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This Wicked Curse Book Release Blitz Spotlight


We are so excited for this release!

Make sure you get a copy of This Wicked Curse by Amanda Aggie, now available on Amazon!

This Wicked Curse (Realm of Monsters #2)

Publication Date: August 31, 2023

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

🏴‍☠️Touch Her & D%$
🏴☠️Dirty Talking Shadow Daddy
🏴☠️Peter Pan Inspired
🏴☠️Arranged Marriage
🏴☠️Pirates & Adventure
🏴☠️Only One
🏴☠️Magical Princess

A cursed princess, a soulless pirate, and a deal that could change both of their fate. In a realm full of monsters, shadows are stolen, and promises are bound with blood… and sometimes marriage vows.

Princess by birth and sacrificial lamb by royal decree, Scarlet Midicious is ready to face her fate. She’s known her entire life that this day would come. Her wedding… The gauntlet… and likely her funeral.

Each time one of the king’s daughters turn twenty-three years of age, he hosts a gauntlet–a cruel fight to the death where one ruthless winner earns the title of prince and is rewarded with a bride. This year will be no different. It’s necessary to unite the clans of misfits and monsters within the realm, even if it means she’ll likely die at the hands of her soon-to-be husband.

However, on the night of the gauntlet she meets a mysterious man with striking green eyes and a sin-worthy smirk. He has no knowledge of what her gift is–that she’s of siren and witch blood, nor that she houses extraordinary magic that allows her to control the living like puppets–but he knows the king’s daughters are gifted in some way or another.

He offers her a deal. If she helps him win–so he can be pardoned of his crimes when crowned as a Prince of Solaria–then he’ll make sure Scarlet has a peaceful life. In the face of a gruesome future, she accepts his terms. How much worse can it be?

Little does she know, Sebastian Hook is a notorious pirate, wanted for murder and crimes beyond her imagination. The Dark One is as deadly and lethal as they come, and there’s only one thing he hates more than Pan. Witches.

All aboard the Jolly Roger–if you dare.

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This Wicked Curse is an enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a slightly unhinged, shadow daddy with a broken moral compass. The world is dark, but it’s also full of adventure and magic. This story is a spellbinding fusion of Peter Pan and Greek Mythology, reimagined into a dark pirate fantasy romance, and takes place within Amanda Aggie’s Seven Realms World.

AUTHOR NOTE: Please know This Wicked Curse predates the events of This Wicked Fate. It is a standalone, like the rest of the Realm of Monsters series, and you do not need to read any of Amanda’s other books to understand or enjoy This Wicked Curse.

About the Author

 Best known for her #1 Amazon bestselling series, Dark Halos, Amanda Aggie writes steamy dark fantasy romance. She’s a wife, a mother to two beautiful tiny humans, and has a stellar caffeine addiction. More importantly, she writes choking-hazard fantasy romance that will have you laughing out loud, swooning, and biting your nails all in one sitting.

Almost all of her books take place in the seven realms of Hell, which she’s often described as, “If Hell and Wonderland got together and had a baby.” You’ll find creatures of all kinds—fae, demons, dragons, witches, and more—along with morally gray villains, and steam. So, grab you some pearls to clutch before you enter the seven realms, and get lost in the chaos.

Amanda Aggie

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The Seldom Wings Book Release Blitz

Happy publication day to Beka Westrup and congratulations on the release of The Seldom Wings!

                                        The Seldom Wings (Winged Spirits Series Book 1)

Publication Date: August 29, 2023

Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy

🔥 A Morally Gray FMC
🔥 Pansexual Rep
🔥 Witcher Vibes
🔥 Unbreakable Promises
🔥 Spice
🔥 Wings
🔥 Sleeping with the Enemy
🔥 Action/ Adventure

For years, Sia’s hidden herself in the gnashing forest, dodging her father’s bounty hunters and ignoring the nameless magic in her veins. When she receives a letter from an estranged lover, she returns to the coast she used to call home, within reach of her father’s magical city hovering above the smog and the arranged marriage waiting for her. This place is not somewhere Sia wishes to linger—the land is noxious and filled with rebels, witches, and other humans who become walking corpses when they die. What was intended to be a brief visit turns into a death-bed promise anchoring Sia to Gwaith House for the foreseeable future. She agrees to look after her first love’s human child until her widower proves he can care for his daughter himself.

