest to find the perfect milkshake, she lives and works in the southern United States with her beloved fur-baby, Hiro, and her family and friends.

Lucy Smoke/ Lucinda Dark


Long Live Spotlight


To celebrate the release of Forever Reign this month, we're going back to the beginning! There's still time to read Long Live but you better hurry!

                Long Live: An Elemental Magic Fantasy Romance (The Elementals of Iona #1)

Publication Date: June 2023

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Forced Proximity
Witty Banter
One Cave
Multiple POVs
No Spice Romance
Morally Grey Characters
Elemental Magic
Plot Twists

Isla Belthare lives an ordinary life in her small village of Lockhurt. Since losing both her mother and the man she loved two years ago, all she wants is stability and peace. But her world is forever changed when her family is attacked on a journey away from home and she must travel to the Aataran mountain range to find them.

Across the realm, four ancient beings who control the elements of nature are awakening.

After a civil war that tore the humans apart, the elementals entered a thousand year slumber. Now, they are being summoned to prevent a dark force that is greedy for power and threatening to overturn the balance of nature.

When Isla’s path crosses with one of these elementals, she finds her fate is more entangled with theirs than she had ever imagined. As she risks it all to follow the elementals on their journey to defeat the unknown foe, she discovers that not everything may be as it seems. Isla is torn between protecting her loved ones or following her heart down a dangerous path of power and magic, of truth and lies.

What will they sacrifice to stop the coming storm?

Long Live is the first book in the Elementals of Iona duology, an epic fantasy romance that follows the journey of a young woman overcoming loss and anxiety and four immortal beings learning how to forgive and love again after their dark past. This enemies-to-lovers series is full of morally grey characters, witty banter, unique elemental magic, romantic tension, and twists you won't see coming. Long Live is perfect for lovers of epic quests and character-driven stories, especially fans of Carissa Broadbent, Elise Kova, and Sarah J Maas.

Purchase Here!

About the Author

V.B. Lacey is an office manager by day and an avid reader-turned-writer by night. She grew up on stories of magic, love, and sarcasm, and equips her writing with all three. She lives in Texas with her supportive husband and two rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about morally grey characters and far-off kingdoms, you can find her reading (mostly fantasy and contemporary romance), playing board games, or spending time with friends.

Follow on Instagram: @vblacey.books

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Of Darkness and Ruination Review Spotlight


Of Darkness and Ruination is the first book in author Rachel Fallon’s The Star Queen Chronicles. Readers, if you’re eager for a book that gives a strong FMC who finds her own power, and stays strong even in the face of a tyrant then you are not going to want to miss out on this book. It’s a real page-turner that will keep you glued to the pages and begging for more. 

Of Darkness and Ruination grabs your attention first and foremost with its gorgeous cover. The gorgeous colors that reflect the focal kingdom of this story. Let’s work from the top down shall we? The first thing that greets you with this cover is the stunning aurora dancing in the sky. As you descend downward you are treated to the sky shifting into hues of pink and purple with dragons seeming to soar and streak across the sky. At the base of this cover set against the beautifully blended colors of pink and purple is a gorgeously glittering silver castle. This cover just truly captivates the eye and draws you in.

What this cover holds inside? Is an epic story set in a fantasy world where fae are the rulers and humans? Nothing more than slaves. A story spun to the humans that the “Old Gods” forsook them and that the new ones created the fae to rule over them. So, since the fae were “blessed” with magic, they are deemed better than the humans. So, every year, when the humans come of age at 21, they are put through a “Placement ceremony.” Born in the Sunrise Kingdom? You will not be allowed to stay there with your family. Nope, you will either be selected by another or, if you’re not chosen, your new home will be chosen for you.

Intrigued? There’s more. Author Fallon weaves a tapestry of a story that will have you glued to the pages as our heroine, Asteria, goes through her Placement ceremony. You immediately get a sense of high tension when she catches the eye of one of the fae from Dusk. You’re not going to quite know what to think initially, but trouble? Trouble is brewing and it won’t take long for it to rear it’s ugly face.

