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Grave Interventions Review Spotlight


Welcome to the book tour for the latest thriller by Shira Shiloah! Read on for more details and a chance to win either a paperback edition of the book (US) or a digital edition (International)!

Grave Intervention is a paranormal medical suspense thriller that will pull you to the edge of your seat and have your jaw on the floor more times than you'd think reading this book. Imagine hearing a voice from years gone by whispering in your ear. Demanding that you give them rest. You brush it off thinking that maybe you're just overworked, stressed or tired. The entity becomes impatient with you and decides that more "direct" tactics are needed. What would you do?

That is Dr. Amir Hadad's story. One minute life is going on as usual, and then a voice is whispering in his ear out of nowhere. He believes it's an intruder prowling around inside his house, but what it is is something much darker. 

This fast-paced novel will take you into the lives of the characters depicted throughout. Dr. Amir Hadad is on track for a promotion at work, but not at all well at home. His wife is struggling with depression from a situation that she has no control over. It has been a couple of years, but she still allows the grief to bury her deep within her own mind. This story will fascinate you right from the beginning. The story begins "innocently" enough, but brace yourself for the drama that will quickly unfold.

Some readers may want to approach this book with a bit of caution as there might be some subject matter that they find difficult to read. The wife is the focus of this warning because of how her childbirth proceeded and the immediate fallout that she is still struggling with to the present day in the story. The author handles it very insightfully and with absolute decorum. 

This novel truly encompasses more than just the "haunting" of these characters. The author points to estranged family relationships and the dynamic differences between Amir's family and Camille's. I absolutely loved the comparisons and how they are orchestrated throughout the novel. My fellow readers are also going to appreciate how there isn't a lot of "flying off the handle" of the characters during certain scenes that could have turned quite volatile. 

The drama just builds and builds with this book. Just when you think that things are about to level off and "chill" so to speak...BAM! The author hits you with more drama and has your jaw on the floor ready to freak out. I loved it! LOL! This is definitely one of those books that are going to keep you on your toes to the very end. 

This story is based on true events, to an extent, and then the author uses their imagination to the fullest. As the story of Doyle (the ghost) plays out and the clippings come out, you'll tell yourself...there has to be more to it than they are saying. Trust me, the author believes that, too. Especially when the character is described. It just all makes sense. 

Grave Intervention is one of those novels that once you start reading you're not going to want to put it down, and you'll be reading all the extras at the end. This is a truly engaging novel, and one you'll be glad you took a chance on picking up.

I'm choosing to rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. The author did an exceptional job with this novel and I look forward to what they write next. 

Thank you to the author, Shira Shiloah, and R&R Book Tours for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

Continue reading for an excerpt from the novel, and a chance to win a copy of this fascinating novel. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you come back for the next blog posting! 

Grave Interventions

Expected Publication Date: September 20, 2022

Genre: Paranormal/ Medical Thriller/ Suspense

Dr. Amir Hadad, a successful radiologist, hears an intruder. Hiding in the dark, the stranger whispers, “I can’t rest.”

Alarmed and unwilling to risk his family’s safety, Amir contacts the police. Only there is no trace of an intruder, no marks of forced entry. If there is a stalker afoot, the police cannot find him.

As the days wear on and Amir continues to hear the same disembodied voice speaking to him, he worries about his sanity. The Irish lilt has escalated from pleas for help to threats unless Amir helps the voice find rest – and revenge.

Inspired by true events set in Naperville, Illinois, Dr. Shira Shiloah takes readers through suspenseful twists and turns in her latest novel. GRAVE INTERVENTION, a paranormal medical suspense, blurs the lines between real and imaginary to expose the hidden side of a historical suburban town.

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Camille remained on the couch, her expression sad. He could tell she’d been crying and saw the episode “Death of a Goldfish” was streaming. He thought her grief would’ve let up by now; two-and-a-half years in, the depression showed no sign of leaving. He wished she’d see a therapist. He’d broach the topic again with Viva; maybe she’d listen to her sister.

Let’s get Mommy,” he whispered into Sami’s ear, and she squealed with delight. He put Sami on his shoulders and said, “One, two, three... attack the Mommy... here we come.” He walked behind the couch and bent at his waist so both he and Sami could hug Camille. “Give Mommy kisses. So many kisses.”

Camille reached for them, pulling them into an embrace with each arm, and taking Sami onto her lap. “Cuddle puddle,” she said. She kissed them both. “How was your day?”

Yer lady’s a grand feen.

The voice. He heard the words clearly. He surveyed the room and saw the front door was closed; no one was there but the three of them. He turned behind him and glanced at the hallway leading from the garage into the foyer.

Did you hear that?” Amir whispered.
“Hear what? You’re scaring me.”
Jaysus, her legs. You lucky bastard.
“Take Sami now. Get in the car.” He went to the kitchen,

grabbed his phone and a carving knife from the drawer. “Go.” Camille gathered their coats from the laundry room, set Sami on the washing machine and put shoes on her. “Come

with me, Sami. Daddy wants us to take a drive.” Camille carried her and Sami dropped her doll while reaching for her father.

Daddy, come.”

I’ll be right there, baby. I have to get dressed. Go with Mommy.” He watched from the garage entrance as Camille strapped Sami into her rear facing car seat in the back of the Tesla SUV. She held her palms up to him.

Where am I going?”

Go to Malnati’s, order for us. I’ll be right there.” He closed the garage door after they drove away, and went inside. He walked from the kitchen to the den. Sami’s toys and dolls were scattered on the carpet. Another episode of Mister Rogers’ had started. He turned off the television. The room had turned colder. Amir checked the front windows, all were sealed. He shivered.

Yer lady’s grand.

Come out where I can see you, you psychopath. Who’s there?” Amir dialed 911 on his phone. “Police. I have an intruder.” He put on jeans and a sweater, grabbed his coat and wallet, and went out the front door holding the carving knife.

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About the Author

Dr. Shira Shiloah is an anesthesiologist and author of the debut thriller, Emergence, that details Dr. D.K. Webb, a neurosurgeon who intentionally maims and kills his patients in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Shiloah bring both a personal and professional perspective for what may happen when a sociopath holds a scalpel.

Shira Shiloah MD | Twitter Instagram 

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