The thing with promises is: Sia can’t break them. No seraph can. At least, not without severe consequences.

While navigating the complex feelings she develops for the angry widower and her own grief, Sia becomes entangled in a mysterious string of dismembered corpses roaming the smog and a strange detective who refuses to leave her alone. As the desperate undead draw closer and closer to the child she is sworn to protect, Sia races to find the murderer responsible for creating them. She needs to figure it out quickly, or she may risk falling right back into her father’s scorching hands.

Purchase Link:


It’s you,” he said in a mighty exhale. “You really are hiding down here in the smog, fraternizing with humans.”

My heart bottomed out. “Where I go and what I do is none of your business.”

His lips curled in wry amusement. “Isn’t it?”

Everything inside me went cold. He knew who I was. Reluctantly, I asked, “What exactly were you doing down here when you were captured?”

The seraph’s head tilted, the slow consideration of a predator.

What do you think, Princess?” He rolled his shoulders and flashed his teeth, a lazy show of aggression. “I was collecting a bounty.”

I put the box between us as he prowled forward, raising my dagger in warning.

Where do you think you’re going?” His eyes followed my every step. “You know you can’t outrun me, not with your pretty golden wings put away.”

About the Author

Beka Westrup is a genre-hopping author of fantasy and romance. The Seldom Wings is her second full-length novel. She lives in the PNW with her husband and two children, collecting more books than she’ll ever be able to read and drinking copious amounts of iced coffee.

Beka Westrup

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Grandpa's Cabin Review Spotlight


For horror fans looking for something unique... Read on for more details about Grandpa's Cabin by Victory Ross!

Grandpa's Cabin by Ross Victory is going to be one of those thrilling horror stories that is guaranteed to pull you to the edge of your seat. Ross Victory intends to tease you into this story, and then leave you in a state of suspense as you wonder at the fate of the characters. Because this book is just the beginning. 

Nova is the main character of this story, and he hasn't had the best childhood. He never fully understood the full dynamics of it all, but that's because his mind has repressed some of the darker memories. But right now, Nova thinks that life is pretty good. His grandpa passed away, unfortunately, but fortune still favored Nova. Especially seeing as his grandpa left him a sizeable inheritance. 

Nova has just turned 21 and thinks that he'll have a blast of a weekend with his friends partying and just living it up. But there are secrets buried on the property, and those secrets are about to disrupt Nova and his friends' lives in a big way. 

Grandpa's Cabin starts out innocently enough, but the darkness is never far away. The author weaves this story back and forth between the present day and the past. They both work together to create an image of what's to come for these friends. Nova's family history drama, his upbringing being so closely connected to his grandpa, and the mysterious disappearances of individuals of various ages. How is it all connected? Well, keep reading. You'll see the pieces start coming together. 

There are some hints of sexuality in this book, but for readers who don't like reading sex scenes, it all takes place off-page. There is some eluding to things heading in the steamy direction, but nothing explicit takes place on the page. 

Now, when it comes to the horror element, you don't have to wait long (in the present day) for it to pop up on the page. It's going to absolutely grip you and keep you page-turning with a fierceness. The author makes sure that you are kept glued to the page to the very end of the book because you are going to be fueled by the desire to find out what happens to Nova and the others. 

Hate cliffhangers? Unfortunately, you're getting saddled with a big one. LOL! Sorry. This book sizewise would be classifiable more as a serial, so just be prepared for that. It's a small book, but it is a page-turner. You'll absolutely be eager for book two and see where things are heading. 

Looking for a page-turner of a story? Grandpa's Cabin is a good choice to feed your desire for a quick horror story that promises you more. I can't wait read Grandpa's Cabin 2.

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Ross Victory, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next! 

Keep reading for more information about this book, where to pre-order, and be sure to check out the other stops on this tour! 