One thing is very evident, even in the first few chapters of Of Darkness and Ruination and that is this – Prince Cyrus is the WORST! No, seriously. This guy is a real piece of shit. We’re not kidding. LOL! He wants Asteria, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get her. He will give the illusion that he’d prefer her coming to him of her own free will, but don’t let that fool you. He’s not the patient type. Which makes him all the more dangerous.

Prince Cyrus is a character that you are absolutely going to love to hate. Think that he’ll be the only one? Great news! He won’t be! LOL! Author Fallon describes Prince Cyrus in such detail and shows that he’s a multi-faceted character. He’s more than what meets the eye, but in this case...where he lives...he has to be. Besides, he’s a huge part of the court intrigue.

Asteria is also very multi-faceted. There is so much more to her than meets the eye. What you will be shown is her beauty, her strength, and her short-temper. Normally, when we read that a character is “sassy” or has a “short temper” we’re immediately put on guard. Sometimes a character gets portrayed as overly “sassy” but it’s accepted. While Asteria does have quite a bit of sass, and her temper gets the better of her from time to time, she’s still an overall likeable character.

One thing that you will especially be drawn to when it comes to Asteria is her overall character development throughout the story. She’s frigid and cold in the beginning because of her life experiences growing up. But with each chapter, especially in the first part, her walls gradually melt. In Part 2 is when she truly blooms like a nightflower. It’s a delight to read.

The first half of the story focuses heavily on Asteria’s time in the Dusk kingdom. You get to see how they function, and the devious elements that swirl all around. While you get some shifter elements, seeing Prince Cyrus shift into his Pegasus form or even do a small shift, you don’t get a lot of magic. Weird, right? Wait for the explanation concerning this, because it’s part two.

Part two is where things really ramp up. The “big bad guy” makes an appearance and pretty much takes over the story with Asteria. It’s absolutely delicious. King Calix is really something else. He’s gorgeous, perfect, and fighting for a change. He and Asteria come together to set the pages on absolute fire. In more ways than one. LOL! Plus, he’s a dragon shifter! Yes! We finally get the dragons promised us and not just little teasing bits.

When it comes to storylines Of Darkness and Ruination gives it all to you and more. You get the enemies to lovers trope in spades. You think that things are going to head in one direction, but author Fallon is literally like...nope! Wait for it! It’s coming! Of course, you can and should watch for clues that author Fallon will drop here and here throughout the book. These breadcrumbs will tease your appetite for more and make sure you stay engaged in this novel.

When it comes to POV for Of Darkness and Ruination, this book is mainly told from Asteria’s POV. Of course, in part two, author Fallon treats readers to a few shifts in POV. Great news, right?! We get a couple from Prince Cyrus’s and then a couple from King Calix’s. It all weaves together in those particular moments to give readers...more. So that we get to get inside these characters’ minds no matter how briefly.

As this book draws to a close you can expect more than a surprise or two. Author Fallon has quite a lot in store for readers, and then ending of this book teases readers with exactly that. War is coming to Celesterra. The question is...who will survive it and how will it impact the fae and human alike? One thing is for’ll be eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Star Queen Chronicles.


  • Engaging storyline
  • Dynamic characters
  • Steamy situations
  • Page-turner
  • Well detailed


  • None of merit*

    • *We will say this...there is some content in this book that may be “triggering” for some readers, so be sure to read the trigger warnings and be well-informed about what it is that you are getting yourself into if you are sensitive to certain subject matter or content.

5 out of 5 stars

Of Darkness and Ruination is the first book in a compelling new adult romantic fantasy series featuring contrasting light and dark love interests and the delicate line of balance and chaos for a magical land. Plus fae shifters, court intrigue, resistance to slavery, a shadow daddy love interest who can shift into a dragon, and a heroine finding her own power and fighting for what she believes in. Perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas, Jennifer L Armentrout, Clare Sager, Nisha J Tuli, Carissa Broadbent, Chloe C. Peรฑaranda, and Raven Kennedy!

