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The Monsters We Feed Review Spotlight

 Welcome to the book tour for: The Monsters We Feed! This Dark Fantasy Noir novel is going to pull you to the edge of your seat, and have you questioning - What are the monsters you feed? Enjoy!

The Monsters We Feed is a dark fantasy noir novel by Thomas Howard Riley. This book takes you on a deep dive into a world where magic users are seen as abominations. They are hunted, and killed. But one person's life is about to be changed forever, and it all starts with a murder. The murder of someone who was supposed to be "untouchable," but because of what they carry, someone determined the risk was worth the reward. Too bad things go awry, and now Jathan holds that unique prize. It's about to open his eyes to things that he never knew, and a truth he's not ready for.

The Monsters We Feed is a Luminaworld Story, and you are absolutely going to be crossing your fingers that Thomas Howard Riley writes more books in this world soon! This book is going to be one that you devour. Your eyes are going to get wide, your jaw is going to drop, and the hairs on your head? Yeah, those are going to be standing on end several times throughout this book. 

I know what you're thinking - are there actual monsters in this book? Picturing creepy creatures with rows of slobbering teeth, cruel glowing eyes, and claws to rip you apart with ease? Sorry to disappoint, but there aren't any of those in this book. The monsters are closer to home, and the very things that we shove down and try to ignore. 

This book has a slow beginning. It takes a few minutes before it gains it's footing, but once it does, this book becomes one that you're going to struggle to put down. The author pulls you in a little at a time before you know it you're page-turning to know what is going to happen next. Throughout this novel, the author places little tidbits of information. These tidbits are to make you think, question, and wonder. 

Jathan and his sister, Lyra, were separated after the death of their parents. But the question arises - what really happened? Jathan believes one thing to be true, but is that really the truth? His truth is the reason why he does what he does - turn in magic users. He earns a nice bit of coin, but is he really doing the right thing? When he "stumbles" across something that is not meant for him - it opens his eyes to things he never knew. While he seeks to understand this new tool, he's going to struggle to understand the truth of what's all around him. 

Pay attention to the colors on the book's cover. There is going to come a section in this book of where this is explained. You are going to flip OUT! Excitement is going to pound through you like a stampede of horses running across an open plain. Because those colors? They are significant! So, keep that in mind as you read this book! 

Secrets can mean life or death in this book. Jathan is meddling with things he has no idea just how deep they go. But he's going to learn. There will be certain truths that you will understand and puzzle out long before Jathan will. It only adds to the drama of the storyline. It's absolutely delicious. 

Now, is there sexual content in this book? Yes. Is it graphic or highly detailed? No. Is it unnecessary? No, because it is a part of life. It's every day and while more detail would have been nice, it's something that I'm going to complain about. The author's attention to detail is well done and weaves together a story that kept me wondering about the characters when I had to put the book down. Even when you reach the ending you are going to want more. LOL!

Readers who enjoy dark fantasy noir - grab this book! Do not miss out on this novel packed with twists, turns, and elements that you are not going to see coming. This is a darkly delicious novel and by the time you are done, you are going to be one of the newest fans of this author. I know I am!

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, Thomas Howard Riley, and Escapist Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book! I look forward to what comes next! 

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The Monsters We Feed by Thomas Howard Riley
Series: N/A, Standalone
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy in medieval setting
Intended Age Group: Adult
Pages: 344
Published: December 6, 2022
Publisher: Self Published

Book Blurb:

The morning before he found the dead body, Jathan Algevin thought he had his whole life just the way he wanted it.  

He knows his city inside and out, and doesn’t bother carrying a sword, trusting his wits and his fists well enough to get by, hustling extra coin by ratting out loathsome magi to the law for execution. 

He and his sister, Lyra, have watched out for each other ever since the day they were orphaned by a bloodthirsty rogue sorcerer, and now they finally have steady work, good friends, and the freedom to spend every night laughing at the bottom of a bottle. 

But nothing lasts forever.

When he stumbles across a brutal murder, Jathan discovers a strange crystal lens that opens his eyes to an invisible world of magick and terror lurking just beneath the surface of his own, making him question everything he thought he knew. 

But will gazing into this new arcane realm lead Jathan to save lives, or help destroy them?

With dangerous people hunting for the lens, monstrous lies unraveling his life, and a hidden underworld calling to him, it is only a matter of time before his whole world comes crashing down. 

Will he find the answers he is looking for, or will he only find a monster needing to be fed?

Rated-R Dark Fantasy Noir in a city of hope, lust, and brutality, where swords are banned, and magick is just as likely to get you killed as it is to save your life.

There are always things about ourselves that we don’t want to see.
There are always things we can’t stop doing no matter how hard we try.
We all lie. We all have secrets.
We are all feeding monsters.

Content/Trigger Warnings:

Shown on Page (things clearly told to the reader): 

  • Strong sexual content

  • Violence

Alluded to (things only mentioned in passing or hinted at):

  • None

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Author Bio & Information:

Thomas Howard Riley is an Epic Fantasy writer who grew up on Fantasy and Sci Fi and decades later still can’t put that stuff down. A former lead guitarist and sword-fighter, he spends most of his time now creating worlds and trying desperately to get them on paper and hopefully into the hands of those brave enough to step into the corridors of his mind. He is obsessed with cats and music and comic books and has little to no shame about any of it. He is frequently on twitter @ornithopteryx, and can sometimes be seen on clear nights when the moon is gibbous. He is the kind of person who stands in the rain on purpose, who goes on vacation just to write, and who always takes at least one book wherever he goes.

On Twitter he is @ornithopteryx.

On Instagram he is ThomasHowardRiley, where you will see books, and cats, and mayhem.

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