Grandpa’s Cabin

Expected Publication Date: September 13, 2023

Genre: YA Horror/ Sci-Fi

At eighty-four years old, widower and award-winning geneticist Bernie Crenshaw has reached the end of his life. Bernie gifts his only grandson, eighteen-year-old Inglewood high school senior Nova, his multimillion-dollar property located in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills.

Hours before his death, Bernie informs Nova that he did terrible deeds years ago. Bernie reveals that he never got caught because his freedom was contingent on an agreement he made with a “woman in the shadows” to keep the cabin in the family’s bloodline. Nova promises his grandfather that he will never sell the property.

Years after Bernie’s death, Nova hosts a wild twenty-first birthday party weekend filled with alcohol, music, and OnlyFans web cameras. After a handful of eerie encounters in the surrounding Los Angeles forest, Nova’s friends allege that his grandpa’s cabin is the burial ground for people who disappeared during their childhood.

The birthday weekend shifts from celebration to terror as the friends piece together that the man Nova knew as “Popsi” matches the profile of one of the most notorious wanted criminals in Los Angeles-“L.A. Love Hunter.”

Will Nova preserve the Crenshaw family’s sadistic legacy, or will he choose the rare and valuable gift of friendship?

Pre-order Here and on B&N

About the Author

 Ross Victory is an award-winning author and singer/songwriter from Southern California. After the loss of his father and brother, Ross dove into self-discovery, reigniting his childhood passion for creative writing and music production, launching an independent writing career. Victory has dedicated his life to empowering his community while entertaining listeners and readers. Victory provides a multi-format creative experience in Urban Adult Contemporary music and literature, with a focus on creative non-fiction and thematic novellas. Topics include adventure, family, religion and philosophy, and bisexuality.

Victory is best known for his father-son memoir, “Views from the Cockpit,” and multimedia production brand, “Books & Bangers.”

J Ross Victory

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Rise of the Cinder Fae Cover Reveal Spotlight

Welcome to the cover reveal for author Whitney Dean's newest book. Keep scrolling to read what to expect and be sure to pre-order a copy as well! You're not going to want to miss out on this book! 

 Rise of the Cinder Fae

Expected Publication Date: February 26, 2024

Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Fae Fantasy

Publisher: Whitney Dean

Cover Designer: @artscandare

Born and raised in the forgotten and broken kingdom of Ashbury, Elora has spent years resenting the royals of Pumpkin Hollow, the kingdom that forced the fall of Ashbury and procured the town as its own.

Separated by a mysterious glass bridge, Ashbury is treated as the orphan kingdom, left to squander and starve, with only the promise of protection from King Jasper, preventing anyone outside their realm from searching for the magic that lay within the ashy valleys and red skies.

Because twenty-five years ago, the Cinder Fae arrived. As mysterious as the magic encompassing Ashbury, the Cinder Fae bargained for their lives by promising to keep the entire realm warm with their ability to mine mountainsides into coal.

But Elora and the Cinder Fae hold a secret that could bring the end to Ashbury and the mysterious winged creatures, who, despite Elora’s best efforts to pry, refuse to share where they came from or why they can’t return.

In her desperation to prevent the downfall of her kingdom and the death of her beloved Fae, Elora drinks from an enchanted spring, convinced she can make the prince of Pumpkin Hollow fall in love with her and guarantee their safety.

But magic takes to give.

And Elora didn’t realize her heart would be the sacrifice.

Coming Soon!

Pre-order Link:

About the Author

Whitney was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas and raised in Allen, Texas. She resides in a quaint little town in Arkansas with her husband and two children, along with her labradoodle, Simba.

Her love of reading came from the Harry Potter series when she was seven years old, and frequent trips to the most magical place on earth. Because of it, the fantasy realm has taken up residence in her brain for a very long time.

While her writings include real-life pain and angst, she is a fan of happily-ever-after’s and always strives to bring that forth in her stories.

Whitney Dean

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Jemma and the Raven Book Blitz Spotlight


Happy publication day to B.D. Reeves! How amazing does this sound? And this cover? Beautiful!