Author: Rachel Fallon

Publication date: April 4th, 2024

Cover Artist:


Starlight in her veins, and a soul that calls for darkness.

On the magical continent of Celesterra, all humans are enslaved to the ruling fae...

Asteria Zagreus, a mortal young woman enslaved on Celesterra, must face Placement Day, the one day where all humans, at the age of Twenty-One, are placed in new kingdoms and given new masters to serve. Come Placement Day, Asteria is forced into the Dusk Kingdom and given to its Prince, Cyrus Tynan. When she refuses him and his desires, Asteria realizes she has only one option: escaping her enslavement and finding something thought impossible—freedom. Asteria must begin to play her own game within the court...and with the Prince of Dusk Kingdom himself.

Enemies come from all sides, however, and the merciless ruler of the Night Kingdom, King Calix Atarah Erebus, starts making his move against the Dusk Kingdom. Yet, darkness calls to Asteria in mysterious ways, and an equally mysterious soldier makes her question who the real monsters are—especially when it comes to a brutal king and a callous prince. With a bloody war brewing on the horizon, Asteria must decide who the true villain of her story is. Her choice, and the consequences of it, will ripple out across the continent.

Chaos rises, resistance gathers, and a soulmate bond is tested, while Asteria begins down a path that will change the course of history…

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Enemies to lovers

Fated Mates

Celestial Kingdoms

Elemental Magic

Light/Dark Themes

Found Family

Court Intrigue

Slavery Resistance

Fae Shifters

Morally Grey Shadow Daddy who can shift into a Dragon!

Secret Heir

Gods and Goddesses

Forbidden Love

Balance/Chaos Themes

FMC Finding Her Own Power

C O N N E C T W I T H R A C H E L 

Rachel Fallon is a writer and cat mom from Massachusetts who’s been obsessed with making up stories all her life. Always one to daydream and with an incredibly active imagination, she’s spent her life making up stories in her head and watching them play out like movies.

A huge lover of fantasy and romance, she’s always read stories and watched movies and tv shows where the two are intertwined, even dating back to childhood. She craved the chance to tell her own story full of fantasy and romance, and the rise of romantasy opened the door to her dreams. Still, she believed that she would never have the patience for sitting down and putting her thoughts into a full novel, until she began writing stories online. The encouragement she received and several requests for her to write her own novel, caused her to reassess. While working her office job full time, she made room for writing (and of course reading) whenever a moment could be spared. She quickly found that this story just flew off the page, and the expensive world contained within The Star Queen Chronicles was begging to be told

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The Last Rays of Ra Spotlight

Welcome to the book tour for The Last Rays of Ra by Karina McRoberts! Read on for more details!

                    The Last Rays of Ra: A Journey Into Thrilling Adventure, Horror, And Suspense

Publication Date: March 20, 2024

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Adventure


Empathic Scotland Yard Detective Jackson Randolph is over-burdened by a series of bizarre murders. He enlists the aid of rogue Egyptologist Vahlona Selket Faralay, pleading with her to retrieve an ancient item linked to the crimes.
Vahlona leaves her mysterious home in the Yorkshire Moors and travels to Egypt, where she braves misogynistic policemen, vicious wildlife, and manic terrorists in her quest to procure the artefact. The shadowy but alluring antiquities dealer Usire Ra Arakti provides the answer, but can Vahlona smuggle the prize out of Egypt and back to London before the madman resumes his killing spree?

Thrilling suspense, horror, romance, and adventure await you in The Last Rays of Ra.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Karina is an American-Australian author, illustrator, musician, scientist and theatre producer. She considers herself to be a true Renaissance woman and strives to help other achieve the same. ( "After all, ladies, we didn't get a chance last time!!!!").

Previously working as a conservation scientist, she was struck down by a mosquito-borne virus. No longer able to work, Karina now spends her time writing fiction to inspire, encourage, enlighten and entertain, especially those readers active in social justice, humanitarian work, and protection of the Earth.

She also writes self-instruction books and gives workshops in illustration and creative writing.

In these dark days of crazy violence, betrayal, and plague, Karina hopes readers find solace and joy in her creations.