Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Queen of Legends Cover Reveal Spotlight

Cover reveal time! Did you know that Frost Kay is BACK?! And with a new book in her Dragon Isle Wars series! Check out this gorgeous cover and prepare yourself for the upcoming release of this new novel in the next couple of weeks! You're not going to want to miss the return of these fantastic characters and engaging storytelling! 

Her barbarian prince promised Wren the world, and she left him in the dead of the night.
With nowhere to go and a price on her head, Wren goes into hiding and joins forces with the Kingdom of Myths to destroy the corrupt elf king and reclaim her kingdom, but it comes with a price.
Killing her husband.
Prince Arrik swore to never fall in love, let alone with a human with vengeance in her eyes and fire in her soul. Yet, despite all his well-made plans, he can't seem to let her go. Even if it means revealing his secrets to secure his queen and crush his father.
As a twist of fate throws Wren back into the clutches of her devilish husband, she much forge a path forward that could lead to heartbreak, blood, or redemption.

New to the series? Catch up on book 1 now so that when book two comes out you're ready and revving to go!

About the Author

FROST KAY is a USA Today bestselling author and a certified book dragon with an excessive TBR.
She adores telling stories of strong women, diverse cultures, and epic fantasy worlds filled with relatable characters and true love. She lives in the United States and when not immersed in her newest book, you can find her free diving in her mermaid tail, rock climbing, camping, or soaking up the sun with her cat. 

Fans of Frost Kay love her epic fantasy and science fiction teen titles for their "witty banter and exquisitely crafted sentences (that) never leave you bored or wanting," and "find the writing on par with Queen (Sarah J.) Maas and Elise Kova."

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