                                                                Jemma and the Raven

Publication Date: August 26th, 2023

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy

A girl. A raven. A luminous adventure.

To everyone else, Jemma is nothing but a Wharf-thief. She scavenges for tokens in the wrestling dens and parades along the market lanes with a raven, Edgar, on her shoulder.

But she and Edgar have a secret. In a land where memories fade into the Shadows without the love of a Keeper, they scour the ruins of ancient memory palaces, searching for treasure that will buy them a passage to the great city of Adocentyn.

When Jemma steals a map and a golden blade, she sets in motion a chain of events that will tie her destiny to the survival of all who live in the light of Memory.

Can Jemma defeat the darkness she has unleashed, without losing herself? And who is the voice she hears, guiding her along the way? I am with you. Follow the lights.

Jemma and the Raven is a massive feat of storytelling, a work of fabulous imagination, a fantasy inspired by historical realities. It will convey its readers on an epic journey that will both captivate and exhilarate them. ARNOLD ZABLE, storyteller and novelist. Author of The Watermill, Sea of Many Returns and Cafe Scheherazade.

Amazon US | Amazon AU |Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

About the Author

 B. D. Reeves is a Melbourne-based writer. His first novel "Jemma and the Raven" was published in 2023. When he is not reading and writing, B. D. Reeves teaches philosophy and literature, conducts educational research and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne. Loving to travel, he once camped in an old shepherd's hut on a remote Greek island where he discovered the remnants of ancient frescos, the secrets of bees, and the friendship of a goat who followed him wherever he went. He has since adored the concept of animals in fiction.

B.D. Reeves

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The Night Runs Red Cover Reveal


Something a little different from Amber Palmer, and we are here for it! Check out the cover for The Night Runs Red!

                                        The Night Runs Red (The Wicked Dark Duology)

Expected Publication Date: Fall 2023

Genre: Vampire Romance/ PNR

🩸Arranged Marriage
🩸Forced Proximity
🩸Grumpy/ Sunshine

When Calia Darrow, a descendant of fae royalty, learns she is to be wed to prominent vampyre Rion D’arcy, she accepts her fate—not that she has a choice. With an age-old curse binding their families together in an attempt to balance power, Calia and Rion must marry unless they wish to forfeit their lives.

After a tumultuous ceremony, Calia finds herself isolated in a sprawling gothic mansion with a husband who wants nothing to do with her. When a foiled abduction attempt leaves her vulnerable, Calia sees a glimmer of hope that perhaps there is more to Rion than she thought.

As the blood moon approaches, Calia must face an unknown enemy with only the assistance of the mysterious Rion D’Arcy. Will the truth come to light, or will the night run red with Calia’s blood?

Coming Soon!

About the Author

Amber Palmer is an American fantasy romance author. She was born in Arizona, but raised in Texas. She is the proud parent of three (evil) cats and one puppy dog, and when she isn’t nose deep in a spicy fantasy novel, she’s listening to her bookish Spotify playlists and making notes for her next project! A passionate advocate for mental health, Amber features characters processing various traumas in her work. She is an unapologetic lover of anything spicy, while also making time to game with her husband.

Amber Palmer | Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | Etsy

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Grave Secrets Review Spotlight


We are thrilled to be touring Grave Secrets by Cassandra Aston this week! Read on for more details!

 Grave Secrets, a dark urban fantasy romance novel, is the first book in Cassandra Aston’s Prophecies of Angels and Demons Trilogy. The first thing that drew me to this book was the gorgeous cover. It intrigued me and made me curious to know more about the story tucked inside. Like an onion, (yes, I’m semi-quoting Shrek LOL) this book has a lot of layers. It’s going to take a touch of patience and some digging, but they will yield up their at a time.

Grave Secrets details the story of the main character by the name of Alexandra Graves. She died at the young age of 17, but was brought back...for a price. Six years of servitude to the angels in which she would hunt demons for them. At the end of those six years? Cue Men in Black! Mind wipe. Sounds absolutely worth it right? For six years, you do dirty work for the angels and nothing else. You don’t even get paid!! Come on now! At least compensate folks for what they do! From how it plays out it sounds like she’s not able to get an actual paying job! What kind of mess is that?! Girl has to scrimp by with what she can and stay as much under the radar as she can. Talk about tough times! Ugh!

Brace for some changes though as someone...or better yet...some THING sneaks into her place. Now, first thought? A demon, BUT that’s not the case. At least this time. What this creature does though is open up a Pandora’s box of questions. But what’s more is that it alerts the angels (through her) to that it is even around. Prepare to be barraged with questions (in your mind) because you’re not getting any answers anytime soon. LOL! So just hold tight. Eventually you will get them, but it’s going to take quite a bit of patience.

This is a slow-paced book. Perhaps it was this way for me because I’m not the biggest fan of Allie. In the beginning she comes off as an interesting character. She seems like a kick-ass kinda chick, but then she begins to stumble and falter. She starts coming off as more flighty and more than a little whiny. I think I expected more from her too quickly. She’s a demon hunter, so I expected her to be tough, smart, savvy, and someone who thinks things through. Let’s just say I probably built her up too much in my head. My bad.

She makes quite a few mistakes in the first few chapters, especially when she decides to head “home.” The way that she goes about it you’d think that she was running away from someone, instead of heading to some place with a list of intentions in place. She obviously does not have a plan in place because she’s really taking things by the seat of her pants. Though when she gets to this new town she’s heading to...prepare for more questions to arise. There’s something about the place that just HAS to be off. You’ll see what I mean. Of course, this is where the story begins to unfold ad piece together. But continue to exercise patience, because it’s going to be awhile before things really take off.

Allie is going to meet, again, the young man who crossed her path before. But as the days pass she’s going to be learning his secrets. Simon is an interesting character, but good Lord, his’ll understand why Allie tends to interrupt him when he’s talking. Of course, it does read rude when she does it – simply because she wants him to skip the “non-important” content. The back and forth between Allie and Simon at times is bizarre. Simon has done little to nothing to make Allie treat a certain way, but boy does she go off the deep end...frequently. It makes you wonder if there’s something going on with her we just don’t know about.

The pacing of this story is...slow. There is a ton of backstory, and some of the conversations are strange, and a touch overly wordy. Some of the wordiness could be cut out and we’d get a shorter story, but the odds are it would flow a lot better than it currently does. Which is unfortunate. Allie is supposed to be finding out about her past, helping Simon figure out who/what he is, but it takes about to the 60% mark to get to that point. There’s some action sprinkled in here and there, but it’s mostly Allie milling about the house looking for answers. When the big revelation comes out the story’s pace does pick-up, but you have to be exceedingly patient to get there.

I went into this book with too high of expectations. Go into this book looking for a good story, that will have a slow to moderate pace and I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed. As this book is part of a series, you’re going to be left with an open ending. No, there really isn’t this huge cliffhanger. Might have been better if there had been one, but as it is – this is what you get. You’ll be left with some questions, but that’s about it.

This book has potential, but it misses the mark to really be a page-turner. Grave Secrets feels like this book is the one that will set the stage for more impactful drama to come later on. Let’s hope, because I’m curious enough to give this series a continuing shot in the hopes that things will get more interesting quicker with book 2.

4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Cassandra Aston, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next.  

                                    Grave Secrets (Prophecies of Angels and Demons #1)

Publication Date: April 24th, 2023

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy Romance

What would you sacrifice for the truth?

Life feels infinite when you’re young, but Allie Graves knows all too well that she’s living on borrowed time. Six years ago, she made a deal to save her life in exchange for service to the angels.

It seemed like a sweet bargain when she made it, but what do seventeen-year-olds know about making life choices? Now her six years of service are up and returning to her mortal life comes with some serious consequences.

To top it off, a mystery man has come into her life, but the angels aren’t fond of his brand of magic, so they’ve made it their mission to end him. How’s a girl supposed to get a date when the guy might not survive the week?

Allie has less than a month to uncover a family secret, save the hottie, and plan for life after angel duty. It’s a tall order.

Fans of J Bree and Patricia Briggs will be swept away by this urban fantasy romance full of dark magic, family secrets, and gut-wrenching twists. From the first page to the last, you won’t want to put it down. This book is recommended for 18+ due to mature content.

Available Amazon

About the Author

Cassandra Aston grew up near Austin, TX on a ranch just outside the city. She holds a BA in Communications and an MS in Psychology, from USC.

Her love of reading and writing began when she was nine years old. She is a fan of all things fantasy but especially loves the Fae. Although her first series Prophecies of Angels and Demons doesn’t delve into the realm of the Fae, her 2022 NaNoWriMo project, which will be released in 2024, is an urban fantasy, stand-alone story that will take the reader deep into the world of Faerie.

Cassandra currently lives in Houston, TX with her family of four.

Cassandra Aston

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Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex Review Spotlight

Welcome to the tour for MG fantasy, Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard. Read on for more details!

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is the first book in Lynne Howard's debut novel, so get excited, because this series is just getting started. 

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is a middle-grade fantasy novel that takes readers into an alternate world full of immortals. A prophecy has been spoken at the beginning of this new realm, and it has those in power anxious. Four children, meant to either destroy this new world or to bring peace and stability. Few know of this prophecy, but there are some who took the opportunity to begin the process of looking for a way to manipulate it. How will all play out? Guess you'll just have to read the series and see for yourself.

Dylan is just an average 12-year-old out walking his dogs, when IT happens. A group of older kids decide that he looks like the perfect target to bully. Dylan just wants to be left alone, but that's not happening. So, when he finds an ideal hiding place, he thinks he'll be safe. But is he? When the bullies find his hiding place (unwittingly) will they find him, too? Or will he be "safe" until they leave? Prepare for a surprise!

Dylan has no idea just how special he really is, but all of that is about to change. He's actually a warlock! With an identical twin brother! But wait! There's more! Of course, there is. LOL! The first chapter in this book sets the stage for that. Dylan's story unfolds a page at a time, but hold on tight because this book is going to fly by! 

Into the Vortex is an engaging novel. It's perfectly written with middle-grade readers in mind. There is some inappropriate language, but it's scattered throughout the book and not overly heavy in usage either. I was mildly surprised though when I came across it, however, it wouldn't put me off from recommending this book to younger readers. 

The storyline is definitely engaging and before I knew it I was already halfway through the book. Where did the time go!? In a flash! Let me tell ya! This book is going to grab you and keep you page-turning to find out what is going to happen next with Dylan and his warlock family. 

The only negative in my eyes concerning this story is the wordiness of the conversations. They tend to get repetitive. Certain phrases get repeated frequently in the conversations and that constantly took me out of the story. I'd read it and think - "I just read this already. Why is it being repeated again?" This happens frequently throughout the story. I wasn't a fan of it. It doesn't happen in every conversation, but it happens frequently enough for me to feel that it needs mentioning. 

This book does end on a cliffhanger, but it's not a major one for readers who absolutely hate cliffhanger novels. LOL! As I stated prior, this book is definitely a good fit for younger readers, and will absolutely keep them engaged from beginning to end. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Lynne Howard, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. I look forward to what comes next! 

Want more? Keep reading for details about this book, where to buy, and info about the author! 

                                                           Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex

Genre: MG Fantasy/ Middle Grade

Dylan Dover was an ordinary boy... until a fall into another realm transformed his fate - and the fate of this immortal realm - forever.

Dylan believes he is a typical twelve-year-old until he stumbles into a vortex that miraculously transports him to the immortal dimension, a parallel universe.

Dylan not only learns that he is a warlock, but he also discovers a twin brother, extraordinary powers, and a secret prophecy that seems to have Dylan and his family at its crux. Dylan, along with his brother and their new-found wizard friend Thea, begins to unravel the mystery that surrounds their birth and the danger that threatens immortals and humans alike.


In a stunning debut, Lynne Howard's Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex casts a potent reader's charm over all youngsters clamoring for a new supernatural hero.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Lynne Howard, author of the Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex series, is a writer, lawyer, and teacher. Passionate about serving her community and dedicated to social justice, she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Andrew, their children, Matthew, Jessie, and Dylan,...